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What's on This Website?

We help you find:

  • The birthplaces, homes, schools, and gravesites of the famous. . . and the infamous.

  • Sites of the world's most famous inventions, scariest murders, and bloodiest battles.

  • Where famous movie scenes were filmed, famous albums recorded, and famous paintings painted.

  • Where the world's most valuable documents, artwork, and artifacts are on display.

  • Where the world's great sports records were set. . .and broken.

  • Where major corporations and organizations had their humble beginnings.

  • Where your favorite consumer brands (cars, foods, toys, cosmetics) were developed, and where they're manufactured today.

  • Where the world's greatest novels and poems were written.

  • Where the world's great discoveries have taken place.

  • Where famous crimes were committed, and where famous criminals were apprehended, tried, and imprisoned.

  • Where juicy scandals and terrible tragedies have taken place.

  • Where the world's great religions and religious orders were founded.

  • Where kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers, popes and priests have lived and died.

  • Where the most important archeological discoveries have uncovered important clues about the history of our planet and its various lifeforms. . .including man!

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