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Baden-Powell, Robert British Father of scouting 1857-1941
Boone, Daniel American frontiersman (1734-1820)
Cabrillo, Juan Rodriguez First European to explore the U.S. west coast45
Champlain, Samuel de French Explorer (1567-1635)
Clark, William American explorer (1770-1838)
Conrad, Charles American U. S. astronaut (1930-1999)
Cook, Frederick American explorer (1865-1940)
Cook, James English Explorer (1728-1799)
da Gama, Vasco Portuguese explorer (1469-1523)
de Gama, Vasco Portugese Explorer (1460s-1524)
Desoto, Hernando Spanish Explorer (1497-1542)
Drake, Sir Francis English World explorer and seafarer (1540-1596)
Earhart, Amelia American aviator (1897-1937)
Earp, Wyatt American Wild West legend (1848-1929)
Glenn, John American Astronaut (1921-1963)
Grenville, Sir Richard English Explorer and seafarer (1542-1591)
Guevara, Che Argentine Revolutionary (1928-1967)
Lewis, Meriwether American explorer (1774-1809)
Lewis & Clark American explorers
Lindbergh, Charles American aviation pioneer (1902-1974)
Livingstone, David British Explorer 1813-73
Peary, Robert American Explorer (1856-1920)
Powell, John W. American Civil War Soldier and Explorer (1834-1902)
Raleigh, Sir Walter English Explorer (1552-1618)
Smith, Captain John British Founder of Jamestown (1580-1631)
Smith, Jedediah American frontiersman (1799-1831)
Walker, William American Soldier of Fortune (1824-60)
White, John English Leader of the Roanoke Colony (1540-1606)
Jamestown Settlement First permanent English settlement in America
Walker American movie (1987)

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