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Aldrin, Edwin American Astronaut (1930- )
Armstrong, Neil American First man on the moon (1930-)
Boyne, Walter American Smithsonian director (1930-)
Conrad, Charles American U. S. astronaut (1930-1999)
da Vinci, Leonardo Designed flying machines in the 15th century44
Ford, Henry American Automobile manufacturer (1863-1947)
Fossett, Steve American Aviator (1944-2008)
Glenn, John American Astronaut (1921-1963)
Goddard, Robert American Inventor (1882-1945)
Grissom, Gus American Astronaut (1926-1967)
Hawley, Steven American Astronaut (1951- )
Hoffman, Jeffrey American Astronaut (1944- )
Hughes, Howard American director, producer, & personality (1905-1976)
Lilienthal, Otto German first successful glider flyer (1848-1896)
Lindbergh, Charles American aviation pioneer (1902-1974)
Lovell, James American Astronaut (1928- )
McAuliffe, Christa American astronaut teacher (1948-1986)
NASA American Space agency (1958- )
Ride, Sally American Astronaut (1951-)
Schirra Jr., Walter American Astronaut (1923-2007)
Shepard, Alan American First American in Space (1923-1998)
von Braun, Wernher German-American rocket scientist (1912-1977)
White, Ed American First American to make a space walk (1930-1967)
Wright Brothers American Airplane inventors
Young, John American Astronaut (1930-)
Apollo 13 American Failed US mission to the moon (1970)
Aviation Museums
Challenger American American Space Shuttle (1983-1986)

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