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Eiffel, Gustave French designer of the Eiffel Tower (1832-1923)
Eisenman, Peter American postmodern architect (1932-)
Fuller, Buckminster American architect and author (1895-1983)
Haussmann, Georges French Architect 1809-1891
Johnson, Philip C. American Architect (1906-2005)
Michelangelo Italian Renaissance artist (1475-1564)
Mills, Robert American architect (1781-1855)
Plantations Historic Estates
Utzon, Yorn Danish Designer of the Sydney Opera House (1918-)
Vanderbilt, George American Heir to the Vanderbilt fortune (1862-1914)
White, Stanford American architect (1853-1906)
Wren, Christopher English architect (1632-1723)
Wright, Frank Lloyd American architect (1867-1959)
American Institute of Architects professional association (1857-)
Art Deco Design Movement
Ghost Town
Harvard University American university
Vitrolite Opaque glass tiles 1920s-1950s
Wonders of the World International Great man made structures

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