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The Bad Guys (Famous Crimes and Criminals)

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Amsler, Joe American Kidnapped Frank Sinatra, Jr., and was Ryan O'Neal's stunt double (1941 - 2006)
Atkins, Susan American Manson Family member (1948-)
Barrow, Clyde American criminal (1909-1934)
Berkowitz, David American Serial Killer (1953-)
Bianchi, Kenneth American murderer (1951-)
Blennerhassett, Harman American Tried for treason with Aaron Burr (1765 - 1831)
Booth, John Wilkes American Assassin of Abraham Lincoln (1838-1865)
Bormann, Martin German Hitler's Secretary (1900-1945)
Boston Strangler American Serial Killer (1931 - 1973)
Bundy, Ted American serial killer (1946-1989)
Buono, Angelo American Murderer (1951-)
Capone, Al American Mobster (1899-1947)
Denny, Reginald American Beaten during Rodney King Riots April 29, 1992
DeSalvo, Albert American Serial Killer known as the Boston Strangler (1931 - 1973)
Dillinger, John American Gangster (1903-1934)
Dreyfus, Alfred French Falsely Accused Traitor (1853-1935)
Fleiss, Heidi American Hollywood celebrity & convict (1965-)
Floyd American bank robber (1904-1934)
Frank, Hans German Nazi Govenor of Poland (1900-1946)
Frick, Wilhelm German Nazi Interior Minister (1877-1946)
Funk, Walther German Nazi Economic Minister (1890-1960)
Gacy, John Wayne American Serial Killer (1942-94)
Gainesville Ripper, The American serial killer (1954-2006)
Gein, Ed American Serial Killer 1906-1984)
Giancana, Sam American Mob boss (1908-75)
Hearst, Patty American Newspaper heiress, kidnap victim and bank robber (1954 - )
Hess, Rudolph German Deputy to Hitler (1894-1987)
Hinckley, Jr., John American attempted assassin of Ronald Reagan (1955-)
Hunt, Jr., E. Howard American Watergate burglar (1918-2007)
Jack the Ripper English serial killer (1888)
James, Jesse American outlaw (1847-1882)
Jones, Jim American Religious Cult Leader (1931 - 1978)
Kaltenbrunner, Ernst German Nazi SS leader (1903-1946)
Keenan, Barry American Kidnapped Frank Sinatra, Jr. (1939 - )
American gangster (1897-1954)
Kray Twins British Gang Leaders (1933-1995) (1933-1995)
Krenwinkel, Patricia American murderess & member of the Manson Family (1947-)
Liddy, G. Gordon American Watergate burglar (1930-)
Lorre, Catharine American intended murder victim (1953-)
Lorre, Peter Austrian-Hugarian/American actor (1904-1964)
Manson, Charles American cult leader & mass murderer (1934- )
Menendez, Eric American murderer (1971-)
Menendez, Lyle American murderer (1968-)
Miranda, Ernesto American Supreme Court defendant that led to establishment of Miranda Rights (1941 - 1976)
Oswald, Lee Harvey American assassin of John F. Kennedy (1939-63)
Parker, Bonnie American gang member (1910-1934)
Shultz, Dutch American gangster (1902-1935)
Siegel, Bugsy Jewish-American gangster & murder victim (1906-1947
Simpson, O. J. American professional football player (1947- )
Speck, Richard American Mass murderer (1941-91)
Stompanato, Johnny American ganster & murder victim (1925-1958)
Stroud, Robert American Birdman of Alcatraz (1890-1963)
Watson, Charles American murderer & Manson Family member (1945-)
Bonnie & Clyde American movie (1967)
Fatal Vision American Best selling book
"Hillside Strangler" American murderous team (1977-1978)
In Cold Blood American murders dramatized in book and film44
Manson Family American cult (1960s)
Symbionese Liberation Army American Kidnapped Patty Hearst
Wildmill Murder English Violent Crime (2006)

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