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Juicy Scandals

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Bakker, Jim American Popular Television Evangelist (1940 - )
Bakley, Bonnie Lee American murder victim (1956-2001)
Crane, Cheryl American author & self proclaimed murderess (1943-)
Fawkes, Guy English Gunpowder plot mastermind (1570-1605)
Fleiss, Heidi American Hollywood celebrity & convict (1965-)
Gable, Clark American actor (1901-1960)
Grahame, Gloria American actress (1921-1981)
Hahn, Jessica American Caused the downfall of evangelist Jim Bakker (1959 - )
Hart, Gary American Presidential contender in 1984 (1936 - )
Hunt, Jr., E. Howard American Watergate burglar (1918-2007)
Lewinsky, Monica Mistress to U.S. President Bill Clinton (1973- )
Nesbit, Evelyn American actress (1884-1967)
Normand, Mabel American actress (1895-1930)
Powers, Francis Gary American U-2 pilot (1929-1977)
Siegel, Bugsy Jewish-American gangster & murder victim (1906-1947
Spitzer, Eliot American Governor of New York (1959-)
Stompanato, Johnny American ganster & murder victim (1925-1958)
Taylor, William Desmond American murdered Hollywood director (1872-1922)
Turner, Lana American actress (1920-1995)
Velez, Lupe Mexican actress (1908-1944)
White, Stanford American architect (1853-1906)
Young, Loretta American actress (1913-2000)
Dreyfus Affair French Scandal
Tailhook Scandal American Sexual assaults by U. S. naval officers (1991)
Watergate Scandal, The American political scandal (1972)

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