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Bly, Nellie American journalist and author (1864-1922)
Buchwald, Art American Humorist (1925-2007)
Friendly, Fred American former president of CBS news (1915-1998)
Gallup, George American Pollster (1901-84)
Gutenberg, Johannes German Printer (1398 -1468)
Hearst, William Randolph American newspaper publisher (1863-1951)
Hefner, Hugh American founder of Playboy magazine (1926- )
Kennedy, Jr., John F. American publisher (1960-1999)
Pulitzer, Joseph Hungarian-American publisher (1847-1911)
Reuter , Paul Julius German-English founder of Reuters News Agency (1815-1899)
Webster, Noah American dictionary publisher (1758-1843)
Gutenberg Bible German work that started the age of the printed book (1452)
Webster's Dictionary American dictionary

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