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Terrible Tragedies

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Abe, Koso Japanese WWII War Criminal (1892-1947)
Bern, Paul American Movie producer (1889-1932)
Blake, Robert American Actor (1933- )
Cepeda, Dolly American murder victim (1964-1977)
Donner Party American pioneers who resorted to cannibalism (1846-1847)
Dreyfus, Alfred French Falsely Accused Traitor (1853-1935)
Folger, Abigail American heiress& murder victim (1943-1969)
Frykowski, Wojclech Polish actor, writer, & Manson Family murder victim (1936-1969)
Gay, Marvin Pentz American Father of Marvin Gaye (1914-98)
Gaye, Marvin American soul singer (1939-1984)
Gaynor, Janet American actress (1906-1984)
Gehrig, Lou American Baseball Player (1903-1941)
Goldman, Ron American murder victim (1968-1994)
Hemingway, Margaux American actress (1954-1996)
Hudspeth, Cindy Lee American murder victim of the (1957-1978)
Irwin, Steve Australian TV's Crocodile Hunter (1962-2006)
Johnson, Sonja American murder victim (1963-1977)
Jones, Casey American railroad hero (1863-1900)
Menendez, Eric American murderer (1971-)
Menendez, Jose Cuban-American murder victim (1944-)
Menendez, Kitty American murder victim (1941-)
Menendez, Lyle American murderer (1968-)
Parent, Steven American Manson Family victim (1951-1969)
Savitch, Jessica American Television News Anchor (1947 - 1983)
Sebring, Jay American hair stylist & Manson Family murder victim (1933-1969)
Short, Elizabeth American murder victim (1924-1947)
Simpson, Nicole Brown American murder victim (1959-1994)
Snyder, Ruth American murderess (1895-1928)
Stratten, Dorothy Canadian-American Playboy playmate and murder victim (1960-1980)
Strauss, Ida American RMS Titantic passenger (1849-1912)
Tate, Sharon American actress (1943-1969)
Todd, Thelma American actress (1905-1935)
Valentino, Rudolph Italian actor (1895-1926)
Washington, Yolanda American murder victim (1956-1977)
Williamson I, Sonny Boy American blues musician (1914-1948)
"Black Dahlia" American Murder victim (1947)
Challenger American American Space Shuttle (1983-1986)
Hurricane Katrina American deadliest hurricane in U.S. history since 1928 (August 29, 2005)
RMS Titanic British Tragic Passenger Ship (1912)
USS Sultana American (1865)
Great Fire of London British fire (1666)
Holocaust, The Genocide of European Jews
Wildmill Murder English Violent Crime (2006)

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