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Battle of Buena Vista
Battle of Buena Vista
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Battle of Buena Vista

Mexican Major Mexican American War Battle (1847)

The Battle of Buena Vista (23 February 1847), also known as the Battle of Angostura, saw the U.S. Army use heavy artillery to repulse the much larger Mexican army in the Mexican-American War. Buena Vista, Coahuila is seven miles (12 km) south of Saltillo, in northern Mexico.

The battle was the last major battle in northern Mexico. It was Taylor's greatest battle of the war and also his last; he returned to the U.S. to pursue his political career.

Santa Anna suffered great losses and withdrew to the south when on the verge of a definitive victory. His withdrawal was spurred on by political dissent in Mexico City. He was later forced to defend Mexico City against an army under Winfield Scott.

This battle saw the rise of personalities in the American Civil War like Braxton Bragg, William Tecumseh Sherman, Jefferson Davis.

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