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Battle of Fort Donelson
Battle of Fort Donelson
by Kurz and Allison (1887)
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Battle of Fort Donelson

American Major Civil War Battle (1862)

The Battle of Fort Donelson (February 12-16, 1862) was one of the first bloody conflicts in the Civil War and opened the Cumberland River (that runs into Nashville, Tennessee) open to the use of and attack by the Union Army under the command of Ulysses S. Grant.

After Grant attacked the fort several times, probing the defenses, they attempted to reduce the fort with artillery fire from the Union Gunboats. However, after sustaining heavy damage from the defensive batteries in Fort Donelson they Gunboats were forced to withdraw. On February 15, the Fort was surrounded by Union forces and early that morning the confederate commander John B. Floyd launched a surprise attack, to create an avenue of escape almost routing the Union Army completely.

After Grant rallied his troops and counterattacked, the Confederate commander lost his nerve and retreated back into the fortifications. On February 16, the Confederates surrendered to General Grant at the Dover Hotel.

Submitted By:  David Allison


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