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Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

Major Civil War Battle June 27, 1864

All throughout north Georgia, Sherman had advanced his army southeast along the railroad from Chattanooga, Tennessee, towards Atlanta, Georgia.
At the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Johnston would take up defensive positions, only to retreat whenever Sherman marched his troops around the Confederate army to flank them. At Kennesaw Mountain, Johnston had a massive network of trenches and earthworks prepared to halt the Union advance.
The Union army began the attack early in the morning with a thunderous artillery barrage on the entrenched Confederates. The fiercest fighting came at a bend near the center of the Confederate line, a place later known as the Dead Angle. Despite repeated attempts to overrun the Confederate defenses, the Union army could not dislodge Johnston's well "dug-in" army. Estimated casualties were 3,000 for the Union side, and 1,000 for the Confederates.

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