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The Battle of Fort Fisher
The Battle of Fort Fisher
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Battles of Fort Fisher

American Civil War Battles

The First Battle of Fort Fisher, fought from December 7 to December 27, 1864, was a failed attempt by Union forces to capture the fort guarding Wilmington, North Carolina, the South's last major port on the Atlantic Ocean.

The Second Battle of Fort Fisher, January 1315, 1865, was a joint assault by Union army and naval forces against Fort Fisher, outside Wilmington, North Carolina, near the end of the American Civil War.

Sometimes referred to as the "Gibraltar of the South" and the last major coastal stronghold of the Confederacy, Fort Fisher had tremendous strategic value during the war.

The Battles of Fort Fisher spelled a final end to any hope the Confederate States of America may have had of foreign intervention of overseas supplies, by the end of January 1865, the Confederacy had no more Forts left.

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