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Bernie Taupin

English Pop music lyricist (1950- )

Bernie Taupin, the son of a farm manager, was born and raised in small villages in the north of England. Taught literature by his mother and an appreciation of nature by his beloved grandfather "Poppy," Bernie grew up to be an aspiring poet. But when rock and roll started filtering in from America, he was hooked. He submitted lyrics to a record company in response to a magazine advertisement and was paired with a young man who wrote music. That young man was Elton John, and the second most successful songwriting team of the rock era was born. Thirty-five years later, the duo continues to produce hit records and albums that go platinum as soon as they're released. The two have been inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame, and Elton has often stated that "without Bernie, there would have been no Elton John." In addition, Taupin has written top hits for other artists, including Heart, Starship, and Willie Nelson, as well as releasing several albums of his own.


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