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Elton John in 2005
Elton John in 2005

Elton John

English Pop Singer (1947-)

Elton John is one of the most popular and prolific artists of the rock era. A member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, he holds the record for charting Top 40 hits for the most consecutive years (29) and is tied with The Beatles for the most consecutive #1 albums (7). His tribute to Princess Diana, Candle in the Wind (97), is the best-selling single of all time. In 1995, he reached a whole new generation when his soundtrack to The Lion King was the best-selling album of the year. In 2000, he received the supreme honor of knighthood from his native land of England. Be sure to check out the spots for Elton's lyricist Bernie Taupin, many of which directly inspired Elton's early songs.

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