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214 W. Neely Street

Lee Harvey Oswald's Apartment

The Famous Rifle Photo
The Famous Rifle Photo

Oswald's Apartment
Oswald's Apartment
The entrance to the Oswald's upstairs apartment is on the right.
Click to enlarge. 2008

The Backyard
The Backyard
With the staircase and gate seen behind Oswald in the famous photo.
Click to enlarge. 2008

214 W. Neely Street
Dallas, Texas
United States

On This Very Spot in November 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald and his family were renting the upstairs apartment of this duplex when he allegedly assassinated President John F. Kennedy. However, at the time Oswald was staying a rooming house at 1026 N. Berkley Avenue a mile or so away, reportedly due to marital troubles.

On This Very Spot on March 31, 1963, eight months before the Kennedy Assassination, Marina Oswald took three photos of her husband standing in the backyard holding the rifle allegedly used to kill the president and a copy of a communist newspaper. These photos were seen by the Warren Commission as key evidence against Oswald, and one of them appeared on the cover of Life magazine in February 1964. Although Marina acknowledged taking the photos, conspiracy theorists have long suggested they were faked in order to frame Oswald.

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This is a private residence. Do not trespass or annoy the residents in any way.

Condition: Amazingly, the exterior stairway and gate seen behind Oswald in the famous photos are still in place. They can be glimpsed from a half block away from N. Madison Avenue. The backyard can be seen from the alleyway running down the right side of the duplex, but only by peeking over the fence, which is not advised.

Parking: Free parking is available on the street in front of this very spot.

Location: Southwest of downtown Dallas across the Trinity River, between I-30 and I-35.

Nearest Major Airport: Dallas-Fort Worth

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mickeya said ...

I was in the backyard at 214 Neeley on September 3, 2013. What a surreal feeling to be standing on the same spot as where Lee Harvey Oswald held the gun!

posted on September 25th, 2013

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