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44A Charles Street

Murder site of Boston Strangler's thirteenth and final victim

44a Charles Street
44a Charles Street
Photo © 2004 Michael Cascio. Submitted by Michael Cascio.

44A Charles Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02114
United States

On This Very Spot†Mary Sullivan was murdered, becoming the thirteenth and final victim of the Boston Strangler. Albert DeSalvo, who was later identified as the perpetrator, confessed to a series of 13 murders in the Boston area from June, 1962, to January, 1964.

Submitted By:  Mark McClellan, Michael Cascio

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This is a private residence. DO NOT TRESPASS on this property or disturb the occupants in any way!

Condition: This building looks almost the same as in 1964.

Parking: On-street parking, but this is a very busy street and parking spots are hard to find.

Location: South of Cambridge Street and two blocks east of the Charles River

Nearest Major Airport: Boston

Directions: From I-93 take exit 24B-A. Go west on New Chardon Street. Turn right on Cambridge Street. Go 11 blocks and turn right on Charles Street. Go four blocks.

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