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4700 Highway 51 South

James Meredith shot

4700 Highway 51 South
Hernando, Mississippi 38682
United States

On This Very Spot in June 1966, James Meredith was wounded by would-be assassin Aubrey James Norvell while marching from Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi to encourage African-Americans to register and vote. This was one of the first marches in the American Civil Rights Movement.

On This Very Spot several weeks after Meredith's shooting, major Civil Rights leaders, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Stokely Carmichael, left from this very spot to complete the march on Meredith's behalf.

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Meredith was shot while walking south on Highway 51 South about 100 yards south of Belmont Road, less than three miles south of Hernando, Mississippi. The address is approximately where 4700 Highway 51 South would be, but actually there is no house with this number.

Condition: There is no historical marker or anything else marking this historic spot.

Public Access: This spot is on an open highway and is accessible 24/7/365.

Parking: Parking is possible on Belmont road and along the shoulder of the highway in some places north and south of this very spot. EXTREME CAUTION should be exercised, as traffic can be frequent and travelling at high speeds.

Location: Hernando, Mississippi is located off I-55 in Desoto County just south of Memphis, Tennessee.

Nearest Major Airport: Memphis International (MEM)

Nearest Rail: Memphis Amtrak

Directions: Take I-55 south from Memphis, Tennessee or north from Jackson, Mississippi. Take the Hernando exit and turn west. At the town square about two miles later, turn left onto Highway 51 South. Drive two miles, looking for Belmont Road on your left. Belmont is just after Vinson Road, and it only goes off to the east (left).

Latitude: 34.791600; Longitude: -89.989700

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