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Australia Zoo

Home of TV's "The Crocodile Hunter" and "Bindi, The Jungle Girl"

Australia Zoo

Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive
Beerwah, Queensland 4519
(07) 5436 2000

On This Very Spot is the zoo owned and operated by Steve Irwin, better known to the world as television's "The Crocodile Hunter," prior to his 2006 death from a stingray attack. Today his daughter Bindi Irwin carries on his work of education and conservation, including her own TV show, Bindi, The Jungle Girl.

On This Very Spot lived Harriet, a Galapagos tortoise believed to have been born around 1830 and considered to be the world's oldest documented living animal until her death in June 2006. She was reportedly brought to Australia from the island of Isla Santa Cruz in 1835 by Charles Darwin himself.

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This is an operating zoo open to the public. For complete visitor information, including hours of operation, admission fees, and maps & directions, visit

Nearest Major Airport: Brisbane

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