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Dick James Music (former site)

Where Elton John's career began

Elton John and Bernie Taupin first met on this very spot.
Elton John and Bernie Taupin first met on this very spot.
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71-75 New Oxford Street
London WC1A

On This Very Spot in 1967, a session player named Reg Dwight (soon to be Elton John) was first introduced to a country poet from Lincolnshire named Bernie Taupin.

On This Very Spot Elton's early demos and first singles were produced by studio manager and session guitarist Caleb Quaye, who would play on six Elton John albums. Caleb and session drummer Roger Pope, who first jammed together on this very spot, went on to form the band Hookfoot, which recorded three of their four albums on this very spot.

On This Very Spot later that same year, an unauthorized late-night recording session was interrupted by an older staff member, and Elton, Bernie, and Caleb nearly got kicked out of the music business. Instead, the "Great Purge," as it later came to be known, brought Elton's and Bernie's music to Dick James's attention, resulting in a songwriting contract, and later a recording contract.

On This Very Spot for about a year, Dick James pressured Elton and Bernie to write songs with a commercial sound. This period was later chronicled by the pair in the 1975 song "Bitter Fingers."

On This Very Spot were recorded the earliest Elton John singles such as "Lady Samantha," as well as demos of early songs like "Your Song" and "Grey Seal." Also recorded in this studio was Elton's and Bernie's first album, Empty Sky, which included the original version of "Skyline Pigeon."

At that time, a bank was located on the ground floor. On the next floor were the studios, and above that were the offices.

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Condition: This sight looks essentially the same as it did at the time, but it is now occupied by different tenants.

Public Access: This is a private office building and is not open to the public.

Parking: Public parking is available along the street.

Location: New Oxford Street crosses Charing Cross Road in the Soho area of London, directly north of Trafalgar Square and northwest of historic London.

Nearest Major Airport: London Heathrow or London Gatwick

Nearest Rail: Charing Cross Railway Station

Nearest Subway: Tottenham Court Road

Directions: Add Directions

Latitude: 51.516600; Longitude: -0.128100

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