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Grimsby and Cleethorpes, England

Inspiration for the song Grimsby

The docks in Grimsby today
The docks in Grimsby today
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Highway A180
Grimsby and Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

On This Very Spot a teenage Bernie Taupin and his friends roamed the docks, played arcade games, and caught rock-and-roll shows in the local nightclubs. Taupin's experiences here inspired the lyrics to the 1974 Elton John song Grimsby (found on the Caribou album), a slightly tongue-in-cheek tribute to this port city. The carnival atmosphere of a local beach resort portrayed in the song is actually found in the adjoining town of Cleethorpes.

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Condition: While the area has no doubt declined from Bernie's day, Grimsby is still a working port, and Cleethorpes still attracts crowds on bank holidays.

Public Access: The docks in Grimsby are technically closed to the public, but it's possible to get a good look in several places. The boardwalk and beach in Cleethorpes are open to the public.

Parking: Public parking is available along the city streets.

Location: On the east coast of England about 40 miles northeast of Lincoln.

Nearest Major Airport: Birmingham or Manchester

Directions: Take the A46 out of Lincoln for just under 40 miles. In Grimsby, turn left (north) onto the A16, which ends at the A180. The docklands will be directly in front of you. Turn right (east) to visit Cleethorpes and its public beaches.

Latitude: 53.575000; Longitude: -0.069400

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