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Humes High School

Elvis Presley's High School

Humes High School
Click to enlarge. Copyright 2007

Humes High School
Click to enlarge. Copyright 2007

Humes High School
Click to enlarge. Copyright 2007

Elvis's Senior Class Photo
Elvis's Senior Class Photo
Taken on this very spot in 1953.

659 North Manassas Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38107
United States
(901) 416-3226

On This Very Spot from 1948 to 1953, Elvis Presley attended high school. Fellow students remember him as being shy and polite. He sometimes played guitar before school, as well as in the school talent show, but there were no signs of the energetic stage performances that would later make him famous.

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L.C. Humes High School is now Humes Middle School. Click here for the school's page on the Memphis City School District website.

Condition: The school is old and a bit worn down, but still an operating school. Caution should be exercised when visiting this spot, as it is located in a high crime area

Public Access: This is an operating school. DO NOT trespass on this property without proper permission!

Parking: Free public parking is available on the street in front of the school.

Location: About two miles northeast of downtown Memphis. Memphis is located in the extreme southwest corner of Tennessee.

Nearest Major Airport: Memphis International

Nearest Rail: Memphis Amtrak

Directions: From downtown Memphis, go east on Poplar Avenue and turn left on Manassas. The school is on the left after crossing over Jackson Avenue.

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john stone said ...

I attended school at Humes in 63/64 to 66/67 When they changed it to junior high. I Really did like that school.And i was very sad when they moved us to North Side.I Still go by Humes occasionlly.It seems everything started changing in my life at that point. This Page is Awesome!!Thank You So Much For The Memories!!!

posted on November 21st, 2007
leeanders said ...

I attended Humes High from 1952, until the summer of 1955, when my father and I relocated to Phoenix, AZ. Had I remained in Memphis, I would have graduated from Humes in the class of 1957. I've lost contact with all those I knew at Humes. Maybe someone will read this, from that time period - and respond. I'm now retired, and living about an hour from Memphis. It's sad, for me, to go back to that area and see the condition of, not only the school, but of the surrounding areas as well. As a kid, I really loved North Memphis. So many good times. I lived near the Lauderdale Courts, and our favorite theatre (and hangout) was the Suzzores #2 on North Main Street. This website facilitates bringing back some of those bittersweet memories. Keep up the good work.

posted on January 30th, 2008
leeanders said ...

I attended Humes High from 1952, until the summer of 1955, when my father and I relocated to Phoenix, AZ. Had I remained in Memphis, I would have graduated from Humes in the class of 1957. I've lost contact with all those I knew at Humes. Maybe someone will read this, from that time period - and respond. I'm now retired, and living about an hour from Memphis. It's sad, for me, to go back to that area and see the condition of, not only the school, but of the surrounding areas as well. As a kid, I really loved North Memphis. So many good times. I lived near the Lauderdale Courts, and our favorite theatre (and hangout) was the Suzzores #2 on North Main Street. This website facilitates bringing back some of those bittersweet memories. Keep up the good work.

posted on January 30th, 2008
Billy Q. Caples said ...

I attended HUMES HIGH untill midway of my junior year when Internatiol Harveter cut back and my father was layed of,we then move to Mich. where my father found work.Later my family moved to north Mississippi where I live now.we lived at 961 Leon Place while we were in Memphis. I loved HHS,I still visit the area when I have extra time there.It is so sad how the community as fallen on such hard times,but I would not wish it destroyed nor the school demolished becaused I do love to re-turn and remember the good times at HHS,Dave Wells Community Center and Holy Names dances.THANK YOU HUMES HIGH SCHOOL AND THANK YOU NORTH MEMPHIS.


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Ronnie said ...

I finished the 8th grade at Humes in 1953, the year that Elvis graduated. Of course, he wasen't famous then but I remember him, he was the kind of guy that stood out. I lived near Guthrie Park, where a lot of touch football went on (Elvis). I had fun living in North Memphis and it is sad what happened to the area. Actually, it is sad what has happened to Memphis in general.

posted on July 21st, 2008
jswain said ...

You might have known my oldest brother, John Douglas Swain. He dated Edith Baker.


posted on July 31st, 2010
Alex the Bass Player rated this travel spot:

My families association with HUmes goes back a long way. My Aunt was in the first graduating class in 1928, my Mother graduated from there in 1929, one of my cousins graduated with Elvis and George Klein in 1953, and my sister attended from 1954 to 1956. I went to Humes from 1962 through 1967 and I'm still incensed about the school system moving the Class of 1968 to Northside! They assured us in the Fall of 1966 that we would be the last class to graduate from Humes! They robbed us!!! What a crappy senior year we all had graduating from a brand new school with no established traditions or history!

I sure have a lot of great memories from Humes of friends, good and quirky teachers, sockhops with the Seagrams 7, pep rallies, football games, and, most of all, making-out with my super-hot girlfriend after school every afternoon by our third floor lockers after her cheer-leading practice was over!

I've got to agree with all of the other's very depressing to drive back by Humes and the through rest of the North Memphic neigborhoods that we all knew in the 1950s and 1960s. It looks like a war zone in the Mid-East.

posted on January 21st, 2009
gene said ...

I'm glad to be a part of the legacy that is Humes High. If Miss Robinson were standing over me now , she'd be drilling my knuckles with that dreaded ruler. I was in the last class at "Dear Ole Humes" in 67'and somehow ended up the last "Who's Who Wittiest". Of course, it was a different time; but as my history teacher, the great Mr. King advanced "Time is a continuum..."
I'll never forget that Friday lunch hour in November '63 when the word broke about President Kennedy. I suppose a lot of the innocence DID die that afternoon. Maybe, Vietnam would have gone differently. Who knows?
My school is part of who I am, who we are. I'll never regret playing ball out on that field or shining shoes for lunch money, or hearing people say, "Humes? Didn't Elvis go there?".
Yeah, we went to the same school. Elvis used to brag about that!

posted on April 6th, 2009
Kay1963 said ...

Lyde that brings back some memories! Remember how she used to hide by the lockers and grab you if you were holding hands or arms around your boy/girlfriend and take you to the office.? Never got my knuckles rapped with the ruler, but she was strict in that typing class. Wonder how she would do with computers today? I graduated in'63, but never see anyone from my class. We're so old now maybe everyone is dead (hope not).
My sister and brother-in-law graducated in '55 and were friends with Elvis and Red West...not so much with GK tho.

posted on November 1st, 2010
marynelle said ...

And p.s., Gene, I remember MS Robinson too. Took typing with her. And don't even talk in her room.

posted on July 10th, 2011
paulbeck said ...

I attended Humes beginning 7th grade in 1944 up to almost through the 11th grade in 1949 when I dropped out to join the Air Force. I have some fond memories from my years there. I lived just around the corner from Humes at 702 Woodlawn. After I joined the Air Force my time in Memphis was limited to the ocassional visit. Lately in my waning years I have returned there a few times. Like others who have posted their thoughts on here I am disappointed and sad regarding the conditions in the neighborhood. The last time I was there a couple of years ago my boyhood home at 702 Woodlawn had a condemnation notice on it. I would love to hear from anyone who attended Humes in the years 1944 - 1949.

Paul Beck, Eagan, MN email:

posted on October 7th, 2009
carolyn5149 said ...

Looking for Harriet Van Dusen..Humes 1966 I think.... anybody know what happened to her? Carolyn

posted on January 30th, 2010
mossypinoak said ...

hello im looking for anybody with info my late brother o'lynn kenneth burnette not sure of the exact years he attended humes it was in the 60's is all i know...thanks again his name is

posted on February 7th, 2010
Robyn said ...

I live in Avonmore Pa and found a classring from Humes High. It was the graduating class of 1953. I have no idea how it got to Pa but if anybody is missing it please let me know. You have to be able to describe the ring

posted on February 29th, 2012
jlacy3 rated this travel spot:

I was a student at Humes from 1964-1967. My senior class was the last year that Humes was a high school. I have many memories of Old Humes High. I know that during my tenure at Humes I met many people, that even today I still consider some of my best friends. My character good or bad was molded during this time. I had many mentors/teachers who help set my directions for my future like Col. Hutchinson, Ms Fisher, Mr. King, Coach Hilpold (hope that is the correct spelling),Ms Watkins, even Coach Mann and so many more. This school has had so many successful people graduate from there, I am just proud to say I am from Humes and yes most people recognize the name due to Elvis.

posted on March 1st, 2010
hattie said ...

If any of you return to Memphis, please go by the school. Much of the blight is gone. The area is part of the Uptown neighborhood with lots of new upscale housing. Hurt Village is gone. New mixed use homes and apartments are there.

Something happened to the distances...Thomas St. to Humes is a jump, skip and a hop...Chelsea to Humes is also short distance.

A lot of the junk housing along Jackson is gone! I think things are looking up.

posted on June 23rd, 2010
jswain said ...

I chose to go to Memphis Technical High for my last two years because of the great art program with Mr. Piaggio (had him for one year) and then Mr. Thomas for the last year. My favorite year was the year the schools were intergrated and I had my first black friend - Thomas Tatum Jr. I was gay and was just coming out - well Thomas was so gay, that if you didn't know that I was gay before, you sure did then. I live in DC now, and still have found memories of Memphis. We lived on Leath at Looney (how appropriate).

posted on July 31st, 2010
jesspaige1818 said ...

My dad went to Humes and graduated in 1968 (I think). We went to Memphis for the first time in 20 years this last weekend and drove by the school. He doesn't have any of his year books, though. Does anyone know if there is a way to find them?

posted on October 11th, 2010
marynelle said ...

I just found this page and it's great to see comments from Humes graduates. I'm from class of 1962 and hoping we have our 50th reunion next year. I have so many great memories of Humes and the friends I made and the good times, innocent times. I lived on Bethel Avenue between 4th and 5th street and walked to school everyday. My favorite teachers were Mrs. Andre, Mrs. Darby, Allen Reynolds (who ended up being Garth Brooks record producer). Gosh, we all went back during a reunion about 20 years ago and you know the saying, "you just can't go back". Well, it's true. As I walked the halls and saw rooms boarded up and all the pictures taken down, it broke my heart. But just to sit in one of those chairs in the auditorium, on the memories it brought back. And in the yearbook, I got "Most Talkative":):) Never could say anything short and sweet:):) Happy memories to all of the Humes High folks:)

posted on July 10th, 2011
Roger Hyatt rated this travel spot:

Humes was a Great place to graduate from in 1962. Marynelle and I were the first and I think the only Seniors to be dubbed " most Talkative " truley to be considered a great compliment. Hope we do have reunion next year.I lived on Lewis Street 1 block from Jackson and Bellview(Elvis Presley Blvd) and I walked to school every day. love all Humes Folks :-))

posted on October 16th, 2011
Don D said ...

Went to Humes from 1960-1966 The graduating Class of 1966 says it's the last real graduating class from Humes. A lot of great memories. A lot of great friends. Visit out FB site at Humes High School.

posted on March 17th, 2012
Jenny Magar said ...

Hello. I'm told my grandmother taught Elvis in the eighth grade. She was an English teacher. Her name was Anola Blakeney. Does anyone remember her? This would have been in 1948 I guess. Thanks!

posted on June 29th, 2012
Do Davidson said ...

Have read a lot of the comments above and if anyone has lost touch they can resume their friendship on a Face Book Page Humes High School Memphis. Attended our last reunion for all classes in April of 2013 and there was around 300 alumni that attended. Planing another one for 2014. Get all the up date info you need on that site.

posted on May 11th, 2014
Do Davidson said ...

Have read a lot of the comments above and if anyone has lost touch they can resume their friendship on a Face Book Page Humes High School Memphis. Attended our last reunion for all classes in April of 2013 and there was around 300 alumni that attended. Planing another one for 2014. Get all the up date info you need on that site.

posted on May 11th, 2014

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