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Kings Theatre

Pinball Wizard scene filmed

Elton John as The Pinball Wizard
Elton John as The Pinball Wizard
Elton John wore stilted Doc Martens for the famous scence filmed inside the Kings Theatre in front of a sea of local extras. Click to enlarge.
©1975 Robert Stigwood Organization and others. Used here under fair use for historical, educational, and identification purposes. Duplication or re-use may constitute copyright infringement.

20-24 Albert Road
Southsea, Portsmouth PO5 2SH
United Kingdom
023 9282 8282

On This Very Spot on September 30, 1907, the Kings Theatre opened. Stars who have performed here include Sarah Bernhardt, Noel Coward, Sean Connery, Rex Harrison, Spike Milligan, Ivor Novello, Sybil Thorndike and H. B. Irving. Actress Dillie Keane, leading lady of “Fascinating Aida," was an usher here in her youth.

On This Very Spot the famous "Pinball Wizard" scene from the 1975 movie Tommy (rock opera) was filmed. The scene starred Elton John and Roger Daltry, with the other members of The Who playing along. Thirty-five years later, on September 25, 2010, the movie was shown on this very spot as part of the Portsmouth Film Festival. Director Ken Russell and many of the movie's extras were in attendance.

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Kings Theatre remains an active performance and movie venue. For complete information, including maps and directions, visit their official website.

Latitude: 50.787335; Longitude: -1.081302

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