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Mid-South Coliseum

Beatles and Elvis Concerts

Mid-South Coliseum in the 1960s
Mid-South Coliseum in the 1960s
With Liberty Bowl Stadium in the background.
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The Beatles, August 19, 1966
The Beatles, August 19, 1966
Performing under heightened security due to death threats in response to John Lennon's comments about Christianity.

The Beach Boys in 1975
The Beach Boys in 1975
In concert at the Mid-South Coliseum.
Click to enlarge. 1975 Dale A. Berryhill.

Mid-South Coliseum Entrance
Mid-South Coliseum Entrance
Click to enlarge. 2008

Mid-South Coliseum in 2008
Mid-South Coliseum in 2008
Following its closure
Click to enlarge. 2008

996 Early Maxwell Boulevard
Mid-South Fairgrounds
Memphis, Tennessee 38104
United States
901 274-3982

On This Very Spot in 1963, the Mid-South Coliseum opened as a multi-purpose arena.

On This Very Spot on August 19,1966, The Beatles performed two shows as part of their final tour.

On This Very Spot, Elvis Presley appeared in concert on March 16, 1974, then again on March 20, 1974, when the album Recorded Live on Stage At Memphis was made. His last Memphis concert was on July 5, 1976.

On This Very Spot concerts have been held by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap with opening act First Edition featuring Kenny Rogers, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Neil Diamond, The Beach Boys, Chicago, Dan Fogelberg, Lionel Richie, George Harrison with special guest Ravi Shankar, Alice Cooper with opening act Suzi Quatro, Elton John with opening act Kiki Dee, Rod Stewart, Grand Funk Railroad, Electric Light Orchestra, Fleetwood Mac, Willie Nelson, and many more.

On This Very Spot a hockey team was hosted from 1964-1969. The Memphis RiverKings, part of the Central Hockey League, played here from their first season in 1992 until 2000, when they relocated to the Desoto Civic Center in northern Mississippi, eventually changing their name to the Mississippi RiverKings.

On This Very Spot was home to the University of Memphis Tigers from its opening until the opening of the Pyramid Arena in 1991. The arena has also played host to three American Basketball Association teams, the Memphis Pros (1970-72), the Memphis Tams (1972-74), and the Memphis Sounds (1974-75).

On This Very Spot beginning in the 1960s, professional wrestling was hosted, often featuring hometown favorites Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jimmy Hart. Other wrestling greats who got their start or had early appearances in Memphis wrestling include Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and Ric Flair.

On This Very Spot on August 5, 1982, Jerry Lawler allegedly broke the neck of performance artist Andy Kaufman by giving him two successive piledrivers during their ongoing "feud."

On This Very Spot, other performances have included the Ice Capades, Disney on Ice, The Harlem Globetrotters, the Shrine Circus, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, rodeos, tractor pulls, truck jams, and Motocross.

On This Very Spot in 2000, the arena was added to the National Register of Historic Places (USA).

On This Very Spot in 2006, the Coliseum was closed.

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This facility has been closed and will likely face demolition. However, it is still in good shape and can be viewed from outside. A 360 degree interior view is still visible on the official website.

Parking: There is ample free parking all around the facility.

Location: Near downtown Memphis in the Mid-South Fairgrounds area in west Tennessee in southern United States.

Nearest Major Airport: Memphis International

Nearest Rail: Memphis Amtrak

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