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Moore's Ford Bridge Lynching

Two black couples murdered in 1946

FBI Poster
FBI Poster

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Monroe, Georgia
United States

On This Very Spot on July 25, 1946, two black couples were shot to death by a white mob in broad daylight. Roger Malcolm, Dorothy Malcolm, George Dorsey, and Mae Murray Dorsey (who was seven months pregnant), were dragged from the truck of their white employer, tied to trees, and shot. George had been suspected of dating a white woman, while Roger had stabbed a white farmer in a knife fight two weeks before. The FBI investigated, but was unable to find anyone willing to testify.

For more information on this event, visit the website of the Moore's Ford Memorial Committee.

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Condition: The dirt road is now paved and the wooden bridge has been replaced by a modern concrete bridge.

Public Access: This spot is outdoors and accessible 24/7/365.

Location: Monroe is about 60 miles southwest of Athens, Georgia. The bridge crosses the Apalachee River as it runs along the county line between Walton and Oconee counties.

Nearest Major Airport: Atlanta

Directions: From Athens, take Highway 78/10 southwest toward Monroe. Turn left on Hog Mountain Road (Highway 53). After about two miles, turn right on Moore's Ford Road. You'll cross the bridge after about 2.5 miles. A roadside plaque marks the spot.

Please note that the map below does not mark the exact spot. Please follow the directions above.

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