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Wells Creek Basin Meteor Crater

Meteor crater made about 200 million years ago

Highway 149 at Old Highway 149
Erin, Tennessee 37061
United States
(931) 289-5100

On This Very Spot about 200 million years ago, a meteor weighing more than 100 million tons hit the Earth, creating a crater estimated at eight miles wide and 2,000 feet deep.

On This Very Spot in the 1850s, the crater was discovered by railway surveyors and confirmed by the Tennessee state geologist.

On This Very Spot a state historical marker (TN 3E 20) has been erected.

Submitted by: Donald Upton

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Because of the width of the basin created by the meteor impact, the view from the ground has the appearance only of a shallow valley. Even satellite photos show only a wide basin.

Public Access: This spot is located outdoors and is accessible to the public 24/7/365.

Location: Northwest of Nashville in Houston County, Tennessee

Nearest Major Airport: Nashville International Airport

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