Saul Church

First Christian Church in Ireland;
Saint Patrick's place of death

Downpatrick, County Down
Northern Ireland
(028) 4461 4922

On This Very Spot around 432, according to legend, Saint Paul established the first Chrisitan Church in Ireland in a barn provided by the local Druid lord, whom Saint Patrick had converted.

On This Very Spot, reportedly on March 17, 461, Saint Patrick died.

Related Spot: The traditional site of Saint Patrick's grave is located two miles away at Down Cathedral.

Submitted by: Jim Callaway

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Condition: The present church is a replica of an earlier church and is in excellent condition.

Location: County Down in Northern Ireland, directly south of Belfast.

Nearest Major Airport: Belfast

Directions: From Downpatrick follow A25 to Strangford. Turn right onto Mearne Road. At the crossroads turn right, following the signpost for Saul Church.

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