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Aaron, Hank American Baseball Player (1934- )
Abbott, Darrell Lance American Guitarist 1966-2004
Abdul, Paula American Pop star (1962-)
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem American pro basketball player (1947- )
Abe, Koso Japanese WWII War Criminal (1892-1947)
Abel, Thomas English Myrtar (1497-1540)
Abernathy, Ralph American civil rights activist (1926-1990)
Abershawe, Jerry English Highwayman (1773-1795)
AC/DC Australian heavy metal rock band 1973 -
Acker, Jean American actress (1893-1978)
Acuff, Roy American Country musician (1903-1992)
Adams, John American 2nd U. S. President (1735-1826)
Adams, John Quincy American 6th U. S. President (1767-1848)
Adams, Samuel American patriot (1722-1803)
Adams, Joey Lauren American actor (1968-)
Adams, Douglas English sci-fi writer (1952-2001)
Adams, Brooke American actress (1949-)
Adams, Don American actor (1923-2005)
Addison, Joseph British Author (1672-1719)
Aerosmith American rock band (1973- )
Affleck, Ben American actor and writer (1972- )
Agee, James American writer & critic (1909-1955)
Aggett, Neil South African Union Leader (1954-1982)
Aiello, Danny American actor (1933-)
Akins, Claude American actor (1926-1994)
al-Tikriti, Barzan Ibrahim Iraqi war criminal (1951-2007)
Alabama Band American Country Music Band 1972-present
Alabama State Government American State Government (1819-)
Albee, Edward American Dramatist (1928-)
Albert, Eddie American Actor (1906-2005)
Albert II Monacoan Prince of Monaco (1958-)
Alcott, Louisa May American author (1832-1888)
Alda, Robert American actor (1914-1986)
Alda, Alan American actor (1936-)
Aldrin, Edwin American Astronaut (1930- )
Alexander, Pete American Baseball Player (1887-1950)
Alexander, Grover Cleveland American Baseball Player (1887-1950)
Alger, Jr., Horatio American writer (1832-1899)
Ali, Muhammad American Boxing champion (1942-)
Ali, Tatyana American actress (1979-)
Allen, Tim American Comedian and actor (1953- )
Allen, Woody American Screenwriter/actor (1935- )
Allen, Steve American Comedian and actor (1921-2000)
Allen, Joan American actress (1956-)
Allen, Gracie American comedian (1902-1964)
Allen, Karen American actress (1951-)
Allen, Debbie American actress & dancer (1950-)
Alley, Kirstie American actress (1951-)
Allison, Bobby American race car driver (1937- )
Allman, Gregg American Rock musician (1947-)
Allman, Duane American Rock guitarist (1946-71)
Allman Brothers, The American rock group
American Indians Also referenced as Native Americans
Amos, Diane American actress (1958-)
Amsler, Joe American Kidnapped Frank Sinatra, Jr., and was Ryan O'Neal's stunt double (1941 - 2006)
Amurri, Eva American actress
Anderson, Judith Australian actress (1897 or 1898-1992)
Anderson, Marian African-American singer (1897-1993)
Anderson, Eddie American actor & radio personality (1905-1977)
Andretti, Mario American Race car driver (1961-1993)
Andrews, Julie British actress (1935-)
Andrews, Dana American actor (1909-1992)
Angelou, Maya American poet (1928-)
Animals, The British music group
Ann-Margret American actress (1941-)
Anne of Cleves British King Henry VIII's wife (c. 1515-1557)
Anne of Great Britain English Monarch (1665-1714)
Anthony, Earl American Bowler (1938-2001)
Antoinette, Marie Austrian Queen of France (1755-1793)
Aparicio, Luis American Baseball Player (1934- )
Apple Cider non-alcoholic apple beverage
Appleseed, Johnny American Frontiersman (1774-1847)
Aquinas, St. Thomas Italian Philosopher & theologian (1225-1274)
Arbuckle, Roscoe American actor (1887-1933)
Archibald, Nathaniel American Basketball player (1948- )
Arden, Elizabeth Canadian Cosmetics empire (1878-1966)
Arias, Oscar Costa RIcan President of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize Winner (1940-)
Arizin, Paul American Basketball player (!928- 2006 )
Arkin, Alan American Actor (1934- )
Armstrong, Neil American First man on the moon (1930-)
Armstrong, Louis American Jazz musician (1901-1971)
Armstrong, Lance American Cyclist (1971-)
Arnett, Will Canadian-American actor (1970-)
Arnold, Benedict American Traitor (1741-1801)
Arnold, Roseanne American Comic actress (1952- )
Arnold, Eddy American Country music singer (1918- )
Arnold, Tom American actor (1959-)
Arthur, Chester A. American 21st U. S. President (1829-1886)
Ash, Mary Kay American founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics (1918-2001)
Ashe, Arthur American Tennis player (1943-1993)
Ashford, Nick American singer & musician (1942-)
Asimov, Isaac Russian-American Science Fiction writer (1920-1992)
Askew, Ann English Poet and accused heretic (1521-46)
Asner, Ed American Actor (1930- )
Assante, Armand American actor (1949-)
Astaire, Fred American Dancer & Actor (1899-1987)
Astin, Sean American actor (1971-)
Astor, William Waldorf American Millionaire (1848-1919)
Astor, John Jacob American Millionaire (1763-1848)
Astor, Mary American actress (1906-1987)
Atkins, Chet American Country musician (1924-2001)
Atkins, Susan American Manson Family member (1948-)
Atlanta Falcons American National Football League team
Attlee, Clement British Prime Minister (1883-1967)
Audubon, John James French Naturalist and Wildlife Artist (1785 - 1851)
Austen, Jane British Author (1775-1817)
Austin, Gene American Singer (1900-1972)
Autry, Gene American Country music singer (1907-1998)
Axton, Estelle American Co-founder of Stax (1919-2004)
Aykroyd, Dan Canadian/American Comedian (1952-)
Ayres, Lew American actor (1908-1996)
Azaria, Hank American Actor (1964-)
Bacall, Lauren American actress (1924-)
Bach, Johann Sebastian German Baroque composer (1685-1750)
Backus, Jim American Movie and TV actor (1913-1989)
Bacon, Kevin American Actor (1958-)
Bacon, Sir Francis British Scientist and Statesman (1561-1626)
Baden-Powell, Robert British Father of scouting 1857-1941
Baden-Powell, Robert English Founder of the Scouting Movement (1858-1941)
Baez, Joan American vocalist (1941-)
Bailey, DeFord American Harmonica musician (1899-1982)
Bailey, F. Lee American attorney (1933-)
Bailey, Pearl American actress (1918-1990)
Bain, Barbara American actress (1931-)
Baio, Scott American Actor (1961-)
Baker, LaVern American Rhythm and Blues singer (1929-97)
Baker, Carroll American actress (1931-)
Baker, Josephine American/French entertainer (1906-1975)
Bakker, Jim American Popular Television Evangelist (1940 - )
Bakley, Bonnie Lee American murder victim (1956-2001)
Baldwin, James American author 1924-1987)
Baldwin, Stephen American actor (1966-)
Baldwin, Alec American actor (1958-)
Bale, Christian Welsh/British actor (1974-)
Ball, Lucille American Television actress (1911-1989)
Ballard, Hank American Rhythm and Blues singer (1927-2003)
Balsam, Martin American actor (1919-1996)
Balzac, Honore de French Author and Playwright (1799-1850)
Bancroft, Anne American actress (1931-2005)
Band (rock group), The Canadian-American music group
Bankhead, Tallulah American Actress (1902-1968)
Banks, Ernie American Baseball Player (1931- )
Banks, Nathaniel P. American Civil War General (1816-1894)
Bar Kays, The American music group
Bara, Theda American silent film actress (1885-1955)
Barker, Lex American actor (1938-1973)
Barkin, Ellen American actress (1932-)
Barkley, Charles American Basketball Player (1963- )
Barlow, Thomas American Basketball Hall of Famer (1896-1983)
Barnum, P. T. American Circus promotor (1810-1891)
Barrow, Clyde American criminal (1909-1934)
Barry, Richard American Basketball hall of famer (1944- )
Barrymore, Diana American actress (1921-1960)
Barrymore, John American actor (1882-1942)
Barrymore, Ethel American actress (1879-1959)
Barrymore, Lionel American actor (1878-1954)
Barton, Clara American Founder of the American Red Cross (1821-1912)
Basie, Count American musician (1904-1984)
Basinger, Kim American Movie actress (1953- )
Baskin, Burton American Founder of Baskin Robbins (1913-1967)
Bassett, Angela American actress (1958-)
Bassinger, Kim American actress (1953-)
Bates, Katherine Lee American Writer of (1859-1929)
Batman American Superhero (1939-)
Batman (1989) American Batman Movie (1989)
Battle of Cold Harbor American Major Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Front Royal American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Trafalgar Decisive naval battle (1805)
Baudelaire, Charles French Poet (1821-1867)
Bauer, Steven Cuban/American Actor (1956-)
Baxter, Meredith American Actress (1947 - )
Baxter, Anne American Actress (1923-1985)
Bayes, Nora American singer (1880-1928)
Baylor, Elgin American Basketball hall of famer (1934- )
Beach Boys, The American pop group
Beals, Jennifer American actress (1963-)
Bearse, Amanda American actress (1958-)
Beatles, The British pop group (1960-1970)
Beatty, Warren American actor (1937-)
Beauregard, P.G.T. American Confederate General (1818-1893)
Beck, Jeff British Rock guitarist (1944-)
Beckett, Samuel Irish Playwright (1906-1989)
Beckman, John American Basketball hall of famer (1895-1968)
Bedelia, Bonnie American actress (1948-)
Bee Gees, The British Pop music trio
Begley, Jr., Ed American Movie actor (1949- )
Bel Geddes, Barbara American Actress (1922-2005)
Belafonte, Harry Jamaican/American Musician (1927-)
Belichick, Bill American Football coach (1952-)
Bell, Alexander Graham Scottish Inventor of telephone (1847-1922)
Bell, Darryl M. American actor (1963-)
Bellamy, Walter American Basketball Hall of Fame (1939- )
Bellamy, Ralph American Actor (1904-1991)
Bellows, Gil Canadian Actor (1967-)
Belov, Sergie Russian Basketball Hall of Famer (1944- )
Belushi, John American Comic actor (1949-1982)
Belushi, James American Actor (1954-)
Bench, Johnny American Baseball Player (1947- )
Bendix, William American Actor (1906-1964)
Benedict, Ruth American Anthropologist (1887-1948)
Benjamin, Judah British American and then Confederate Politician (1811-1884)
Benton, Robert American Screenwriter and director (1932-)
Bergen, Candice American Actress (1946- )
Bergen, Frances American actress (1922-2006)
Berger, Elmer American inventor of the rear view mirror (1891-1952)
Bergman, Ingrid Swedish-American actress (1915-1982)
Berkeley, Busby American Movie director and choreographer (1895-1976)
Berkowitz, David American Serial Killer (1953-)
Berle, Milton American Actor & comedian (1908-2002)
Berlin, Irving Russian/American Composer (1888-1989)
Bern, Paul American Movie producer (1889-1932)
Bernard, Carlos American Actor (1962-)
Berners-Lee, Tim English Inventor of the World Wide Web (1955- )
Bernhardt, Sarah French Stage and silent film actress (1844-1923)
Bernstein, Leonard American Orchestra conductor (1918-1990)
Berra, Yogi American Baseball Player (1925- )
Berry, Chuck American Singer/songwriter (1926-)
Berry, Halle American Actress (1966-)
Bianchi, Kenneth American murderer (1951-)
Biel, Jessica American Actress (1982-)
Big Bopper, The American Rock singer (1930-1959)
Billy the Kid American Outlaw (c. 1859-1881)
Bing, David American Basketball hall of famer (1943- )
Bird, Larry American Basketball legend (1956- )
Birdseye, Clarence American Inventor (1886-1956)
Bissell, Whit American Actor (1909-1996)
Bixby, Bill American Actor (1934-1993)
Bjork Icelandic Singer/ songwriter (1965- )
Black, Jack American actor (1969-)
Black, Karen American Actress (1939-)
Black Hawk American Indian Leader of the Sauk and Mesquakie tribes (1767 - 1837)
Black Sabbath British Heavy metal band (1968- )
Blackmer, Sidney American actor (1895-1973)
Blair, Tony Scottish Prime Minister (1953-)
Blake, William British Poet and painter (1757-1827)
Blake, Eubie American Composer (1883-1983)
Blake, Robert American Actor (1933- )
Bland, Bobby Blue American Blues singer (1930- )
Blazejowski , Carol American Basketball hall of famer (1956- )
Bledsoe, Julius American Singer (1898-1943)
Blennerhassett, Harman American Tried for treason with Aaron Burr (1765 - 1831)
Blondell, Joan American actress (1906-1979)
Blondie American rock band
Blood, Sweat, and Tears American Rock band (1967-1981, 1984- )
Bloom, Claire English actress (1951-)
Bluth, Ray American Hall of Fame Bowler (1927- )
Bly, Nellie American journalist and author (1864-1922)
Boas, Franz German/American anthropologist (1858-1942)
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys American swing band
Bocelli, Andrea Italian Opera Singer (1958-)
Bogart, Humphrey American actor (1899-1957)
Bogdanovich, Peter American director & actor (1939-)
Boggs, Wade American Baseball Player (1958- )
Bolan, Marc English Songwriter and guitarist (1947-1977)
Boleyn, Anne Bristish wife of monarch Henry VIII (c. 1505-1536)
Bolger, Ray American actor (1904-1987)
Bon Jovi American rock band (1983- )
Bond, Tommy American Actor (1926-2005)
Bond, Julian American civil rights activist & politician (1940-)
Bond, James British Secret Agent Character (1953-)
Bono, Sonny American Pop singer (1935-1998)
Booker T. and the MGs American soul group
Boone, Pat American singer (1934-)
Boone, Richard American actor (1917-1981)
Boone, Daniel American frontiersman (1734-1820)
Booth, John Wilkes American Assassin of Abraham Lincoln (1838-1865)
Booth, Evangeline English/American General of the Salvation Army (1865-1950)
Booth, Shirley American actress (1898-1992)
Borden, Jr., Gail American Inventor (1836-1874)
Borgmann, Bernard American Basketball hall of famer (1900-1978)
Bormann, Martin German Hitler's Secretary (1900-1945)
Boston Strangler American Serial Killer (1931 - 1973)
Botticelli, Sandro Italian Artist (1444-1510)
Boudreau , Lou American Baseball Player (1917-2001)
Bow, Clara American actress (1905-1965)
Bow Wow American actor & rapper (1987-)
Bowie, David English Singer/songwriter/producer (1947-)
Boyd, Stephen Irish actor (1931-1977)
Boyd, Belle American Confederate Spy (1843-1900)
Boyer, Charles French/American actor (1899-1978)
Boyne, Walter American Smithsonian director (1930-)
Bradbury, Ray American Science fiction author (1920- )
Bradley, Milton American Game manufacturer (1836-1911)
Bradley, Owen American Country music producer (1915-1998)
Bradley, Omar American First Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1893-1981)
Bradley, William American Basketball hall of famer (1943- )
Bradley, Ed American TV news anchorman & reporter (1941-2006)
Bradshaw, Terry American professional football player (1948- )
Bradstreet, Anne English/American poet (1612-1672)
Braff, Zach American actor, writer, director and screenwriter (1975-)
Bragg, Braxton American Confederate General, Confederate Army Commander (1817-1876)
Brahms, Johannes German Composer (1833-1897)
Braille, Louis French Inventor of braille (1809-1852)
Brando, Marlon American Actor (1924-2004)
Brandy American Singer (1979 -)
Brannum, Hugh American actor (1910-1987)
Braugher, Andre American actor (1962-)
Bredesen, Phil American Governor of Tennessee (1943-)
Brennan, Joseph American Basketball hall of famer (1900-1989)
Brett , George American Baseball Player (1953- )
Brice, Fanny American Comedienne (1891-1951)
Bridges, Beau American Movie actor (1941- )
Bridges, Jeff American Actor (1949- )
Bridges, Lloyd American actor (1913-1998)
Bridges, Jordan American actor (1973-)
Brimley, Wilford American actor (1934-)
Brinkley, David American TV newscaster (1920-2005)
Briscoe, Donald American Soap opera actor (1940-2004)
Brock, Lou American Baseball Player (1939- )
Brolin, James American Actor (1940- )
Bronson, Charles American actor (1921-2003)
Brooks, Mel American Comedian and actor (1926- )
Brosnan, Pierce Irish-American Actor (1953-)
Brown, Dan American Author (1964- )
Brown, James American Entertainer (1933-2006)
Brown, Ruth American R&B singer (1928-2006)
Brown, Charles American Blues musician (1920-99)
Brown, Shirley American soul singer (1947-)
Brown, Judge Joe American attorney and judge (1947-)
Brown, Jim American Football player (1936-)
Brown, Sterling American author (1901-1989)
Brown, Clancy American actor (1959-)
Brown, David American movie producer (1916-)
Brown, Louise Joy British first test tube baby (1978- )
Browne, Jackson American Singer/songwriter (1948-)
Browning, Robert British Poet and playwright (1812-89)
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett British Poet (1806-61)
Bruce, Lenny American comedian (1925-1966)
Bruce, Blanche Kelso American politician (1841-1898)
Bruce, Nigel British actor (1895-1953)
Bryan, William Jennings American Politician and Lawyer (1860-1925)
Bryant, Paul W. American football coach (1913-83)
Brynner, Yul Russian-American actor (1895-1953)
Buchanan, Pat American politician and author (1938-)
Buchanan, Edgar American actor (1903-1979)
Buchanan, James American 15th U. S. President (1791-1868)
Buchwald, Art American Humorist (1925-2007)
Buck, Pearl American author (1892-1973)
Buckingham Palace Guards English Guards of the Royal Family
Buddhism Religion (4rd century B.C. -)
Buell, Don Carlos American Civil War General (1818-1898)
Buffalo Soldiers American African-American Military Unit (1866-1951)
Buffalo Springfield American rock band
Bukowski, Charles American Author (1920-1994)
Bullock, Sandra American Actress (1964-)
Bullock, John Gillespie American actor (1871-1933)
Bunche, Ralph American diplomat (1904-1971)
Bundy, Ted American serial killer (1946-1989)
Buono, Angelo American Murderer (1951-)
Burbank, Luther American inventor (1849-1926)
Burgoyne, John British General (1722-1792)
Burke, Solomon American Soul/country music musician (1940- )
Burke, Billie American actress (1885-1970)
Burnett, Carol American Comedian (1933- )
Burns, Robert Scottish Poet (1759-1796)
Burns, Edward American actor (1968-)
Burns, George Burns comedian (1896-1996)
Burnside, Ambrose American Civil War General (1824-1881)
Burr, Aaron American Vice-president (1756-1836)
Burr, Raymond Canadian actor (1917-1993)
Burroughs, Edgar Rice American Author of Tarzan (1875-1950)
Burstyn, Ellen American actress (1932-)
Burton, Levar American Actor (1957- )
Burton, Richard Welsh actor (1925-1984)
Buscemi, Steve American actor (1957-)
Busey, Jake American actor (1971-)
Bush, George H. W. American 41st U. S. President (1924-)
Bush, George W. American 43rd U. S. President (1946-)
Bush, Jeb American Governor of Florida (1953-)
Bush, Laura American First Lady (1946-)
Buttons, Red American actor & comic (1919-2006)
Byrds, The American rock group
Byrne, David Scottish-American Musician (1952-)
Byron, Lord English Romantic poet (1788-1824)
Caan, James American Movie actor (1940-)
Cabrillo, Juan Rodriguez Spanish Conquistador and explorer (c. 1499-1543)
Caesar Salad Popular salad & dressing (1924)
Cage, John American Composer (1912-1992)
Cage, Nicolas American actor (1964-)
Cagney, James American Actor (1899-1986)
Cagney, Jeanne American actress (1919-1984)
Cagney, William American actor & producer (1905-1988)
Cahn, Sammy American Songwriter (1913-1993)
Cain, Dean American actor (1966-)
Caine, Michael British Film actor (1933-)
Calhoun, Rory American actor (1922-1999)
Calloway, Cab American bandleader (1907-1994)
Campanella, Roy American Baseball Player (1921-1993)
Campbell, Glen American Pop & country singer (1936-)
Campbell, Joseph American Author (1904-1987)
Candy, John Canadian actor & comic (1950-1994)
Cannavale, Bobby American actor (1971-)
Canned Heat American Rock band (1965- )
Cannon, Dyan American actress (1937-)
Capone, Al American Mobster (1899-1947)
Capote, Truman American Author (1924-1984)
Cardini, Caesar Italian-American chef & restaurant owner (1896-1956)
Carew, Rod American Baseball Player (1945-)
Carey, Drew American Comic actor (1958-)
Carey, Harry American actor (1878-1947)
Carey, Macdonald American actor (1913-1994)
Carey, Mariah American singer (1970-)
Cariou, Len Canadian actor (1939-)
Carlton, Steve American Baseball Player (1944- )
Carnahan, Matthew American producer (1961-)
Carnegie, Andrew Scottish-American Steel magnate (1835-1919)
Carpenter, Karen American singer (1950-1983)
Carradine, Keith American Movie actor (1949-)
Carradine, David American Actor (1936-)
Carradine, Robert American Actor (1954-)
Carrey, Jim American Actor (1962-)
Carrier, Willis American Inventor (1876-1950)
Carson, Jeannie English Actor (1938-)
Carson, Johnny American TV talk show host (1925-2005)
Carson, Jack Canadian Movie actor (1910-1963)
Carson, Kit American Frontiersman (1809-1868)
Carter, Jimmy American 39th U. S. President (1924-)
Carter, Don American Hall of Fame Bowler (1926- )
Carter, Gary American Baseball Player (1954- )
Carter, Dixie American Actress (1939 - 2010)
Caruso, Enrico Italian Opera singer (1873-1921)
Carver, George Washington American Scientist & Inventor (1864-1943)
Cash, Johnny American Country singer (1932-2003)
Cash, June Carter American Country singer (1929-2003)
Cassatt, Mary American Painter (1844-1926)
Cassavetes, John American actor (1929-1989)
Cassidy, David American Singer and actor (1950-)
Cassidy, Shaun American Singer and producer (1958-)
Catherine of Aragon English First wife of Henry VIII (1485-1536)
Catto, Octavius American civil rights activist (1839-1871)
Cattrall, Kim English-Canadian actress (1956-)
Cavett, Dick American talk show host (1936-)
Cepeda, Dolly American murder victim (1964-1977)
Cerf, Vinton American Father of the Internet (1943-)
Cervi, Alfred American Basketball hall of famer (1917- )
Cézanne, Paul French Painter (1839-1906)
Chamberlain, Neville British Prime Minister (1869-1940)
Chamberlain, Richard American Actor (1934-)
Chamberlain, Wilt American Basketball legend (1936-1999)
Chamberlain, Joshua L. American Civil War General 1828-1914
Champlain, Samuel de French Explorer (1567-1635)
Chandler, Jeff American actor (1918-1961)
Chanel, Coco French Designer (1883-1971)
Chaney, Lon American actor (1883-1930)
Chaney, James American Civil Rights activist (1943-1964)
Chaney, Jr., Lon American Actor (1906 - 1973)
Channing, Carol American Singer and actress (1921-)
Chaplin, Hannah English mother of Charlie Chaplin (1866-1928)
Chaplin, Charlie British actor (1889-1977)
Chapman, Raymond American Baseball Player (1891-1920)
Chapman, Mark David American assassin of John Lennon (1955-)
Chapman, Tracy American musician (1964-)
Charles, Ray American Soul musician (1930-2004)
Charles I English Monarch (1600-1649)
Charles II British Monarch (1630-1685)
Chase, Chevy American Actor (1943-)
Chaucer, Geoffrey British Poet (c. 1340-1400)
Cheap Trick American Rock Band (1973- )
Checker, Chubby American Singer (1941-)
Cheney, Dick American politician (1941-)
Cher American Pop singer (1946-)
Chevrolet, Louis Swiss Automotive pioneer (1878-1941)
Chic American disco group
Chicago Bears American National Football League team
Child, Julia American Cook and Author
Chisholm, Shirley American politician, educator, and author (1924-2005)
Chong, Rae Dawn Canadian-American actress (1961-)
Chopin, Frederic Polish-French Composer (1810-1849)
Chopin, Kate American writer (1851-1904)
Christian, Charlie American Jazz guitarist (1916-1942)
Christie, Walter American engineer (1865-1944)
Christie, Agatha British author (1890-1976)
Chung, Connie Chinese-American newscaster (1946-)
Churchill, Winston British Prime minister (1874-1965)
Cincinnati Bengals American National Football League team
Clapton, Eric English Singer/songwriter (1945-)
Clark, Jimmy Scottish Race car driver (1936-1968)
Clark, Dick American TV personality (1929-)
Clark, Roy American musician (1933- )
Clark, Mary Higgins American author (1927-)
Clark, Arthur C. English Science Fiction Writer (1917-2008)
Clark, William American explorer (1770-1838)
Clarkson, Kelly American Pop singer (1982-)
Clash, The English punk rock band
Clayburgh, Jill American actress (1944-)
Clayton, Lou American Vaudevillian (1890-1950)
Clayton, Elias American lynching victim (1901-1920)
Cleburne, Patrick Irish Confederate General (1828-1864)
Cleef, Lee Van American actor (1925-1989)
Cleveland, James American minister & singer (1932-1991)
Cleveland, Grover American 22nd and 24th U. S. President (1837-1908)
Cleveland Orchestra, The American Orchestra
Clift, Montgomery American actor (1920-1966)
Cline, Patsy American Country music singer (1932-1963)
Clinton, Bill American 42nd U. S. President (1946-)
Clinton, Hillary American First Lady and United States Senator (1947-)
Close, Glenn American actress (1947-)
Coasters, The American vocal group
Cobb, Ty American Baseball Player (1886-1961)
Cobb, Lee J. American actor (1911-1976)
Coburn, James American actor (1928-2002)
Cochran, Eddie American musician (1938-60)
Cochrane, Mickey American Baseball Player (1903-1962)
Cocker, Joe English Rock singer (1944-)
Codrescu, Andrei Romanian-American author (1946- )
Cody, Buffalo Bill American Old West legend (1846-1917)
Cohan, George M. American entertainer, producer, and writer (1878-1942)
Cohn, Mindy American actress (1966-)
Cole, Nat King American Singer (1917-1965)
Cole, Gary American actor (1956-)
Cole, Natalie American singer (1950-)
Coleman, Dabney American actor (1932-)
Coleman, Gary American actor (1968-)
Collins, Eddie American Baseball Player (1887-1951)
Collins, Joan English-American actress (1933-)
Colonial Connecticut American Historic spots
Colonial New Hampshire American Historic spots
Colonial New Jersey American Historic spots
Colonial Pennsylvania American Historic spots
Colonial Rhode Island American Historic spots
Colonial Vermont American Historic spots
Colt, Samuel American Inventor & industrialist (1814-1862)
Colvin, Shawn American folk singer (1956-)
Combs, Sean American Rapper (1969-)
Como, Perry American singer (1912-2001)
Congreve, William English Playwright & poet (1670-1729)
Connelly, Jennifer American actress (1970-)
Connery, Sean Scottish-American actor (1930-)
Connors, Chuck American TV actor (1921-1992)
Connors, Jimmy American Tennis player (1952-)
Conrad, Charles American U. S. astronaut (1930-1999)
Conrad, Robert American actor (1939-)
Conrad, William American actor (1920-1994)
Conte, Richard American actor (1910-1975)
Contin, Antonio Italian Architect (?-?)
Convy, Bert American Game show host (1933-1991)
Coogan, Keith American actor (1970-)
Coogan, Jackie American actor (1903-1977)
Cook, Frederick American explorer (1865-1940)
Cook, James English Explorer (1728-1799)
Cooke, Sam American Singer (1931-1964)
Coolidge, Calvin American 30th U. S. President (1872-1933)
Cooper, James Fenimore American author (1789-1851)
Cooper, Charles American Basketball hall of famer (1907-1980)
Cooper, Gary American actor (1901-1961)
Cooper, Alice American rock musician (1948-)
Coppola, Francis Ford American film director (1939-)
Cornwallis, General Charles British Commanding General (1738-1805)
Corot, Jean-Baptiste French Landscape Painter (1796-1875)
Corrigan, Kevin American actor (1969-)
Cosby, Bill American Comedian (1937-)
Cosic, Kresimir Croatian Basketball hall of famer (1948-1995)
Costello, Elvis English musician
Costner, Kevin American actor (1955-)
Cotton, Joseph American actor (1905-1994)
Country Joe and the Fish American Rock band
Couric, Katie American TV journalist (1957-)
Cousy, Robert American Basketball hall of famer (1928- )
Coward, Noel British playwright (1899-1973)
Cowens, David American Basketball hall of famer (1948- )
Cox, Courtney American actress (1964-)
Cramer, Floyd American Pianist and songwriter (1933-1997)
Crane, Bob American TV actor (1928-1978)
Crane, Cheryl American author & self proclaimed murderess (1943-)
Crawford, Joan American Basketball hall of famer (1937- )
Crawford, Cindy American Supermodel (1966-)
Crawford, Christina American author (1939-)
Crawford, Broderick American actor (1911-1986)
Cray, Robert American Blues guitarist and singer (1953- )
Cream (rock group) British rock band
Creedence Clearwater Revival American rock band
Crenna, Richard American actor (1926-2003)
Crichton, Michael American writer (1942-)
Crick, Francis British DNA discoverer (1916-2004)
Croce, Jim American musician (1943-73)
Crockett, Davy American Soldier, politician & frontiersman (1786-1836)
Crocodile Hunter, The Australian Animal expert & TV personality (1962-2006)
Cromwell, Oliver British Lord Proctector of England 1599-1658
Cronkite, Walter American Broadcast journalist (1916- )
Cronyn, Hume American actor (1911-2003)
Crosby, Bing American Singer & actor (1903-1977)
Crosby, David American rock musician (1941-)
Crosby, Stills, & Nash American/English rock band
Cross, Christopher American Singer/songwriter (1951-)
Crothers, Scatman American actor & song/dance man (1910-1986)
Crouse, Lindsay American actress (1948-)
Crowe, Russell Zealand-Australian actor (1964-)
Crowley, Jim American Football player and coach (1902-1986)
Crudup, Billy American actor (1968-)
Cruise, Tom American Actor (1962-)
Crump, E. H. American Memphis mayor and political boss (1874-1954)
Cullen, Countee American Author (1903-1946)
Cummings, E.E. American Poet (1894-1962)
Cummings, Bob American actor (1908-1990)
Cummings, Robert American actor (1908-1990)
Cunningham, William American Basketball hall of famer (1943- )
Curie, Marie French Physicist (1867-1934)
Curie, Pierre French Physicist (1839-1906)
Curry, Denise American Basketball hall of famer (1959- )
Curtin, Jane American actress (1947-)
Curtis, Tony American Actor (1925-)
Curtis, Jamie Lee American actress (1958-)
Cusack, John American actor (1966-)
Custer, George Armstrong American Soldier (1839-1876)
Cy Young American Baseball Player (1867-1955)
da Gama, Vasco Portuguese explorer (1469-1523)
da Vinci, Leonardo Italian artist & inventor (1452-1519)
Dakota Indians American aboriginals
Dalí, Salvador Spanish painter (1904-1989)
Dalipagic, Drazen Yugoslavian Basketball hall of famer (1953- )
Daly, Tim American actor (1956-)
Damon, Matt American actor and writer (1970-)
Dandridge, Dorothy American actress & singer (1922-1965)
Danes, Claire American actress (1979-)
Dangerfield, Rodney American comedian (1921-2004)
Daniel, Jack American American Whiskey Distiller (1850-1911)
Daniels, William American actor (1927-)
Danner, Blythe American actress (1943-)
Danson, Ted American actor (1947-)
Dante Italian author (1265-1321)
Danza, Tony American actor (1951-)
Darby, Abraham English manufacturing pioneer (iron smelting) (1678–1717)
Darby, Kim American movie actress (1948- )
Dare, Virginia British-American First English child born in America (1587-unknown)
Darin, Bobby American singer (1936-73)
Darrow, Clarence American attorney (1857-1938)
Darwin, Charles English naturalist (1809-1882)
David, Jacques-Louis French painter (1748-1825)
Davidson, Lolita actress (1975 -)
Davies, Robert American Basketball hall of famer (1920-1990)
Davis, Jim American movie & TV actor (1909-1981)
Davis, Jefferson American President of the Confederate States of America (1808-1889)
Davis, Mac American singer and songwriter (1942- )
Davis, Miles American jazz musician (1926-1991)
Davis, Dave American Hall of Fame Bowler (1942- )
Davis, Bette American actress (1908-1989)
Davis, Jonathan American Lead singer of Korn (1971-)
Davis, Sam American Confederate boy hero (1842-1863)
Davis, Jr., Sammy American entertainer (1925-1990)
Day, Clarence American writer (1874-1935)
DC United American Major League Soccer team
de Beauvoir, Simone French philosopher (1908-1986)
de Braose, William English Nobility, Executed (1197-1230)
de Gama, Vasco Portugese Explorer (1460s-1524)
De La Beckwith, Byron American assassin of Medgar Evers (1920-2001)
De Niro, Robert American actor (1943-)
de Niro, Sr., Robert American artist (1922-1993)
de Palma, Brian American film director (1940-)
De Priest, Oscar American politician (1871-1951)
Dean, James American movie actor (1931-1955)
Dean, Dizzy American Baseball Player (1910-1974)
Dean, Paul American Baseball Player (1913-1981)
DeBernardi, Forrest American Basketball hall of famer (1899-1970)
DeBusschere , Dave American Basketball hall of famer (1940- )
Dee, Ruby African-American actress (1924-)
Dee, Sandra American actress (1942-2005)
Deere, John American inventor and industrialist (1804-1886)
Dees, Rick American Radio personality & singer (1950-)
Defoe, Daniel British author (1659 or 60-1731)
Degas, Edgar French Artist 1834-1917
Degas, Edgar French Painter (1834-1917)
Dehnert, Henry American Basketball hall of famer (1898-1979)
Delacroix, Eugene French Painter 1798-1863
Delany, Dana American actress (1956-)
Dells, The American music group
DeMille, Cecil B. American director (1881-1959)
DeMornay, Rebecca French-American actress (1959-)
Dench, Judi British actress (1934- )
Dennehy, Brian American actor (1938-)
Denny, Reginald American Beaten during Rodney King Riots April 29, 1992
Denver, John American singer/songwriter and actor (1943-1997)
Denver Broncos American NFL
Depp, Johnny American actor (1963-)
Dern, Laura American actress (1967-)
Dern, Bruce American actor (1936-)
DeSalvo, Albert American Serial Killer known as the Boston Strangler (1931 - 1973)
Desoto, Hernando Spanish Explorer (1497-1542)
Devane, William American actor (1937-)
DeVito, Danny American actor (1944-)
Diamond, Neil American singer and songwriter (1941- )
DiCaprio, Leonardo American actor (1974-)
Dickel, George A. American Founder of Dickel Distillery (1818-1894)
Dickens, Charles British author (1812-1870)
American country music singer (1925- )
Dickenson, Emily American poet (1830-1886)
Dickey, Bill American Baseball Player (1907-1993)
Diddley, Bo American rock musician (1928-)
Diesel, Vin American actor (1967-)
Dietrich, Marlene German-American actor (1901-1992)
Diggs, Taye American actor (1971-)
Diller, Phyllis American comedian (1917- )
Dillinger, John American Gangster (1903-1934)
Dillon, Matt American actor (1964-)
DiMaggio, Joe American Baseball Player (1914-1999)
DiMucci, Dion American singer/songwriter (1939-)
Dior, Christian French fashion designer (1905-1957)
Dirac, Paul British Physicist 1902-84
Disney, Walt American producer, animator, and director (1901-1966)
Disraeli, Benjamin British Statesmen 1804-81
Divine American Actor (1945-88)
Dixon, Willie American Blues Musician (1915-92)
Dogon People, The African Tribe in Southern Mali
Dolby, Ray American Inventor (1933- )
Dole, Bob American U.S. Senator & presidential candidate (1923- )
Dole, Elizabeth American U.S. Senator and Cabinet Member (1936- )
Dolenz, Micky American actor & singer (1945-)
Domino, Fats American singer/songwriter (1928-)
Donitz, Karl German World War II U-boat admiral (1891-1980)
Donner Party American pioneers who resorted to cannibalism (1846-1847)
Donovan, Anne American Basketball player (1961- )
Doobie Brothers, The American rock band
Doohan, James American actor (1920-2005)
Doors, The American rock band
Dorion, Marie American Indian expedition member (1786-1850)
Dorsey, Thomas American composer (1899-1993)
Dorsey, George American lynching victim (1918-1946)
Dorsey, Mae Murray American lynching victim (1923-1946)
Dorsey , Tommy American musician and bandleader (1905-1956)
Douglas, Mike American talk show host (1925-2006)
Douglas, Aaron American artist (1898-1979)
Douglas, Kirk American actor (1916- )
Douglas, Illeana American actress (1965-)
Douglas, Michael American actor (1944-)
Douglas, Stephen A. American Famous American Politician (1813-1861)
Douglass, Frederick American civil rights activist (1818-1895)
Downey, Jr., Robert American actor (1965- )
Doyle, Arthur Conan British author (1859-1930)
Drake, Sir Francis English World explorer and seafarer (1540-1596)
Drake, Edwin American 1st oil well (1819-1880)
Dreiser, Theodore American author (1871-1945)
Drexler , Clyde American Basketball player (1962- )
Dreyfus, Alfred French Falsely Accused Traitor (1853-1935)
Dreyfuss, Richard American actor (1947- )
Drifters, The American R&B band
Driver, William American Named American Flag 'Old Glory' (1803-1886)
Dryden, John British Poet laureate (1631-1700)
Drysdale, Don American Baseball Player (1936-1993)
DuBois, W. E. B. American civil rights activist (1898-1976)
Duffy, Julia American actress (1951-)
Duke, Doris American heiress (1912-1993)
Dumars , Joe American Basketball player (1963- )
Dumas, Alexandre French author (1802-1870)
Dunaway, Faye American actress (1941-)
Duncan, Isadora American dancer (1877-1921)
Dunham, Katherine American dancer (1906-2006)
Dunne, Griffin American actor (1955-)
Dunne, Irene American actress (1898-1990)
Durante, Jimmy American actor & singer (1893-1980)
Duryea, Dan American actor (1907-1968)
Dutton, Charles American actor (1951-)
Duvall, Robert American actor and director (1931-)
Dylan, Bob American singer/songwriter (1941-)
Eagles, The American rock band
Earhart, Amelia American aviator (1897-1937)
Early, Jubal American Confederate General (1816-1894)
Earnhardt, Dale American Race car driver (1951-2001)
Earp, Wyatt American Wild West legend (1848-1929)
Earth, Wind & Fire American music group
Eastman, George American Inventor & Philanthropist (1854-1932)
Eastwood, Clint American actor, director, & producer (1930-)
Ebert, Roger American film critic (1942-)
Ebsen, Buddy American actor (1908-2003)
Eckersley, Dennis American Baseball Player (1954- )
Eddy, Duane American rock guitarist (1938-)
Eden, Barbara American TV actress (1934- )
Edison, Thomas American inventor (1847-1931)
Edward I British Monarch (1239-1307)
Edward II British Monarch (1284-1327)
Edward the Confessor Anglo-Saxon King of England 1004-1066
Edward V English King of England (1470-83)
Edward VI English Monarch 1537-53
Edward VII British monarch (1841-1910)
Edwards, Ralph American Radio and Television Host (1913-2005)
Edwards, Sherman American songwriter (1919-1981)
Egan, Richard American actor (1921-1987)
Eiffel, Gustave French designer of the Eiffel Tower (1832-1923)
Eikenberry, Jill American actress (1947-)
Eisenhower, Dwight D. American 34th U. S. President (1890-1969)
Eisenman, Peter American postmodern architect (1932-)
Eliot, T. S. American-British poet & playwright (1888-1965)
Elizabeth I British monarch (1533-1603)
Elizabeth II British monarch (1926- )
Ellington, Duke American musician (1899-1974)
Ellison, Ralph African-American author (1913-1994)
Ellroy, James American author (1948-)
Elwes, Cary American actor (1962-)
Emerson, Ralph Waldo American writer (1803-1882)
Emerson, Bill American Politician (1938-1996)
Eminem American Rapper (1972-)
Endacott, Paul American Basketball player (1902-1997)
Engel, Georgia American actress (1948-)
English , Alex American Basketball player (1954- )
English Royal Family English Royal Family
Englund, Robert American actor (1949-)
Enya Irish (1961- )
Epstein, Brian English Band Manager (1934-1967)
Erbe, Kathryn American actress (1966-)
Erving, Julius American Basketball legend (1950)
Estevez, Emilio American actor (1962-)
Evans, Richard Paul American author (1962- )
Evans, Linda American actress (1942 - )
Evans, Faith American singer & actress (1973-)
Evelyn, Judith American actress (1913-1967)
Everly Brothers, The American pop duo
Evers, Medgar American civil rights activist (1925-1963)
Evinrude, Ole Norwegian-American Evinrude motors (1877-1934)
Ewell, Richard S. American Confederate General (1817-1872)
Fabray, Nanette American actress (1920-)
Fairbanks, Jr., Douglas American actor (1909-2000)
Fairbanks, Sr., Douglas American actor (1883-1939)
Falk, Peter American actor (1927-)
Fantastic Sams American hair salon franchise company (1974- )
Fargo, William American founder of American Express Company (1818-1881)
Farley, Chris American comic actor (1964-1997)
Farley, Walter American Author of Black Stallion books (1915-1989)
Farmer, Jr., James American civil rights activist (1920-1999)
Farnsworth, Philo T. American inventor (1906-71)
Farragut, David American Union Civil War Admiral (1801-1870)
Farrar, Geraldine American opera singer and actress (1882-1967)
Farrell, Mike American actor (1939 - )
Farrell, Charles American silent fim & early talkie star (1901-1990)
Farrell, Colin Irish actor (1976- )
Farrow, Mia American actress (1945-)
Farrow, John American actor (1904-1963)
Faulkner, William American Author (1897-1962)
Fawcett, Farrah American actress (1947- )
Fawkes, Guy English Gunpowder plot mastermind (1570-1605)
Faye, Alice American actress & singer (1915-1998)
Fazio, Buzz American Hall of Fame Bowler (1908-1993)
Feinstein, Harold E. American inventor of the bumper sticker (1900-1966)
Felts, Narvel American Rockabilly/Country singer (1938- )
Fenn, Sherilyn American actress (1965-)
Ferber, Edna American author (1885-1965)
Fergusson, Elizabeth Graeme American Writer and Poet (1737-1801)
Ferragamo, Salvatore Italian footwear designer (1898-1960)
Ferrer, Jose American actor (1909-1992)
Fetchit, Stepin American actor (1902-1985)
Fey, Tina American Television Actress and Writer (1970-)
Field, Sally American actress (1946- )
Field, Ayda American actress (1979-)
Fields, W.C. American comedian and actor (1880-1946)
Fiennes, Ralph British actor (1962-)
Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts American First All African-American Civil War Unit (March 13, 1863 to August 20, 1865)
Fillmore, Millard American 13th U. S. President (1800-1874)
Filmore, Abigail American First Lady (1798-1853)
Fingers, Rollie American Baseball Player (1946- )
Firestone, Harvey American Inventor (1868-1938)
Fischer, Bobby American Chess champion (1943-)
Fishburne, Laurence American actor (1961 - )
Fisher, Carrie American actress (1956- )
Fisk, Carlton American Baseball Player (1947- )
Fisk Jubilee Singers American Gospel group (1871- )
Fitzgerald, F. Scott American author (1896-1940)
Fitzgerald, Geraldine American actress (1913-2005)
Fitzgerald, Ella American singer (1917-1996)
Flack, Roberta American singer (1937-)
Flamingos, The American do wop group
Flanigan, Joe American actor (1967-)
Flatt, Lester American country music singer (1914-1979)
Fleetwood Mac rock band
Fleiss, Heidi American Hollywood celebrity & convict (1965-)
Fleming, Ian British James Bond author (1908-1964)
Fletcher, Louise American actor (1934-)
Flint, Charles Ranlett American businessman (1850-1934
Floyd, Eddie American singer (1937-)
Floyd American bank robber (1904-1934)
Flynn, Joe American actor (1924-1974)
Flynn, Errol Australian Actor (1909-59)
Fogerty, John American rock musician (1945-)
Foghat American rock group
Foley, Red American country singer & musician (1910-1968)
Folger, Abigail American heiress& murder victim (1943-1969)
Fonda, Peter American actor (1940-)
Fonda, Henry American actor (1905-1982)
Fonda, Bridget American actress (1964-)
Fonda, Jane American actress (1937-)
Foote, Shelby American Civil War historian and author (1916-2005)
Ford, Gerald American 38th U. S. President (1913-2006)
Ford, Henry American Automobile manufacturer (1863-1947)
Ford, Harrison American film actor (1942- )
Ford, Tennessee Ernie American country music artist (1919-1991)
Ford , Whitey American Baseball Player (1928- )
Ford, Richard American Pulitzer prize winner (1944- )
Ford, Betty American Former first lady of the U.S. (1918-)
Ford, Glen American actor (1916-2006)
Ford, John American film director (1894-1973)
Foreman, George American heavyweight boxing champion (1949- )
Forman, James American civil rights activist (1928-2005)
Forrest, Nathan Bedford American Confederate Civil War general (1821-1877)
Forsythe, John American actor (1918-)
Forsythe, William American actor (1955-)
Fossett, Steve American Aviator (1944-2008)
Foster, Jodie American actress (1962-)
Foster, Stephen American songwriter (1826-1864)
Foster, Harold American Basketball player (1906-1996)
Four Seasons, The American pop music group
Four Tops, The American musical quartet
Fourth Federal Reserve District American Branch of the U.S. Federal Reserve
Fox, Matthew American actor (1966-)
Foxx, Redd American comedian & TV actor (1922-1991)
Foxx, Jamie American actor (1967-)
Foxx, Jimmie American Baseball Player (1907-1967)
Foyt, A.J. American Race car driver (1935- )
Foyt, Jr., A.J. American auto race driver (1935- )
Franciscus, James American actor (1934-1991)
Franco, James American actor (1978-)
Frank, Anne Dutch Holocaust victim (1929-1945)
Frank, Hans German Nazi Govenor of Poland (1900-1946)
Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers American doo wop group
Franklin, Aretha American soul musician (1942-)
Franklin, Bonnie American actress (1944- )
Franklin, Barbara American singer (1917-1952)
Franklin, Melvin American singer (1942-1995)
Franklin, Benjamin American Founding Father (1706-90)
Frann, Mary American actress (1943-1998)
Frantz, Chris American Musician (1951-)
Fraser, Brendan American actor (1968-)
Frazier, Walter American Basketball player (1945- )
Frazier, Joe American boxer (1944-)
Freeman, Morgan American film actor (1937- )
Fremont, John C. American American Presidential Canidate and Civil War General
Freud, Sigmund Austrian psychiatrist (1856-1937)
Frick, Wilhelm German Nazi Interior Minister (1877-1946)
Friedman, Max American Basketball player (1889-1986)
Friedman, Milton American Economist (1912-2006)
Friendly, Fred American former president of CBS news (1915-1998)
Fritzsche, Hans German Nazi Radio Propagandist (1900-1953)
Frost, Robert American poet (1874-1963)
Fry, Glen American rock musician (1948-)
Frykowski, Wojclech Polish actor, writer, & Manson Family murder victim (1936-1969)
Fulks, Joseph American Basketball player (1921-1976)
Fuller, Buckminster American architect and author (1895-1983)
Fulton, Robert American inventor (1765-1815)
Funk, Walther German Nazi Economic Minister (1890-1960)
Gable, Clark American actor (1901-1960)
Gabor, Eva Hungarian TV actress (1919-1995)
Gabor, Zsa Zsa Hungarian actress (1917-)
Gacy, John Wayne American Serial Killer (1942-94)
Gaiman, Neil English science fiction author (1960-)
Gaines, General Edmund P. American general (1777-1849)
Gainesville Ripper, The American serial killer (1954-2006)
Gainsborough, Thomas English artist (1927-1788)
Gale, Lauren American Basketball player (1917-1996)
Galilei, Galileo Italian scientist, physicist, and astronomer (1564-1642)
Gallagher, Peter American actor (1955-)
Gallatin, Albert American United States Secretary of the Treasury (1761-1849)
Gallatin, Harry American Basketball player (1927- )
Gallup, George American Pollster (1901-84)
Gandhi, Mahatma Indian Father of non-violent civil disobedience in India (1869-1948)
Gandolfini, James American actor (1961-)
Garcia, Jerry American musician (1942-95)
Garcia, Andy Cuban-American actor (1956-)
Garden of Eden Biblical creation world
Gardner, Erle Stanley American Detective story writer (1889-1970)
Garfield, James American 20th U. S. President (1831-1881)
Garfield, John American actor (1913-1952)
Garfield, Lucretia American First lady of the U.S.
Garfunkel, Art American singer/songwriter (1941-)
Garland, Judy American actress (1922 - 1969)
Garlits, Big Daddy Don American drag racer (1932 - )
Garner, James American actor (1928- )
Garr, Teri American actress (1944-)
Garson, Greer English-American actress (1904-1996)
Gates, Bill American businessman (1955-)
Gates, Horatio American Revolutionary War general (1727-1806)
Gates, William American Basketball hall of famer (1917-1999)
Gates, Jr., Henry Louis American scholar (1950-)
Gavin, John American actor (1931-)
Gay, Marvin Pentz American Father of Marvin Gaye (1914-98)
Gaye, Marvin American soul singer (1939-1984)
Gayheart, Rebecca American actress (1971-)
Gaynor, Janet American actress (1906-1984)
Gehrig, Lou American Baseball Player (1903-1941)
Gein, Ed American Serial Killer 1906-1984)
Gellar, Sarah Michelle American actor (1977-)
George, Lowell American Musician (1845-79)
George II German King of England (1683-1760)
George III British monarch (1783-1820)
George IV British monarch (1762-1830)
George V British monarch (1865-1936)
George VI British monarch (1895-1952)
Gere, Richard American Actor (1949-)
Geronimo Native American leader (1829-1909)
Geronimo, Chappo Native-American son of Geronimo (?-?)
Gershwin, George American composer (1898-1937)
Gershwin, Ira American musician & songwriter December 6, 1896 - August 17, 1983
Gertz, Jamie American actress (1965- )
Gervin, George American Basketball hall of famer (1952- )
Gets, Malcolm American actor (1964-)
Giancana, Sam American Mob boss (1908-75)
Gibb, Andy Australian-American singer (1958-1988)
Gibson, Josh American Baseball Player (1911–1947)
Gibson, Bob American Baseball Player (1935-)
Gifford, Frank American professional football player (1930-)
Gilbert, Sara American actress (1975-)
Gilbert, Melissa American actress (1964-)
Gilbert, John American silent film star (1899-1936)
Ginsberg, Allen American poet (1926-1997)
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1933- )
Ginty, Robert American actor (1948-)
Gish, Lillian American actress (1893-1993)
Givens, Robin American actress (1964-)
Gladstone, William British Prime Minister (1809-98)
Gladys Knight and the Pips American R&B group
Glaser, Paul Michael American actor (1943-)
Glenn, John American Astronaut (1921-1963)
Globetrotters, Harlem American exhibition basketball team
Gloucester Historic Society American Historical society
Glover, Lilie Mae American Blues singer (1906-1985)
Glover, Danny American actor (1946-)
Glynn, Carlin American actor (1940-)
Gobel, George American comedian (1919-1991)
Goddard, Robert American Inventor (1882-1945)
Godfrey, Arthur American Radio and television broadcaster (1903-1983)
Goering, Hermann German Leading Nazi Official (1893-1946)
Gola, Thomas American Basketball hall of famer (1933- )
Goldberg, Whoopi American comedian (1955-)
Goldblum, Jeff American actor (1952-)
Goldman, Ron American murder victim (1968-1994)
Goldwyn, Samuel Polish-American movie producer and studio head (1882-1974)
Gonzalez, Nicholas American actor (1976-)
Goodman, Benny American musician (1809-1986)
Goodman, John American actor (1952-)
Goodman, Steve American singer-songwriter (1948-1984)
Goodrich, Gail American Basketball player (1943- )
Goodyear, Charles American inventor of vulcanized rubber (1800-1860)
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company American Automotive parts company
Gorbachev, Mikhail Russian Final Head of the Soviet Union (1931-)
Gordon, Ruth American actress (1896-1985)
Gordon, Adam Lindsay Austrailian Poet, jockey, and politician (1833-70)
Gordy, Berry American record producer (1929-)
Gore, Al American Vice-President (1948-)
Goya, Francisco Spanish Painter (1746-1828)
Grace, Topher American actress (1978-)
Gracie, Archibald American author (1859-1912)
Graeme, Dr. Thomas Scottish/American Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice (1688-1772)
Graham, Billy American evangelist (1918- )
Grahame, Gloria American actress (1921-1981)
Grammer, Kelsey American actor (1955- )
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five American hip-hop group
Grange, Harold (Red) American professional football player (1903-91)
Grant, Ulysses S. American 18th U. S. President (1822-1885)
Grant, Lee American actress (1927-)
Grant, Cary English actor (1904-1986)
Grant, Hugh British actor (1960- )
Grateful Dead, The American music group
Gray, Linda American actress (1940-)
Green, Al American soul singer (1946-)
Greenberg, Hank American Baseball Player (1911-1986)
Greene, Lorne Canadian-American actor (1915-1987)
Greenspan, Alan American Economist (1926-)
Greenstreet, Sydney Bristish actor (1979-1954)
Greer, Harold American Basketball player (1936- )
Gregory, Dick American actor, writer, & activist (1932-)
Gregory VII, Pope Italian Pope during the Investiture Crisis (1020/25-1085)
Grenier, Adrian American actor (1976-)
Grenville, Sir Richard English Explorer and seafarer (1542-1591)
Grey, Jennifer American actress (1960-)
Grey, Lita American actress (1908-1995)
Grey, Jane English Wife of Henry the 8th (1537-54)
Grey, Zane American Western author (1872 - 1939)
Grier, David Alan American actor (1955-)
Griffin, Merv American talk show host & game show producer (1925- )
Griffith, Andy American TV actor (1926- )
Grisham, John American novelist (1955- )
Grissom, Gus American Astronaut (1926-1967)
Groen, Lou American Invented fish sandwich (1918- )
Gruenig, Robert American Basketball player (1913-1958)
Guevara, Che Argentine Revolutionary (1928-1967)
Guillaume, Robert American actor (1927-)
Gutenberg, Johannes German Printer (1398 -1468)
Guthrie, Woody American folk musician (1912-57)
Guthrie, Arlo American singer/songwriter (1947-)
Guy, Buddy American blues guitarist (1936-)
Guzman, Luis Puerto Rican actor (1956-)
Gwenn, Edmund American actor (1877-1906)
Gwynne, Fred American actor (1926-1993)
Gyllenhaal, Maggie American actress (1977-)
Gyllenhaal, Jake American actor (1980-)
Hackett, Buddy American comedian and actor (1924-2003)
Hackman, Gene American actor (1930-)
Hagan, Clifford American Basketball player (1931- )
Haggard, Merle American country music singer (1937- )
Hagman, Larry American actor (1931-)
Hahn, Jessica American Caused the downfall of evangelist Jim Bakker (1959 - )
Hale, Jr., Alan American actor (1921-1990)
Haley, Bill American rock musician (1925-1981)
Haley, Jack American actor (1898-1979)
Haley, Alex American author (1921-1992)
Hall, Arsenio American talk show host (1955- )
Hall, Monty American game show host (1921-)
Hall, Charles Martin American Inventor of modern aluminum processing (1863-1914)
Hamer, Fannie Lou American civil rights activist (1917-1977)
Hamilton, Alexander American Founding Father (1755 or 1757-1804)
Hamlin, Harry American actor (1951-)
Hammer, Armand American oil tycoon (1898-1990)
Hammerstein I, Oscar American theatre impresario (1847-1919)
Hammerstein II, Oscar American composer (1895-1960)
Hamner, Earl American author (1923- )
Hampton, Henry American director and producer (1940-1998)
Hancock, John American Founding Fathers (1737-1793)
Handel, George Frideric German baroque composer (1685-1759)
Handler, Ruth American Inventor (1916-2002)
Handy, W. C. American blues musician (1873-1958)
Hanks, Tom American actor (1956-)
Hannah, Daryl American actress (1960-)
Hansberry, Lorraine American author (1930-1965)
Hanson, Victor American Basketball player (1903-1982)
Hardee, William American Confederate General (1815-1873)
Hardin, Tim American Folk Singer (1941-80)
Harding, Warren G. American 29th U. S. President (1865-1923)
Hardwick, Billy American Hall of Fame Bowler (1941- )
Hardy, Oliver American actor (1892-1957)
Hargitay, Mariska American actress (1964-)
Harlow, Jean American actress (1911-1937)
Harmon, Mark American actor (1951-)
Harper, Hill American actor (1966-)
Harper, Tess American actress (1950-)
Harrington, Al Samoan-American actor (1935-)
Harris, Julie American actress (1925-)
Harris, Ed American actor (1950-)
Harris, Rosemary American actress (1930-)
Harris, Jonathan American actor (1914-2002)
Harris-Steward, Lusia American Basketball player (1955- )
Harrison, Rex English stage and film actor (1908-1990)
Harrison, George English singer/songwriter (1943-2001)
Harrison, John British inventor 1693-1776
Harrison, William Henry American 9th U. S. President (1773-1841)
Harrison, Benjamin American 23rd U. S. President (1833-1901)
Hart, Gary American Presidential contender in 1984 (1936 - )
Hartnett, Gabby American Baseball Player (1900-1972)
Hartnett, Josh American actor (1978-)
Harvey, Steve American comic (1957-)
Hasselhoff, David American actor (1952- )
Hathaway, Anne American actress (1982-)
Haussmann, Georges French Architect 1809-1891
Havens, Richie American Folk Singer (1941-)
Haver, June American actress (1926-2005)
Havlicek, John American Basketball player (1940- )
Hawke, Ethan American actor (1970-)
Hawking, Stephen British mathematician & physicist (1942- )
Hawkins, Cornelius American Basketball player (1942- )
Hawley, Steven American Astronaut (1951- )
Hawn, Goldie American actress (1945-)
Hawthorne, Nathaniel American author (1804-1864)
Hayek, Friedrich Austrian-British Economist May 8, 1899 – March 23, 1992
Hayes, Rutherford B. American 19th U. S. President (1822-1893)
Hayes, Isaac American actor/singer (1942-2008)
Hayes, Elvin American Basketball player (1945- )
Hayes, Reggie American actor (1970-)
Hayes, Sean American actor (1970-)
Hayes, Helen American actress of stage and screen (1900-1993)
Hayes, Gabby American actor (1885-1969)
Haynes , Marques American Basketball player (1926- )
Haysbert, Dennis African-American actor (1954-)
Hayward, Susan American actress (1917-1975)
Hayworth, Rita American actress (1918-1987)
Headly, Glenne American actress (1955-)
Heard, John American actor (1946-)
Hearst, William Randolph American newspaper publisher (1863-1951)
Hearst, Patty American Newspaper heiress, kidnap victim and bank robber (1954 - )
Heche, Anne American actor (1969-)
Hedaya, Dan American actor (1940-)
Hedren, Tippi American actress (1930-)
Heflin, Van American actor (1910-1971)
Hefner, Hugh American founder of Playboy magazine (1926- )
Heilmann, Harry American Baseball Player (1894-1951)
Heimlich, Henry American Heimlich Maneuver (1920- )
Heinsohn, Thomas American Basketball player (1934- )
Helgenberger, Marg American actress (1958-)
Helm, Levon American Drummer (1940-)
Hemingway, Ernest American author (1899-1961)
Hemingway, Margaux American actress (1954-1996)
Hemingway, Mariel American actress (1961-)
Hemingway, Jack American author (1923-2000)
Henderson, Florence American actress (1934-)
Hendrix, Jimi American rock legend (1942-1970)
Henley, Don American rock musician (1947-)
Henry, Patrick American Founding Father;
First governor of Virginia (1736-1799)
Henry I English Monarch (1069-1135)
Henry III English monarch 1207-72
Henry IV, Emperor German Holy Roman Emperor (1050-1106)
Henry V English Monarch 1387-1422
Henry VI British Monarch (1421-1471)
Henry VII English Monarch (1457-1509)
Henry VIII British Monarch (1491-1547)
Henson, Jim American Creator of the Muppets (1936-1990)
Hepburn, Katharine American Actress (1907-2003)
Herman, Pee-Wee American Comedian (1952-)
Herriot, James British Author and veterinarian (1916-1995)
Hershey, Milton American Chocolate magnate (1857-1945)
Hershey, Barbara American Actress (1948-)
Hess, Rudolph German Deputy to Hitler (1894-1987)
Hess, Rudolph German Deputy to Hitler (1894-1987)
Heston, Charlton American Actor (1924-2008)
Hewitt, Jennifer Love American actress (1979-)
Hewlett, Bill American co-founder of Silicon Valley and Hewlett-Packard (1913-2001)
Highwaymen, The American Country Supergroup (1985-1995)
Hill, Lauryn American singer and actress (1975-)
Hillerman, John American actor (1932-)
Hilton, Paris American personality (1981-)
Hilton, Jr., Conrad American businessman (1926-1969)
Himmler, Heinrich German head of the Nazi SS (1900-1945)
Hinckley, Jr., John American attempted assassin of Ronald Reagan (1955-)
Hines, Gregory American Dancer & actor (1946-2003)
Hirsch, Judd American actor (1935-)
Hitchcock, Alfred English-American director (1899-1980)
Hitchcock, Patricia American actress (1928-)
Hitler, Adolf German Dictator (1889-1945)
Hodiak, John American actor (1914-1955)
Hoffman, Dustin American Actor (1937-)
Hoffman, Jeffrey American Astronaut (1944- )
Hoffman, Abbie American Activist (1936-89)
Hofmann, Albert Swiss inventor of LSD (1906-2008)
Hohokam People, The American prehistoric people (c. AD 1-1450)
Holden, William American Movie actor (1918-1981)
Holiday, Billie American Singer/songwriter (1915-1959)
Holliday, Judy American actress (1921-1965)
Holly, Buddy American Singer/songwriter (1936-1959)
Holly, Lauren American actress 1963-)
Holm, Celeste American actress (1919-)
Holman, Nat American Basketball hall of famer (1896-1995)
Holmes, Sherlock English Fictional detective (1887-1930)
Holmes, Katie American actress (1978-)
Holmes, Sr., Oliver Wendell American poet (1809-1894)
Homer, Winslow American Landscape painter and printmaker (1836 - 1910)
Homer & Jethro American country comedy act
Hood, John Bell American Confederate Commander (1831-1879)
Hooker, John Lee American Blues musician (1917-2001)
Hooks, Benjamin American NAACP president (1925-)
Hoover, Herbert American 31st U. S. President (1874-1964)
Hoover, J. Edgar American Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1895-1972)
Hoover, Lou Henry American First Lady (1874-1944)
Hope, Bob American Entertainer (1903-2003)
Hope, John American activist, author, & professor (1868-1936)
Hopkins, Miriam American actress (1902-1972)
Hopkins, Anthony Welsh (1937-)
Hopper, Dennis American actor (1936-)
Horne, Lena American singer, actress, & activist (1917-)
Hornsby, Rogers American Baseball Player (1896-1963)
Horowitz, Vladimir American pianist (1903-1989)
Horton, Johnny American Singer (1925 - 1960)
Houbregs, Robert American Basketball hall of famer (1932- )
Houdini, Harry Hungarian-born American magician & escapologist (1874-1926)
Houghton, Katharine American actress (1945-)
House, Son American blues musician (1902-1988)
Houston, Whitney American singer & actress (1963-)
Howard, Curly American Comic actor (1930-1952)
Howard, Shemp American Comic actor (1895-1955)
Howard, Moe American Comic actor (1897-1975)
Howard, Ken American actor (1944-)
Howard, Ron American actor & director (1954-)
Howard, Catherine English Wife of Henry the 8th (1520-1542)
Howe, Julia Ward American composer & abolitionist (1819-1910)
Howell, C. Thomas American actor (1966-)
Howell , Baily American Basketball hall of famer (1937- )
Howlin' Wolf American Blues singer (1910-1976)
Hudson, Rock American Actor (1925-1985)
Hudson, Kate American actress (1979-)
Hudson, Oliver American actor (1976-)
Hudspeth, Cindy Lee American murder victim of the (1957-1978)
Huffman, Felicity American actress (1962-)
Hughes, Langston American Author (1902-1967)
Hughes, Howard American director, producer, & personality (1905-1976)
Hugo, Victor French Author of Les Miserables (1802-1805)
Hulman, Tony American Owner of Indianapolis Motor Speedway (1946-1988)
Humperdinck, Engelbert Anglo-Indian/American singer (1936-)
Humphrey, Hubert American Vice-President (1911-1978)
Hunt, H.L. American oil tycoon (1889-1974)
Hunt, Jr., E. Howard American Watergate burglar (1918-2007)
Hunter, Catfish American Baseball Player (1946-1999)
Hunter, Jeffrey American actor (1926-1969)
Hurley, Elizabeth British actress (1965-)
Hurst, Fannie American novelist (1889-1968)
Hurst, Ryan American actor (1976-)
Hurston, Zora Neale African-American author (1891-1960)
Hurt, William American actor (1950-)
Hurt, Mary Beth American actress (1946-)
Huston, John American Film director (1906 - 1987)
Huston, Walter American Actor (1884 - 1950)
Huston, Anjelica American Actress (1951 -)
Hutton, Betty American Film actress & singer 1921-2007
Hutton, Lauren American actress & model (1943-)
Hyatt, Charles American Basketball hall of famer (1908-1978)
IBM American corporation
Il-sung, Kim North Korean Founder and "Great Leader" (1912-1994)
IMAX Theaters Largest movie screens
Imperioli, Michael Italian-American actor (1966-)
Impressions, The American music group
Incas, The Mesoamerican Ancient Civilization (1200-1572)
Indianapolis Colts American National Football League team
Inge, William American playwright (1913-1973)
Ingram, Luther American singer (1937-2007)
Ingram, Rex American actor (1895-1969)
Inklings, The British Literary group (1930s-1949)
Inkspots, The American vocal group
Ionesco, Eugene Romanian-French playwright (1909-1994)
Ireland, Jill English-American actress (1936-1990)
Iron Butterfly American rock band 1960s
Irving, Washington American author (1783-1859)
Irving, Julius American Businessman and Basketball Hall of Famer (1950-)
Irwin, Steve Australian TV's Crocodile Hunter (1962-2006)
Irwin, Bindi Austrailian Daughter of Steve Irwin (1998-)
Isley Brothers, The American music group
Issel, Daniel American Basketball Hall of Famer (1948- )
Ito, Lance Japanese-American O. J. Simpson's trial judge (1950-)
Ivan IV Russian Czar of Russia (1530-1584)
Ivey, Judith American actress (1951-)
Jack the Ripper English serial killer (1888)
Jackman, Hugh Australian-American actor (1968-)
Jackson, Andrew 7th U. S. President (1767-1845)
Jackson, Michael American pop singer (1958- )
Jackson, Stonewall American Civil War general (1824-1863)
Jackson, Mahalia American singer (1911-1972)
Jackson, Shoeless Joe American Baseball Player (1888-1951)
Jackson, Samuel L. American actor (1948-)
Jackson, Reggie American Baseball Player (1946- )
Jackson, Elmer American lynching victim (1898-1920)
Jackson, Anne American actress (1926-)
Jackson, Kate American actress (1948-)
Jackson Five, The American pop group
Jackson, Jr., Jesse American politician (1965-)
Jackson, Sr., Jesse American minister & civil rights activist (1941-)
Jagger, Mick British rock singer (1943- )
James, Sonny American country music singer (1929- )
James, Etta American singer (1938-)
James, Henry American novelist (1843-1916)
James, Rick American singer & musician (1948-2004)
James, Jesse American outlaw (1847-1882)
James I Scottish King of England (1566-1625)
James II British Monarch (1633-1701)
James V Scottish Monarch (1512-1542)
Jamison, Jimi American popular singer
Janney, Allison American actress (1959-)
Janssen, Famke American actress (1965-)
Jarreau, Al American singer (1940-)
Jay, John American Founding Father (1745-1829)
Jeannette , Buddy American Basketball Hall of Famer (1917-1998)
Jefferson, Thomas American 3rd U. S. President (1743-1826)
Jefferson Airplane American rock band
Jenkins, Fergie American Baseball Player (1943- )
Jennings, Waylon American country music singer (1937-2002)
Jimi Hendrix Experience, The American rock band
Joan of Arc French National Icon (1412-1441)
Jobs, Steve American Founder of Apple (1955-)
Jodl, Alfred German Military Commander (1890-1946)
Joel, Billy American musician (1949-)
Johansson, Scarlett American actress (1984-)
John, Elton English Pop Singer (1947-)
John I English King of England (1167-1216)
Johnson, Lyndon B. American 36th U. S. President (1908-1973)
Johnson, Andrew American 17th U. S. President (1808-1875)
Johnson, Howard American hotel & ice cream magnate (1897-1972)
Johnson, Robert American blues musician (1911-1938)
Johnson, James Weldon American author (1871-1938)
Johnson, Don American Hall of Fame Bowler (1941-2003)
Johnson, Samuel British Writer and philosopher 1709-1784
Johnson, William American Basketball Hall of Famer (1911-1980)
American Basketball legend (1959- )
Johnson, Lady Bird American First Lady (1912-2007)
Johnson, Anne-Marie African-American actress (1960-)
Johnson, Van American actor, singer, & dancer (1916-)
Johnson, Philip C. American Architect (1906-2005)
Johnson, Sonja American murder victim (1963-1977)
Johnston, Donald Neil American Basketball Hall of Famer (1928-1970)
Johnston, Joseph E. American Confederate General (1807-1891)
Johnston, Joseph American Confederate General, Confederate Army Commander 02/03/1807 - 04/21/1891
Johnston, Albert Sidney American Confederate General (1803-1862)
Jolie, Angelina American movie actress (1975- )
Jolson, Al American singer (1886-1950)
Jones, Casey American railroad hero (1863-1900)
Jones, Grandpa Amercian country comedian (1914-1998)
Jones, Tommy Lee American actor (1946-)
Jones, George American country music singer (1931- )
Jones, James Earl American actor (1931-)
Jones, Sam American Basketball Hall of Famer (1933- )
Jones, K. C. American Basketball hall of famer (1917-1999)
Jones, Jennifer American actress (1919-)
Jones, Star African-American TV personality, author, and attorney (1962-)
Jones, Grace Jamaican-American singer, model, &actress (1948-)
Jones, Robert Trent English golf course architect (1906-2000)
Jones, Daniel Webster American pioneer and missionary (1830-1915)
Jones, Arthur American Inventor of the Nautilus (1926-2007)
Jones, Jim American Religious Cult Leader (1931 - 1978)
Jones, Nora American Singer/songwriter (1979- )
Jonson, Ben British Poet and playwright 1572-1637
Joplin, Scott American composer (1867 or 1868 - 1917)
Joplin, Janis American blues singer (1943-1970)
Jordan, Louis American jazz musician (1908-1975)
Jordan, Michael American Chicago Bulls basketball team member (1963-)
Jordan, Vernon American civil rights activist & attorney (1935-)
Jordanaires, The American gospel quartet
Joyce, James Irish writer (1882-1941)
Joyner, Tom American Radio personality (1949-)
Joyner, Al American athletic (1960)
Joyner-Kersee, Jackie American athletic (1962-)
Judas Priest British heavy metal band
Judge Judy American judge & TV personality (1942-)
Juilliard, Augustus American businessman (1836-1919)
Julia, Raul Puerto Rican-American actor (1940-1994)
Julius II Italian Pope (1443-1513)
Kalashnikov, Mikhail Russian Inventor of the AK-47 (1919-)
Kaline , Al American Baseball Player (1934- )
Kaltenbrunner, Ernst German Nazi SS leader (1903-1946)
Karloff, Boris American actor (1887-1969)
Kaye, Danny American comic actor (1913-1987)
Keach, Stacy American TV actor (1941- )
Keaton, Diane American film actor (1946- )
Keaton, Michael American actor (1951-)
Keaton, Buster American actor (1895-1966)
Keats, John British poet (1795-1821)
Keeler, Willie American Baseball Player (1872-1923)
Keenan, Barry American Kidnapped Frank Sinatra, Jr. (1939 - )
Keillor, Garrison American author and radio host (1942- )
Keitel, Harvey American actor (1939-)
Keitel, Wilhelm German Field Marshall (1882-1946)
Keith, Brian American TV actor (1921-1997)
Keith, Sir William Scottish/American Colonial Governor (1669-1749)
Keller, Helen American advocate for the sight- and hearing impaired (1880-1968)
Kellerman, Sally American actress (1936- )
Kelley, Grace American actress & European royalty (1929-1982)
Kellogg, Amy English-American tv news reporter (?-?)
Kellogg, John American Inventor (1852-1943)
Kellum, Nathaniel American Owner of historic house
American gangster (1897-1954)
Kelly, Grace American & Monegasque Movie actress 1929-1982
Kelly, Gene American Actor, singer, and dancer (1912-96)
Kelvin, Lord British Scientist (1824-1907)
Kendrick, Eddie American Musician (1939-1992)
Kenly, John R. American Civil War General (1818-1891)
Kennedy, John F. American 35th U. S. President (1917-1963)
Kennedy, Edward American politician (1932- )
Kennedy, Joseph P. American businessman (1888-1969)
Kennedy, Robert F. American Attorney General and Senator (1925-1968)
Kennedy, George American actor (1925-)
Kennedy, Jacqueline American First Lady (1929-1994)
Kennedy, Jr., John F. American publisher (1960-1999)
Kern, Jerome American composer (1885-1945)
Key, Francis Scott Lyricist of the American national anthem (1779-1843)
Keys, Alicia American singer (1980-)
Kid 'n' Play American rap duo
Kidder, Margot Canadian Actress (1948)
Kidman, Nicole Australian Actress (1967-)
Kildall, Gary American software engineer (1942-94)
Killebrew, Harmon American Baseball Player (1934- )
Kilmer, Val American actor (1959- )
Kiner, Ralph American Baseball Player (1922- )
King, B. B. American blues singer (1925- )
King, Stephen American horror novelist (1947- )
King, Larry American broadcaster (1933- )
King, Perry American actor (1948-)
King, Albert American blues musician (1923-1992)
King, Carole American Singer/songwriter (1942-)
King Arthur Legendary ruler of ancient Britain
King Edward III British monarch (1312-1377)
King Edward IV British monarch (1442-1483)
King Henry II British Monarch British monarch (1133-1189)
King James IV Scottish Monarch (1473-1513)
King John English Monarch (1167-1216)
King Philip's War American armed conflict (1675-1676)
King William IV British monarch (1765-1837)
King, Jr., Martin Luther American civil rights leader (1929-1968)
Kinks, The British rock group
Kinney, Terry American actor (1954-)
Kinsey, Alfred American founder of Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction (1894-1956)
Kipling, Rudyard English author (1865-1940)
KISS American Rock Band (1972-)
Kissinger, Henry American politician and educator (1923-)
Kit-Kat Club, The London secret society (17th and 18th centuries)
Kittikachorn, Thanom Thai Military Dictator (1912-2004)
Klein, Calvin American Fashion Designer (1942 - )
Kline, Kevin American actor (1947-)
Kline, Richard American actor (1944-)
Knerr, Richard American Toy inventor (1925-2008)
Knight, Gladys American R&B and Soul singer (1944-)
Knight, Ted American actor (1913-1964)
Knights of the Round Table King Arthur's legendary band of knights
Knotts, Don American actor (1924-2006)
Kolbe, St. Maximillian Polish Catholic Saint 1894-1941
Kool and the Gang American music group
Koppel, Ted American news reporter (1940-)
Korn American rock band
Koufax, Sandy American Baseball Player (1935- )
Krause, Edward American Basketball player (1913-1992)
Kray Twins British Gang Leaders (1933-1995) (1933-1995)
Krenwinkel, Patricia American murderess & member of the Manson Family (1947-)
Kristofferson, Kris American singer and songwriter (1936- )
Kroc, Ray American First McDonalds Restaurant (1902-1984)
Ku Klux Klan American White Supremacy Group
Kuhn, Thomas Samuel American historian and philosopher (1922-1996)
Kurland, Robert American Basketball player (1924- )
Kurtz, Swoosie American actress (1944 - )
Kutcher, Ashton American actor (1978-)
L'Armour, Louis American author (1908-1988)
LaBelle, Patti American singer (1944-)
Ladd, Alan American actor (1913-1964)
Ladd, Diane American actress (1932-)
Lake, Veronica American actress and pin-up model (1922-1973)
Lamour, Dorothy American actress (1914-1996)
Lancaster, Burt American movie actor (1913-1994)
Landau, Martin American actor (1931-)
Landon, Michael American actor (1936-1991)
Landry, Tom American football coach (1924-2000)
Lange, Hope American actress (1933-2003)
Langella, Frank American actor (1940-)
Langley, Walter English Artist (1852-1922)
Lanier, Robert American Basketball player (1948- )
Lanza, Mario Italian-American opera singer (1921-1959)
Lapchick, Joe American Basketball player (1900-1970)
LaSalle, Eriq American actor (1962-)
Latifah, Queen American rapper/singer and actress (1970-)
Lauder, Estee American Cosmetic manufacturer (1908-2004)
Laughton, Charles British-American actor (1899-1962)
Laurel, Stan English comic actor (1890-1965)
Laurel and Hardy American Classic movie actors (1917-1951)
Lawford, Christopher American actor (1955-)
Lawford, Peter British-American actor (1923-1984)
Lawless, Lucy New Zealand TV actor (1968- )
Layden, Elmer American Football player and coach (1903-1973)
Leachman, Cloris American actress (1926- )
Lead Belly American blues musician (1888-1949)
Lear, Norman American TV producer (1922)
Led Zeppelin British rock band
Lee, Peggy American pop singer (1920-2002)
Lee, Robert E. American Commander of the Confederate Army (1807-1870)
Lee, Bruce Asian-American actor & martial artist (1940-1973)
Lee, Brenda American pop and country music singer (1944- )
Lee, Canada American actor (1907-1952)
Lee, Brandon American actor (1965-1993)
Lee, Spike African-American director & actor (1957- )
Lee, Stan American comic book writer and editor (1922- )
Leigh, Vivien English actress (1913-1967)
Leigh, Janet American actress (1927-2004)
Leinhart, Matt American Football player (1983-)
Lemmon, Jack American movie actor (1925-2001)
Lemon, Bob American Baseball Player (1920-2000)
Lenin, Vladimir Russian Father of Modern Communism (1870-1924)
Lennon, John British singer/songwriter (1940-1980)
Lennon, Sean American singer (1975-)
Leno, Jay American Television host (1949- )
Lerner & Loewe Broadway musical writer & composer
Levitt, William American Developed first suburban community (1907 - 1994)
Lewinsky, Monica Mistress to U.S. President Bill Clinton (1973- )
Lewis, Jerry Lee American rock singer (1935-)
Lewis, Sinclair American author (1885-1951)
Lewis, C. S. Northern Irish Christian author (1898-1963)
Lewis, Francis American Declaration of Independence signer (1713-1802)
Lewis, Jerry American actor & comic (1926-)
Lewis, Meriwether American explorer (1774-1809)
Lewis & Clark American explorers
Liberace American pianist & entertainer (1919-1987)
Liberty Bell American Historic bell (1752- )
Liddell, Alice English inspiration for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1852-1934)
Liddy, G. Gordon American Watergate burglar (1930-)
Lieberman, Nancy American Basketball player (1958- )
Lilienthal, Otto German first successful glider flyer (1848-1896)
Lincoln, Abraham American 16th U. S. President (1809-1865)
Lindbergh, Charles American aviation pioneer (1902-1974)
Lindsay, Margaret American actress (1910-1981)
Linkletter, Art American Television host (1912-)
Liotta, Ray American actor (1954-)
Liston, Sonny American boxer (1932-1970)
Liszt, Franz Hungarian Composer (1811-1886)
Lithgow, John American actor (1945-)
Little, Cleavon African-American actor (1939-1992)
Little Feat American Musc group
Little Willie John American R&B singer (1937-68)
Liu, Lucy Chinese-American actress (1968-)
Liuzzo, Viola American civil rights activist (1925-1966)
Livingston, Robert R. American Founding Father (1746-1813)
Livingstone, David British Explorer 1813-73
Llewelyn, Desmond Welsh actor (1914-1999)
Llyod, Christopher American actor (1938-)
Lockhart, June American actress (1925-)
Lockhart, Gene American actor (1891-1957)
Locklear, Heather American actress (1961-)
Logan, John A. American Civil War General and U. S. Senator (1826-1886)
Lohan, Lindsay American (1986-) Pop singer
Lomax, Alan American musicologist (1915-2002)
Lomax, John American musicologist (1867-1948)
Lombard, Carole American actress (1908 - 1942)
Lombardi, Vince American football coach (1913-1970)
London, Julie American actress (1926-2000)
London, Jack British-American author (1876-1916)
Long, Shelley American actress (1949-)
Long, Nia American actress (1970-)
Long, Huey American Politician (1893 - 1935)
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth American poet (1807-1882)
Longstreet, James American Confederate General (1821-1904)
Lopez, Jennifer American actress (1969-)
Loren, Sophia Italian actress (1934-)
Lorre, Catharine American intended murder victim (1953-)
Lorre, Peter Austrian-Hugarian/American actor (1904-1964)
Los Angeles Rams American Professional football team (1946-1994)
Louden, Michael American actor (1964-2004)
Louis, Joe African-American heavyweight boxer (1914-1981)
Louis XIII French King of France (1601-1643)
Louis XIV French King of France (1638-1715)
Louis XV French King of France (1710-1774)
Louis XVI French King of France (1754-1793)
Louis-Dreyfus, Julia American actor (1961-)
Lovecraft, H.P. American science fiction author (1890-1937)
Lovejoy, Frank American actor (1914-1962)
Lovell, James American Astronaut (1928- )
Lovellette, Clyde American Basketball player (1929- )
Lovin' Spoonful American pop group
Lovitz, Jon American actor (1957-)
Low, Juliette Gordon American Founder of Girl Scouts (1860-1927
Lowe, Chad American actor (1968-)
Lowe, Rob American actor (1964-)
Lucas, Jerry American Basketball player (1940- )
Ludacris American rapper (1977-)
Lugosi, Bela Hungarian actor (1882-1956)
Lunceford, Jimmy American Jazz orchestra leader (1902-1947)
Lupino, Ida American actress (1918-1995)
Lyme Disease
Lynde, Paul American Television actor (1926-1982)
Lynn, Loretta American country music singer (1934- )
Lynyrd Skynyrd American rock band
Lyotard, Jean-Francois French philosopher (1924-1998)
Mabley, Moms American comic (1894-1975)
MacArthur, Douglas American general (1880-1964)
MacArthur, James American actor (1937-)
MacArthur, Charles American actor (1895-1956)
Macauley, Edward American Basketball players (1928- )
MacDonald, Jeanette American actress (1903-1965)
MacGraw, Ali American actress (1938-)
MacLaine, Shirley American actress (1935-)
MacMurray, Fred American actor (1908-1991)
Madame Sul-Te-Wan American actress (1873-1959)
Madigan, Amy American actress (1958-)
Madison, James American 4th U. S. President (1751-1836)
Madonna American Entertainer (1958-)
Maguire, Toby American actor (1975-)
Mailer, Norman American author (1923-)
Maiman, Theodore H. American Creator of the first working laser (1927-2007)
Makah Indians American Native American Tribe
Malcolm, Roger American lynching victim (1922-1946)
Malcolm, Dorothy American lynching victim (1918-1946)
Malden, Karl American actor (1912-)
Malkovich, John American actor (1958-)
Malone , Moses American Basketball player (1955- )
Mamas and the Papas, The American vocal group
Mandela, Nelson South African Politician 1994-1999
Manet, Edouard French Painter 1832-83
Manilow, Barry American musician (1946-)
Mansfield, Jayne American actress (1933-1967)
Mansfield, Joseph American Union Civil War General 1803-1862
Manson, Charles American cult leader & mass murderer (1934- )
Mantle, Mickey American Baseball Player (1931-1995)
Maranville, Rabbit American Baseball Player (1891-1954)
Maravich, Peter American Basketball player (1947-1988)
March, Stephanie American actress (1974-)
March, Frederic American Actor (1897-1975)
Marconi, Guglielmo Italian Inventor (1873-1937)
Margret, Ann Swedish Actress and singer (1941-)
Margulies, David American actor (1937-)
Marichal, Juan American Baseball Player (1937-)
Marin, Cheech American actor (1946-)
Marion, Shawn American Basketball player (1978-)
Maris, Roger American Baseball Player (1934-1985)
Markov, Georgi Bulgarian Political dissident (1929-1978)
Marley, Bob Jamaican musician and activist (1945-81)
Marley, John American actor (1907-1984)
Marshall, Thurgood American U. S. Supreme Court Justice (1908-1993)
Marshall, Penny American actress, producer and director (1942-)
Marshall, Garry American actor & director (1943-)
Martha and the Vandellas American soul group
Martin, Dean American pop singer (1917-1995)
Martin, Kellie American actor (1975-)
Martin, Slater American Basketball player (1925-)
Martin, Billy American Baseball Player and Team Manager (1928 -1989)
Martindale, Wink American Radio & TV Personality (1933- )
Marx, Groucho American entertainer (1890-1977)
Marx, Chico American entertainer (1891-1961)
Marx, Harpo American entertainer (1893-1961)
Marx, Karl Prussian Father of Communism (1818-1883)
Mary I English Monarch (1516-58)
Mary II English Monarch (1662-94)
Masefield, John British Poet laureate (1878-1967)
Mason, James English-American actor (1909-1984)
Massey, Raymond American actor (1896-1983)
Masterson, Bat American frontierman & lawman (1853-1921)
Masterson, Mary Stuart American actress 1966-)
Mastrantonio, Mary Elizabeth American actress (1958-)
Mathews, Eddie American Baseball Player (1931-2001)
Mathis, Johnny American singer (1935-)
Matisse, Henri French painter (1869-1954)
Matthau, Walter American movie actor (1920-2000)
Matthews, Chris American TV personality and political advisor (1945-)
Mature, Victor American actor (1913-1999)
Maxwell House Coffee American coffee company
Maxwell Reid, Daphne American actress (1948-)
Mayans, The Central American aboriginals
Mayer, Oscar American lunch meat manufacturer (1859-1955)
Mayer, Louis B. American movie studio chief (1882-1957)
Mayfield, Curtis American funk musician (1942-99)
Mayo, Virginia American actress (1920-2005)
Mays, Willie American Baseball Player (1931-)
McAdoo , Robert American Basketball player (1951-)
McAuliffe, Christa American astronaut teacher (1948-1986)
McCartney, Paul English pop musician (1942- )
McClellan, George American Civil War Commander (1826-1885)
McClure, Doug American actor (1935-1995)
McConaughey, Matthew American actor (1969-)
McCormick, Cyrus American Inventor (1809-1884)
McCovey, Willie American Baseball Player (1938-)
McCracken, Branch American Basketball player (1908-1970)
McCracken, Jack American Basketball player (1911-1958)
McCrea, Joel American actor (1905 - 1990)
McDaniel, Hattie American actress (1895-1952)
McDaniel, Sam American actor (1886-1962)
McDaniel, Etta American actress (1890-1985)
McDermott, Robert American Basketball player (1914-1963)
McDermott, Dylan American actor (1961-)
McDonald, Joe American rock musician (1942-)
McEnroe, John American tennis player (1959-)
McGavin, Darren American actor (1922-2006)
McGhie, Isaac American lynching victim (1900-1920)
McGillis, Kelly American actress (1957-)
McGovern, Elizabeth American actress (1961-)
McGuire, Richard American Basketball player (1926-)
McHale , Kevin American Basketball player (1957- )
McHenry, James American Founding Father (1753-1816)
McIntire, John American actor (1907-1991)
McKay, Claude African-American author (1889-1948)
McKellar, Danica American actress (1975-)
McKellen, Sir Ian English actor (1939-)
McKinley, William American 25th U. S. President (1843-1901)
McKinley, Ida Saxton American First Lady (1847-1907)
McLean, Don American rock musician (1945-)
McMahon, Ed American TV personality (1923- )
McNally, Terrence American actor (1939-)
McPhatter, Clyde American R&B musician (1932-1972)
McQueen, Steve American movie actor (1930-1980)
McRae, Meredith American actress (1944-2000)
Mead, Margaret American anthropologist (1901-1978)
Meade, George American Civil War Commander (1815-1872)
Meadows, Audrey American actress (1922-1996)
Mears, Rick American race car driver (1951- )
Meat Loaf American rock singer (1947-)
Medwick, Joe American Baseball Player (1911-1975)
Mellon, Andrew W. American banker and former Secretary of the Treasury (1855–1937)
Melville, Herman American author (1819-1891)
Meneghin, Dino Italian Basketball player (1950- )
Menendez, Lyle American murderer (1968-)
Menendez, Eric American murderer (1971-)
Menendez, Jose Cuban-American murder victim (1944-)
Menendez, Kitty American murder victim (1941-)
Mercury, Freddy British singer/songwriter (1946-91)
Meredith, James American civil rights activist (1933-)
Meriwether, Lee American Miss America & actress (1935-)
Merlin the Magician English Legendary Wizard
Merman, Ethel American actress (1908-1984)
Merrill, Robert American opera singer (1919-2004)
Mesa Verde Indians Native-American cliff dwellers
Metallica American Rock band
Metcalf, Laurie American actress (1955-)
Meyers, Ann American Basketball player (1955-)
Miami Dolphins American National Football League team
Michelangelo Italian Renaissance artist (1475-1564)
Midler, Bette American actress & singer (1945-)
Mikan, George American Basketball player (1924-2005)
Mikkelsen , Vern American Basketball player (1928-)
Milano, Alyssa American actress (1972-)
Miles, Vera American actress (1929-)
Milland, Ray American actor (1907-1984)
Miller, Norm American Baseball Player (1946-)
Miller, Roger American Singer/songwriter (1936-1992)
Miller, Steve American Rock musician (1943-)
Miller, Don American Football player and coach (1902-1979)
Miller, Chris American Writer (1942-)
Miller, Glenn American Band leader (1904-1944)
Mills, Donna American actress (1940-)
Mills, Robert American architect (1781-1855)
Mimieux, Yvette American Actress (1942-)
Mineo, Sal American Actor (1939-79)
Minh, Ho Chi Vietnamese Communist leader and revolutionary (1890-1969)
Minnelli, Liza American actress (1946-)
Minnelli, Vincente American director (1903-1986)
Minogue, Kylie Australian Singer/ songwriter (1968- )
Miranda, Ernesto American Supreme Court defendant that led to establishment of Miranda Rights (1941 - 1976)
Mitchell, Joni Canadian singer/songwriter (1943-)
Mitchell, Millard American actor (1903-1953)
Mitchell, Margaret American author (1900-1949)
Mitchell, Joan American Painter (1925-1992)
Mitchum, Robert American actor (1917-1997)
Mix, Tom American silent film star & actor (1880-1940)
Moberg, Vilhelm Swedish author (1898-1973)
Mohoney, John English actor (1940-)
Mohr, Joseph Austrian Composer (1792-1848)
Molitor, Paul American Baseball Player (1956- )
Monet, Claude French Painter 1840-1926
Monroe, Marilyn American movie actress (1926-1962)
Monroe, Bill American Father of Bluegrass (1911-96)
Monroe , Vernon American Basketball player (1944-)
Monroe, James American 5th U. S. President (1758-1831)
Montalban, Ricardo Mexican Actor (1920-)
Montana, Joe American professional football player (1956- )
Montgomery, Elizabeth American actress (1933-1995)
Montgomery, Lucy Maud Canadian Author (1874-1942)
Moon, Keith English Drummer (1946-1978)
Moonglows, The American R&B group
Moore, Mary Tyler American actress (1937- )
Moore, Tim American actor (1887-1958)
Moore, Roger English actor (1927-)
Moorehead, Agnes American actress (1900-1974)
More, Thomas English Saint (1478-1535)
Morgan, J. P. American financier (1837-1913)
Morgan, Joe American Baseball Player (1943-)
Morgan, Brittany American actor (1951-)
Morgan, Daniel American Revolutionary War Hero (1735-1802)
Morgan, John Hunt American Famous Cavalry Commander (1825-1864)
Mormon Battalion American military unit (1846-1847)
Morris, Gouverneur American Founding Father (1752-1816)
Morris, Greg American actor (1933-1996)
Morrison, Jim American singer/songwriter (1943-1971)
Morrison, Van Irish singer/songwriter (1945-)
Morrissey British singer (1959- )
Morrow, Vic American actor (1929-1982)
Morrow, Rob American actor (1962-)
Morse, Samuel American Inventor of Morse code (1791-1872)
Morse, David American actor (1953-)
Morton, Jelly Roll American jazz musician (1890-1941)
Mosby, John Singleton American Civil War Cavalry Raider (1833-1916)
Moscowitz, Henry American civil rights activist (1875-1936)
Moses, Grandma American folk artist (1860-1961)
Motown American Music genre
Mount Rushmore American National Memorial (1927-)
Mountain (rock group) American Rock band
Mudd, Samuel A. Accused assassination conspirator (1833-1883)
Mulroney, Dermot American actor (1963-)
Murphy, Audie American World War II hero and movie actor (1924-1971)
Murphy, Charles American Basketball player (1907-1992)
Murphy, Calvin American Basketball player (1948-)
Murphy, Eddie African-American actor & comic (1961-)
Murray, Eddie American Baseball Player (1956-)
Murrow, Edward R. American radio correspondent and television news reporter (1908 - 1965)
Musial, Stan American Baseball Player (1920-)
Muskie, Edmund American Senator and presidential candidate (1914 - 1996)
Nagin, Ray African-American Mayor of New Orleans (1956-)
Naismith, James American Inventor of Basketball (1861-1939)
Namath, Joe American professional football player (1943-)
Napoleon I French Military and Political leader (1769-1821)
Napoleon III French Emperor of France (1808-1873)
NASA American Space agency (1958- )
Nash, Ogden American poet (1902-1971)
Nash, Sr., J. Edward African American leader (1868-1957)
Natick Indians American Native American Indians
National Multiple Sclerosis Society American Charity (1946-)
Naylor, Gloria American author (1950-)
Neal, Patricia American actress (1926-)
Nelson, Ozzie American radio & TV actor (1906-1975)
Nelson, Willie American country music singer (1933- )
Nelson, Ricky American pop musician (1940-85)
Nelson, Gunnar American actor (1967-)
Nelson, Matthew American musician (1967-)
Nelson, Tracy American actress (1963-)
Nelson, Harriett American actress (1909-1994)
Nelson, Rick American Singer (1940 - 1985)
Nesbit, Evelyn American actress (1884-1967)
Ness, Eliot American law enforcement agent (1903-1957)
Neurath, Konstantin von German Nazi German Official (1873-1956)
New York Giants American Professional football team (1925)
New York Jets American Football Team (1960-)
Newhart, Bob American comedian & TV actor (1929- )
Newman, Paul American actor and director (1925-)
Newman, Randy American Singer/songwriter (1943-)
Newmar, Julie American actress (1933-)
Newton, Wayne American singer (1942- )
Newton, Sir Isaac English Mathmatician 1642-1727
Nicholas Brothers American tap dancing team
Nicholas II, Czar Russian The last Czar (1868-1918)
Nichols, Harold American tap dancer (1921-2000)
Nicholson, Jack American actor (1937-)
Nicks, Stevie American singer/songwriter (1948-)
Niekro, Phil American Baseball Player (1939- )
Nielson, Leslie American actor (1926-)
Nighthawk, Robert American blues musician (1909-1967)
Nightingale, Florence British Nurse (1820-1910)
Nimoy, Leonard American actor (1931-)
Nirvana American grunge rock group
Nixon, Richard American 37th U. S. President (1913-1994)
Nixon, Norm American basketball player (1955-)
Nobel, Alfred Swedish Inventor (1833-1896)
Noble County Historical Society American Historical society
Noble Govan, Christine American Author (1898-1985)
Normand, Mabel American actress (1895-1930)
Norton, Edward American actor (1969-)
Norton, Ken American Boxer (1943-)
Novak, Kim American actress (1933-)
Nureyev, Rudolf Russian ballet dancer (1938-1993)
O'Brien, Conan American talk show host (1963-)
O'Brien, Pat American actor (1899-1983)
O'Brien, Edmund American actor (1915-1985)
O'Connor, Carroll American TV actor (1924-2001)
O'Connor, Flannery American author (1925-1964)
O'Donnell, Chris American actor (1970-)
O'Donnell, Rosie American actress & TV personality (1962-)
O'Jays, The American Soul group
O'Keeffe, Georgia American artist (1887-1986)
O'Neal, Ryan American actor (1941-)
O'Neal, Shaquille American basketball player (1972-)
O'Neill, Eugene American playwright (1888-1953)
O'Neill, Rose American Inventor of Kewpie doll (1874-1944)
O'Quinn, Terry American actor (1952-)
O'Reilly, Bill American journalist and commentator (1949-)
O'Rourke, Heather American child movie actress (1975-1988)
O'Sullivan, Gilbert English pop singer (1946- )
O'Sullivan, Maureen Irish-American actress (1911-1998)
O'Sullivan, John L. American Founding Father (1740-1795)
Obama, Barack American 44th U. S. President (1961-)
Oberson, Merle American actress (1911-1979)
Oka, Masi Japanese-American actor (1974-)
Oldman, Gary American film actor (1958- )
Olin, Ken American actor (1954-)
Olivier, Lawrence British Actor, director, and producer (1907-89)
Olmsted, Frederick Law American architect (1822-1903)
Olsen, Mary-Kate and Ashley American twin actresses (1986-)
Ono, Yoko Japanese singer (1933-)
Orbach, Jerry American actor (1935-2004)
Orbison, Roy American pop singer (1936-1988)
Orlando, Tony American pop singer (1944- )
Orman, Suzie American TV personality (1951-)
Orton, Joe English playwright (1933-1967)
Orwell, George British author (1903-1950)
Oswald, Lee Harvey American assassin of John F. Kennedy (1939-63)
Ott, Mel American Baseball Player (1909-1958)
Overton, John American Cofounder of Memphis (1766-1833)
Ovington, Mary White American civil rights activist (1865-1951)
Owens, Jesse American Olympic champion (1913-80)
Owens, Buck American country music singer (1929-2006)
Pacino, Al American actor (1940-)
Packard, David American Company founder (1912-1996)
Packard Motor Car Company American car company (1899-1958)
Packer, Alfred American Convicted of cannibalism (1842-1907)
Page, Harlan American Basketball player (1887-1965)
Page, Geraldine American actress (1924-1987)
Page, Larry American Software developer (1973-)
Page, John American Govenor of Virginia (1744-1808)
Page, Jimmy English rock musician (1944-)
Paige, Satchel American Baseball Player (1906-1982)
Paine, Thomas English-American philosopher (1737-1809)
Palance, Jack American actor (1919-2006)
Palmer, Jim American Baseball Player (1945-)
Paltrow, Gwyneth American actress (1972-)
Paltrow, Bruce American director (1943-2002)
Panettiere, Hayden American actress (1989-)
Papen, Franz von German Chancellor (1879-1969)
Paquin, Anna Canadian actress (1982-)
Pardue, Kip American actor (1976-)
Parent, Steven American Manson Family victim (1951-1969)
Parish , Robert American Basketball player (1953- )
Parker, Fess American actor (1924-)
Parker, Bonnie American gang member (1910-1934)
Parker, Quanah Native American Commanche warrior (late 1840s-1911)
Parker, Cynthia Ann American abducted by a Commache tribe (1826-1870)
Parker, Sarah Jessica American Actress (1965-)
Parker, Ely Samuel Native American Civil War translator & author (1828-1895)
Parks, Rosa American Civil Rights activist (1913-2005)
Parks, Larry American actor (1914-1975)
Parliament-Funkadelic American funk band
Parsons, Estelle American actress (1927-)
Parton, Dolly American country music singer (1946-)
Pasteur, Louis French Inventor (1922-1895)
Patinkin, Mandy American actor (1952-)
Patton, Will American actor (1954-)
Paul, Les American jazz musician and inventor (1912-)
Paul Butterfield Blues Band American blues group
Paul II, Pope John Polish Pope (1920-2005)
Pavarotti, Luciano Italian Opera Singer (1935-2007)
Pavlova, Anna Russian ballerina (1881-1931)
Paycheck, Johnny American Country Music Singer (1938-2003)
Payton, Walter American football player (1954-1999)
Peabody, George American-English philanthropist (1795 - 1869)
Pearl, Minnie American country comedienne (1912-96)
Peary, Robert American Explorer (1856-1920)
Peck, Gregory American Actor (1916-2003)
Pemberton, John C. American Confederate Commander at Vicksburg (1814 – 1881)
Pendergrass, Teddy American soul singer (1950-)
Penn, Chris American actor (1965-2006)
Penn, Sean American actor (1960-)
Penn, Leo American actor (1921-1988)
Penn, William American Founder of Pennsylvania (1644 - 1718)
Penney, J. C. American merchandiser and retail company (1875-1971)
Pennock, Herb American Baseball Player (1894-1948)
Penny, James Cash American businessman & entrepreneur (1875-1971)
Peppard, George American actor (1928-1994)
Pepys, Samuel English Diarist and Politician (1633-1703)
Percy, Walker American Author (1916-1990)
Perez, Tony American Baseball Player (1942- )
Perkins, Carl American rockabilly singer (1932-1998)
Perkins, Edwin American inventor of Kool-Aid® (1889-1961)
Perkins, Anthony American Actor (1932-1992)
Perlman, Rhea American actress (1948-)
Perry, Gaylord American Baseball Player (1938- )
Perry, Jeff American actor (1955-)
Perry, Matthew Canadian actor (1969-)
Pershing, John American General (1860-1948)
Peruguino, Pietro Italian Artist (1446-1524)
Peter, Paul, and Mary American rock band
Peters, Jean Peters actress (1926-2000)
Peters, Brock American actor (1927-2005)
Peterson, Pat American actress (1934-1978)
Petrovic , Drazen Croatian Basketball player 1964-1993
Pettit, Robert American Basketball player (1932- )
Petty, Tom American singer (1950-)
Pfeiffer, Michelle American actress (1958-)
Phelps, Michael American Olympic Swimmer (1985-)
Philbin, Regis American television personality (1931- )
Phillip, Andy American Basketball player (1922-2001)
Phillips, Sam American record producer (1923-2003)
Phillips, Stone American journalist (1954-)
Phillips, Lou Diamond American actor (1962-)
Phillips, Michelle American singer & actress (1944-)
Phillips, Utah American Singer, Songwriter, and Anarchist (1935-2008)
Phoenix, River American actor (1970-1993)
Phoenix, Joaquin American Actor (1974- )
Picasso, Pablo Spanish Painter (1881-1973)
Pickett, Wilson American soul musician (1941-2006)
Pickford, Mary Canadian-American actress (1892-1979)
Pidgeon, Walter Canadian-American actor (1897-1984)
Pierce, David Hyde American actor (1959-)
Pierce, Franklin American 14th U. S. President (1804-1869)
Pimp C American rapper (1973-2007)
Pink Floyd British rock band 1960s-1990s
Pioneer Maennerchor German-American singing society
Pitney, Gene American singer/songwriter (1940-2006)
Pitt the Elder, William British Prime Minister (1708-78)
Pitt the Younger, William British Prime Minister (1759-1806)
Pittsburgh Steelers American Football Team (1933-)
Pius XI, Pope Italian Pope (1857-1939)
Plantations Historic Estates
Plath, Sylvia American poet (1932-1963)
Platt, Oliver Canadian actor (1960-)
Platters, The American vocal group
Pleasonton, Alfred American Civil War general (1824-1897)
Pleshette, Suzanne American actress (1937-)
Plimpton, Martha American actress (1970-)
Plummer, Christopher Canadian actor (1929-)
Poe, Edgar Allan American writer (1809-1849)
Poison American Rock band
Poitier, Sidney Bahamian-American actor (1927-)
Polanski, Roman French film director (1933-)
Police, The English rock band
Polk, James K. American 11th U. S. President (1795-1849)
Polk, Leonidas American Confederate General (1806-1864)
Pollack, Sydney American film director (1934-2007)
Pollack, Kevin American Actor (1957-)
Pollan, Tracy American actress (1960-)
Pollard, James American Basketball player (1922-1993)
Porter, Cole American composer (1891-1964)
Porter, Katherine Anne American Author (1890-1980)
Portman, Natalie American actress (1981-)
Poston, Tom American actor (1921-2007)
Potente, Franka German actress (1974-)
Potter, Harry English fictional character
Povich, Maury American talk show host (1939-)
Powell, William American Actor (1892-1984)
Powell, Colin American U.S. cabinet member (1937-)
Powell, Dick American actor (1904-1963)
Powell, Eleanor American actress (1912-1982)
Powell, John W. American Civil War Soldier and Explorer (1834-1902)
Power, Tyrone American actor (1914-1958)
Powers, Stephanie American actress (1942 - )
Powers, Francis Gary American U-2 pilot (1929-1977)
Preminger, Otto Austrian actor & film director (1906-1986)
Presley, Elvis American rock singer (1935-1977)
Presley, Priscilla American Wife of Elvis Presley (1945-)
Pressman, Gloria American actress (1923-1991)
Preston, Robert American actor (1918-1987)
Pretenders, The English rock group
Price, Vincent American actor (1911-1993)
Price, Lloyd American rock musician (1933-)
Price, Leontyne American opera singer (1927-)
Price, Sterling American Civil War general (1809-1867)
Pride, Charlie American country music singer (1938-)
Prince (musician) American musician (1958- )
Prince Albert English husband of Queen Victoria (1819-1861)
Prine, John American singer-songwriter (1946-)
Prinze, Freddie American Actor (1954-77)
Professor X American X-Clan founder (1957-2006)
Proust, Marcel French Novelist 1871-1922
Pryor, Richard American comedian (1940-2005)
Puckett, Kirby American Baseball Player (1960-2006)
Pulitzer, Joseph Hungarian-American publisher (1847-1911)
Pullman, George American Pullman train cars (1831-1897)
Pushkin, Alexander Russian author and poet (1799-1837)
Pusser, Buford American Famous American Sheriff (1937-1974)
Puzo, Mario American author (1920-1999)
Quaid, Randy American actor (1950-)
Quaid, Dennis American Actor (1954- )
Quantrill, William American Civil War Guerrilla Fighter (1837-1865)
Quaye, Caleb English-American rock guitarist (1948- )
Queen (rock group) English rock group
Queen of England English head of the Monarchy
Queen Victoria British Monarch (1819-1901)
Quill American Rock band
Quinn, Anthony Mexican-American actor (1915-2001)
R.E.M. American Rock Band (1980- )
Rachmaninoff, Sergei Russian composer (1973-1943)
Radcliffe, Daniel English actor (1989- )
Radner, Gilda American comedienne (1946-1989)
Rae, Charlotte American actress (1926-)
Raft, George American actor (1895-1930)
Rahal, Bobby American Race car driver (1953-)
Rainey, Ma American blues singer (1882-1939)
Raitt, Bonnie American singer/songwriter (1949-)
Raleigh, Sir Walter English Explorer (1552-1618)
Ramis, Harold American actor (1944-)
Ramones, The American punk rock band
Ramsey, Jr., Frank American Basketball player (1931-)
Rand, Ayn American writer and philosopher (1905-1982)
Randall, Tony American actor (1920-2004)
Randolph, A. Philip American civil rights activist (1889-1979)
Ranier, Prince Monegasque Prince of Monaco 1923-2005
Raphael, Sally Jesse American TV talk show host (1935-)
Raphael Italian Artist (1483-1520)
Rappe, Virginia American actress & murder victim (1896-1921)
Rascals, The Young American soul and rock band
Rather, Dan American CBS News anchor and reporter (1931 - )
Ravel, Maurice French composer (1875-1937)
Ravene-Symone American actress (1985-)
Rawlings, Marjorie American author (1896-1953)
Rawls, Lou American Jazz singer (1933-2006)
Ray, Man French surrealist artist (1890-1976)
RCA American Media network
Reagan, Ronald American 40th U. S. President (1911-2004)
Red Jacket Native American Seneca chief of the Wolf clan (1750-1830)
Redding, Otis American soul singer (1941-1967)
Redford, Robert American movie actor (1936- )
Redgrave, Michael English-American actor (1908-1985)
Reed, Donna American movie & TV actress (1921-1986)
Reed, Jimmy American blues musician (1925-76)
Reed, Lou American singer/songwriter (1942-)
Reed, Robert American actor (1932-1992)
Reed, Jr., Willis American Basketball player (1942-)
Reeve, Christopher American actor (1952-2004)
Reeves, Jim American singer (1923-1964)
Reeves, George American actor (1914-1959)
Reiner, Rob American director and actor (1947-)
Reiser, Paul American actor (1957-)
Rembrandt Dutch Painter (1606-1699)
Remington, Frederic American Artist (1861-1909)
Remsen, Bert American actor (1925-1999)
Reno, Janet American United States Attorney General (1938-)
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste French Impressionist painter (1841-1919)
Reuter , Paul Julius German-English founder of Reuters News Agency (1815-1899)
Revere, Paul American patriot (1734-1818)
Ribbentrop, Joachim von German Foreign Minister for Nazi Germany (1893-1946)
Ribisi, Giovanni Italian-American actor (1974-)
Rice, Condoleezza American U.S. Secretary of State (1954- )
Rich, Buddy American jazz drummer (1917-1987)
Rich, Charlie American country singer (1932-1995)
Richard I English King of England (1157-99)
Richard II English Monarch 1367-1400
Richard III English King of England (1452-1485)
Richardson, Natasha British actress (1963-2009)
Richie, Nicole American personality (1981-)
Richie, Lionel African-American musician & singer (1949-)
Rickenbacker, Eddie American Aviator and race car driver (1890-1973)
Rickles, Don American actor (1926-)
Ride, Sally American Astronaut (1951-)
Righteous Brothers American music duo
Riperton, Minnie American pop and soul singer (1947-1979)
Risen , Arnold American Basketball player (1924-)
Ritchie, Guy English Screewriter and director (1968-)
Ritger, Dick American Bowler (1978- )
Ritter, Tex American country music singer (1905-1974)
Ritter, John American actor (1948 - 2003)
Rivers, Joan American actor (1933- )
Rivers, Johnny American rock musician (1942-)
Robards, Jason American actor (1922-2000)
Robards, Sam American actor (1961-)
Robards, Jr. , Jason American actor (1922 - 2000)
Robbins, Tim American film actor (1958- )
Robbins, Marty American country singer/songwriter (1925-1982)
Robbins, Harold American author (1916-1997)
Roberts, Robin American Baseball Player (1926- )
Roberts, Julia American actress (1967-)
Roberts, Emma American actress (1991-)
Roberts, Eric American actor (1956-)
Robertson, Oscar American Basketball player (1938- )
Robeson, Paul American entertainer, athlete, and civil rights activist (1898-1976)
Robicheaux, Dave American Fictional detective
Robinson, Jackie American Baseball Player (1919-1972)
Robinson, Smokey American soul musician (1940-)
Robinson, Brooks American Baseball Player (1937- )
Robinson, Edward G. American actor (1893-1973)
Rockefeller, John D. American financier & oil magnate (1839-1937)
Rockefeller, David American banker and philanthropist (1916-)
Rockefeller, Nelson American Vice President of the US (1908-79)
Rockefeller, Jr., John D. American philanthropist (1874-1960)
Rockne, Knute Norwegian-American Football Coach (1888-1931)
Rockwell, Norman American artist & illustrator (1894-1978)
Roddenberry, Gene American Screenwriter (1921-1991)
Rodgers, Jimmie American country music singer (1897-1933)
Rodriguez, Robert American Director (1968-)
Rogers, Fred American television host (1928-2003)
Rogers, Will American humorist (1879-1935)
Rogers, Roy American country music singer (1911-1998)
Rogers, Ginger American actress & dancer (1911-1995)
Rolling Stones, The British rock group
Roman, Lulu American comedian and singer (1947- )
Romano, Ray American actor (1957-)
Romero, Cesar Cuban-American film actor (1907-1994)
Romero, Oscar Salvadoran Bishop 1917-80
Ronettes, The American vocal group
Ronstadt, Linda American Country music singer (1946-)
Rooney, Mickey American actor (1920 - )
Roosevelt, Franklin D. American 32nd U. S. President (1882-1945)
Roosevelt, Theodore American 26th U. S. President (1858-1919)
Roosevelt, Eleanor American First Lady (1884-1962)
Roosma, John American Basketball player (1900-1983)
Rorke, Hayden American actor (1910-1987)
Rose, Fred American country music songwriter (1897-1952)
Rose, Pete American Baseball Player (1941-)
Rose, Axl American Rock and Roll Musician (1962)
Rosecrans, William S. American Civil War General (1819-1898)
Ross, Diana American Singer (1944-)
Ross, Tracee Ellis American actress (1972-)
Ross, Betsy American National Icon (1752-1836)
Rothko, Mark American Painter (1903-1970)
Rourke, Mickey American actor (1953-)
Rousseau, Henri French painter (1844-1910)
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques French philosopher (1712-1778)
Routh, Brandon American actor (1979-)
Rowlands, Gena American actress (1930-)
Rowling, J. K. English author (1965- )
Rozelle, Pete American professional football player (1926-1996)
Rubens, Peter Paul Flemish Baroque painter (1577-1640)
Ruby, Jack American Lee Harvey Oswald's killer (1911-1967)
Rudd, Paul American actor (1969-)
Rudolph, Maya American TV comic (1972- )
Ruffing, Red American Baseball Player (1905-1986)
Run DMC American rap group
Rush, Tom American folk singer (1941-)
Rush, Dr. Benjamin American Founding Father (1745-1813)
Russell, Jane American movie actress (1921- )
Russell, Kurt American movie actor (1951- )
Russell, Rosalind American film and stage actress (1907-1976)
Russell, Lillian American actress and singer (1861–1922)
Russell, John American Basketball player (1902-1973)
Russell, William American Basketball player (1934- )
Russell, Gail American actress (1924-1961)
Rustin, Bayard American civil rights activist (1912-1987)
Ruth, Babe American Baseball Player (1895-1948)
Rutherford, Ernest British Father of Nuclear physics (1871-1937)
Ryan, Irene American TV actor (1902-1973)
Ryan, Nolan American Baseball Player (1947- )
Ryder, Winona American actress (1971-)
Sadat , Anwar Egyptian President (1918-1981)
Saint, Eva Marie American actress (1924-)
Saint Patrick Irish Patron Saint (387-461)
Sajak, Pat American game show host (1946- )
Salinger, J. D. American author (1919-)
Salk, Jonas American developer of polio vaccine (1914-1995)
Salvino, Carmen American Hall of Fame Bowler (1934- )
Sam & Dave American soul music duo
San Diego Chargers American National Football League team
San Francisco 49ers American National Football League team
Sandberg, Ryne American Baseball Player (1959- )
Sandburg, Carl American author (1878-1967)
Sanders, Colonel American founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (1890-1980)
Sanders, George English-American actor (1906-1972)
Sanford, Isabel American actress (1917-2004)
Santana Latin-American rock band
Santana, Carlos Mexican rock musician (1947-)
Sarandon, Susan American actress (1946-)
Sarandon, Chris American actor (1942-)
Sardi, Jr., Vincent American owner of Sardi's Restuarant (1915-2007)
Sargent, John Singer American Painter (1856-1925)
Sarnoff, David American former president of RCA (1891-1971)
Saroyan, William American actor (1908-1981)
Sartre, Jean-Paul French philosopher (1905-1980)
Satanta Native American Kiowa chief & warrior (1820-1878)
Sauer, Carl American Geographer (1889-1975)
Saunders, Clarence American grocery retailer (1881-1953)
Savage, Fred American TV actor (1976- )
Savage, Augusta American artist (1892-1962)
Savage, Ben American actor (1980-)
Savalas, Telly American actor (1922-1994)
Savitch, Jessica American Television News Anchor (1947 - 1983)
Saxon, John American Actor (1935-)
Scacchi, Greta Italian-American actress (1960-)
Schayes, Adolph American Basketball player (1928- )
Scheider, Roy American actor (1932-)
Schirra Jr., Walter American Astronaut (1923-2007)
Schmidt, Mike American Baseball Player (1949- )
Schmidt, Ernest American Basketball player (1911-1986)
Schoenberg, Arnold Austrian composer 1874-1951
Schofield, John American Civil War General and Secretary of State (1831-1906)
Schommer, John American Basketball player (1884-1960)
Schreiber, Liev American actor (1967-)
Schulz, Charles American cartoonist (1922-2000)
Scott, George C. American actor (1927-1999)
Scott, Dred American slave and early civil rights activist (1795-1858)
Scott, Harriett American slave and early civil rights activist (1815-1876)
Scott, Gordon American actor (1926-2007)
Scott, Randolph American actor (1898-1987)
Scott, Willard American TV personality (1934-)
Scruggs, Earl American bluegrass musician (1924- )
Seaver, Tom American Baseball Player (1944-)
Sebastian, John American rock musician (1944-)
Seberg, Jean American actress (1938-1979)
Sebring, Jay American hair stylist & Manson Family murder victim (1933-1969)
Sedaka, Neil American Singer (1939-)
Sedran, Barney American Basketball player (1891-1964)
Seeger, Pete American folk musician (1919-)
Segal, Erich American writer (1937-)
Segal, George American actor (1934-)
Segal, Jason American actor (1980-)
Seger, Bob American rock musician (1945-)
Segovia, Andrés Spanish classical guitarist (1893-1987)
Seiberling, Frank American Businessman (1859-1955)
Selleck, Tom American television actor (1945-)
Sellers, Peter English comic actor (1925-1980)
Selznick, David O. American director & producer (1902-1965)
Semjonova , Uliana Latvian Basketball player (1952- )
Serling, Rod American actor (1924-1975)
Seurat, Georges French Painter 1859-91
Sex Pistols, The British punk rock band
Seymour, Jane British actress (1951-)
Sha-Na-Na American Rock band
Shahn, Ben American artist (1898-1969)
Shakespeare, William English playwright and poet (1564-1616)
Shalhoub, Tony American actor (1953-)
Shankar, Ravi Indian Composer and instrumentalist (1920-)
Shannon, Del American rock musician (1934-1999)
Shapiro, Robert American attorney (1942-)
Sharman, Bill American Basketball player (1926- )
Shatner, William American actor (1931-)
Shaw, George Bernard British author and playwright (1858-1950)
Shaw, Robert Gould American Commander of the 54th Massachusetts (1837-1863)
Shaw, Artie American musician & big band leader (1910-2004)
Shearer, Norma American actress (1902-1983)
Sheedy, Ally American actress (1962-)
Sheen, Charlie American actor (1965-)
Sheen, Martin American actor (1940-)
Sheik, Duncan American Musician (1969-)
Shelley, Percy British poet (1792-1822)
Shepard, Alan American First American in Space (1923-1998)
Shepherd, Cybill American actress (1950- )
Sheridan, Nicollette American actress (1963-)
Sheridan, Ann American actress (1915-1967)
Sheridan, Philip American Major Civil War General (1831-1888)
Sheridan's Valley Campaign American Civil War Campaign (1864)
Sherman, William Tecumseh American Civil War General (1820-1891)
Sherman, Bobby American Singer (1943-)
Shirelles, The American pop group
Shore, Dinah American Singer and Actress (1916-94)
Short, Elizabeth American murder victim (1924-1947)
Shue, Elisabeth American actress (1963-)
Shue, Elizabeth American actress (1963-)
Shue, Andrew American actor (1967-)
Shultz, Dutch American gangster (1902-1935)
Siegel, Bugsy Jewish-American gangster & murder victim (1906-1947
Sills, Beverly American Opera singer (1929-)
Silly String American Toy
Silver, Ron American actor (1946-)
Simmons, Gene American rock musician (1949-)
Simmons, Al American Baseball Player (1902-1956)
Simon, Paul American singer/songwriter (1941-)
Simon, Carly American Singer/Songwriter and actress (1945-)
Simon, Robert E. American founder of Reston, Virginia (1914- )
Simon and Garfunkel American pop music duo
Simonyi, Charles Hugarian-American inventor (1948-)
Simpson, O. J. American professional football player (1947- )
Simpson, Nicole Brown American murder victim (1959-1994)
Simpson, Valerie American singer (1946-)
Sinatra, Frank American singer & actor (1915-1998)
Sinatra, Nancy American singer (1940-)
Sinise, Gary American actor (1955-)
Sirhan, Sirhan Jordanian-American assassin of Robert F. Kennedy (1944- )
Siskel, Gene American critic (1946-1999)
Sisler, George American Baseball Player (1893-1973)
Sisto, Jeremy American actor (1974-)
Sitting Bull Hunkpapa Sioux Leader (1831 - 1890)
Sixtus IV Italian Pope (1414-84)
Skelton, Red American actor & comic (1908-1997)
Skeritt, Tom American actor (1933-)
Skid Row American heavy metal band
Slater, Christian American actor (1969-)
Sledge, Percy American soul performer (1940-)
Slip 'N Slide American Toy
Sloane, Everett American actor (1909-1965)
Sly and the Family Stone American rock band
Smith, Adam Scottish economist (1723-1790)
Smith, Anna Nicole American model (1967-2007)
Smith, Carl American country music singer (1927- )
Smith, Bessie American blues singer (1892-1937)
Smith, Patti American singer and poet (1946-)
Smith, Harry American Hall of Fame Bowler (1930- )
Smith, Ozzie American Baseball Player (1954- )
Smith, Jedediah American frontiersman (1799-1831)
Smith, Captain John British Founder of Jamestown (1580-1631)
Smith, Joseph American Mormon Religion Founder (1805-1844)
Smith, Kiki American feminist artist (1954-)
Smith, Edmund Kirby American Confederate General (1824-1893)
Smothers, Dick American TV personality (1939-)
Smothers, Tom American TV personality (1937-)
Snider, Duke American Baseball Player (1926-)
Snipes, Wesley American actor (1962-)
Snyder, Ruth American murderess (1895-1928)
Sobieski, Leelee American actress (1983-)
Somers, Suzanne American TV actress (1946- )
Sommer, Bert American Folks Singer (1949-90)
Sommers, Elke German actress (1940-)
Sorvino, Mira American actress (1967-)
Sothern, Ann American actress (1909-2001)
Soul Stirrers, The American gospel group
Sousa, John Philip American Band conductor (1854-1932)
Southwick, Alfred P. American inventor of the electric chair (1826-1898)
Spacek, Sissy American actress (1949-)
Spacey, Kevin American actor (1959-)
Spader, James American actor (1960-)
Spahn, Warren American Baseball Player (1921-2003)
Sparks, Jordin American singer (1989-)
Spears, Britney American Pop singer (1981-)
Speck, Richard American Mass murderer (1941-91)
Spector, Phil American record producer (1939-)
Spelling, Aaron American TV producer (1923-2006)
Spelling, Tori American actress (1973-)
Spencer, Danielle Australian singer (1970-)
Spenser, Edmund British Poet laureate 1552-99
Spielberg, Steven American director and producer (1946-)
Spillane, Mickey American writer (1918-2006)
Spitzer, Eliot American Governor of New York (1959-)
Spock, Benjamin American pediatrician, educator, & writer (1903-1998)
Springer, Jerry American TV talk show host (1944-)
Springfield, Dusty English pop singer (1939-1999)
Springsteen, Bruce American singer & songwriter (1949-)
St. John , Jill American actress (1940-)
St. Louis Rams American Professional football team (1994-)
Stack, Robert American TV actor (1919-2003)
Stalin, Joseph Russian Dictator (1879-1953)
Stallone, Sylvester American movie actor and writer (1946- )
Stanford, Leland American railroad magnate (1824-1893)
Stanley, Freeland Oscar American Inventor (1849-1940)
Stanley, Kim American actress (1925-2001)
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady American woman's suffrage movement (1815-1902)
Stanwyck, Barbara American Actress (1907-1990)
Staple Singers, The American Singing Group (1948-1994)
Stapleton, Maureen American actress (1925-2006)
Stapleton, Jean American actor (1923-)
Starr, Ringo British musician (1940-)
Starr, Kenneth American political advisor (1946-)
Staubach, Roger American professional football player (1942-)
Steely Dan American rock band
Steiger, Rod American actor (1925-2002)
Steinbeck, John American author (1902-1968)
Steinmetz, Christian American Basketball player (1882-1963)
Stengel, Casey American Baseball Player and Team Nature (1890-1975)
Stephanopoulos, George American political advisor (1961-)
Stephens, Alexander H. American Confederate Vice President, Governor of Georgia (1812-1883)
Stevens, Wallace American poet (1879-1955)
Stevens, Charles Native-American actor & Geronimo's grandson (1893-1964)
Stevenson, Robert Louis Scottish author (1850-1894)
Stewart, Rod British singer (1945-)
Stewart, Jim American record company owner (1930-)
Stewart, James American Actor (1908-97)
Stiers, David Ogden American actor (1942-)
Stiles, Julia American actress (1981-)
Stiller, Ben American actor (1965-)
Stiller, Jerry American actor (1927-)
Stoker, Bram Irish author of Dracula (1847-1912)
Stokes , Maurice American Basketball player (1933-1970)
Stoltz, Eric American actor (1961-)
Stompanato, Johnny American ganster & murder victim (1925-1958)
Stone, Sharon American film actress (1958-)
Stone, Sly American musician and record producer (1943-)
Stone, Oliver American film director (1946-)
Stoudemire, Amare American Basketball Player (1982-)
Stowe, Harriet Beecher American author & abolitionist (1811-1896)
Strait, George American country music singer (1952-)
Strang, James American Mormon leader (1813-1856)
Strasberg, Lee American acting coach (1901-1982)
Stratten, Dorothy Canadian-American Playboy playmate and murder victim (1960-1980)
Strauss, Levi American clothier (1829-1902)
Strauss, Isidor American businessman (1845-1912)
Strauss, Ida American RMS Titantic passenger (1849-1912)
Strauss, Peter American actor (1947-)
Strauss, Sr., Johann Austrian composer (1804-1840)
Stravinsky, Igor Russian composer 1882-1971
Streep, Meryl American movie actress (1949- )
Streisand, Barbra American actress & singer (1942- )
Strong, George Templeton American abolitionist, lawyer (1820-1875)
Strong, Rider American actor (1979-)
Stroud, Robert American Birdman of Alcatraz (1890-1963)
Struthers, Sally American actress (1948-)
Stuart, J.E.B. American Civil War Cavalry Commander (1833-1864)
Stuart, Gilbert American Portraitist (1755-1828)
Stuhldreher, Harry American Football player and coach (1901-1965)
Sudano, Brooklyn American actress (1981-)
Sullivan, Ed American TV personality (1901-1974)
Sumner, Charles American abolitionist and politician (1811-1874)
SuperBall American Toy
Superman American Comic book character (1938)
Supremes, The American music group
Sutherland, Donald Canadian actor (1935-)
Sutter, Bruce American Baseball Player (1953- )
Sutton, Don American Baseball Player (1945- )
Swan, Billy American (1942-)
Swank, Hilary American actress (1974-)
Swanson, Gloria American actress (1899-1983)
Swayze, Patrick American actor & dancer (1952-)
Sweat, Keith American singer (1961-)
Sweetwater American rock band
Swit, Loretta American actress (1937-)
Taft, William Howard American 27th U. S. President (1857-1930)
Tagore, Rabindranath Indian Poet and painter (1861-1941)
Talbert, Mary Burnett American Civil Rights leader (1866-1923)
Talking Heads American rock group
Tandy, Jessica American actress (1909-1994)
Tarantino, Quentin American Director (1963-)
Tate, Sharon American actress (1943-1969)
Taupin, Bernie English Pop music lyricist (1950- )
Tautou, Audrey French actress (1976-)
Taylor, Elizabeth American actress (1932-)
Taylor, James American Singer/songwriter (1948-)
Taylor, Johnnie American singer (1937-2000)
Taylor, Koko American Blues Musician (1935-)
Taylor, Rod Australian actor (1930-)
Taylor, Robert American Actor (1911-1969)
Taylor, William Desmond American murdered Hollywood director (1872-1922)
Taylor, Zachary American 12th U. S. President (1784-1850)
Tears for Fears British pop group
Temple, Shirley American Actress and diplomat (1928-)
Temples Religious structures
Templeton, Fay American stage actress (1865-1939)
Temptations, The American soul group (1960-)
Ten Years After English Rock band
Tennyson, Alfred Lord British poet (1809-1892)
Teresa, Mother Macedonian Humanitarian (1910-1997)
Terry, Bill American Baseball Player (1898-1989)
Tesh, John American actor & musician (1952-)
Texas State Government American state government
Thapa, Bhimsen Nepalese National Hero (1775-1839)
Thatcher, Margaret British Prime Minister (1925-)
The Box Tops American Rock and Soul Band (1967-1970, 1996-2010)
The Incredible String Band British rock band
The Jackson 5 American musical group
The Little Rock Nine African-American civil rights activists (1957)
The Pips American musical group
The Smiths (rock group) British alt rock band (1982-1987)
Thomas, Rufus American R & B singer (1917-2001)
Thomas, Dylan Welsh poet and writer (1914-1953)
Thomas, Dave American founder of Wendy's Hamburgers (1932-2002)
Thomas, Carla American singer (1942-)
Thomas , Isiah American Basketball player (1961- )
Thomas, Jay American actor (1948-)
Thomas, Marlo American actress (1937-)
Thomas, George H. American General (1816-70)
Thomas, George American Civil War General; the Rock of Chickamauga (1816-1870)
Thomas, B. J. American Singer (1942- )
Thompson, John American Basketball player (1906-1990)
Thompson , David American Basketball player (1953-)
Thompson, Fred American Actor & U.S. Senator (1942 - )
Thomson, J.J. British Scientist (1856-1940)
Thoreau, Henry David American journalist, philosopher, and writer (1817-1862)
Thornton, Big Mama American blues singer (1926-1984)
Thumb, General Tom American circus performer (1838-1883)
Thurman, Uma American actress (1970-)
Thurmond, Nate American Basketball player (1941- )
Tierney, Gene American actress (1920-1991)
Till, Emmett American Murder victim (1941-1955)
Todd, Thelma American actress (1905-1935)
Tokley, Sr., James E. American Poet
Tolkien, J. R. R. British author (1892-1973)
Tolstoy, Leo Russian Wrtier (1828-1910)
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers American rock band
Toole, John Kennedy American Pulitzer prize winning author (1937-1969)
Torme, Mel American crooner (1925-1999)
Torn, Rip American actor (1931-)
Townshend, Pete British Singer/songwriter (1945-)
Tracy, Spencer American film actor (1900-1967)
Traffic English rock group
Travanti, Daniel J. American actor (1940-)
Travolta, John American actor (1954-)
Traynor, Pie American Baseball Player (1899-1972)
Trebek, Alex American Game show host (1940-)
Tritt, Travis American Country Singer (1963- )
Troy, Cowboy American country music singer (1970-)
Truman, Harry S. American 33rd U. S. President (1945-1953)
Trump, Ivanka American model & businesswoman (1981-)
Trump, Donald American businessman (1946-)
Truth, Sojourner American civil rights activist (1797-1883)
Tubb, Ernest American country singer (1914-1984)
Tubman, Harriet American civil rights activist (1822-1913)
Tucker, Tanya American Country music singer (1958-)
Tucker, Forrest American actor (1919-1986)
Turnbull, Walter American musician & educator (!944-2007)
Turner, Ike American R & B singer (1931-)
Turner, Ted American media mogul (1938-)
Turner, Big Joe American blues performer (1911-1985)
Turner, Tina American pop musician (1939-)
Turner, Lana American actress (1920-1995)
Turner, Nat American Leader of slave revolt (1800-1831)
Turner, Kathleen American actress (1954-)
Turturro, John American actor (1957-)
Twain, Mark American author (1835-1910)
Twentieth Maine Regiment American Famous Civil War Regiment
Twitty, Conway American Country music singer (1933-1993)
Twyman, Jack American Basketball player (1943- )
Tyler, Erastus American Civil War General (1822-1891)
Tyler, John American 10th U. S. President (1790-1862)
U2 Irish rock group
Union, Gabrielle American actress (1972-)
Unitas, Johnny American professional football player (1933-2002)
United Nations International Organization (1945-)
Unseld , Westley American Basketball player (1946- )
Unser, Al American Race Car Driver (1939- )
Utzon, Yorn Danish Designer of the Sydney Opera House (1918-)
Valens, Ritchie American rock singer (1941-1959)
Valentino, Rudolph Italian actor (1895-1926)
Vallee, Rudy American actor, bandleader, & singer (1901-1986)
Valli, Frankie American pop musician (1934-)
Van Ark, Joan American actress (1943-)
Van Buren, Martin American 8th U. S. President (1782-1862)
Van Dyke, Dick American actor (1925- )
van Gogh, Vincent Dutch painter (1853-1890)
Van Halen American rock band
Van Zant, Ronnie American Musician (1948-77)
Vance, Courtney B. American actor (1960-)
Vanderbilt, George American Heir to the Vanderbilt fortune (1862-1914)
Vandivier, Robert American Basketball player (1903-1983)
Vandross, Luther American singer (1951-2005)
Vassilieva, Sofia Russian actress (1992-)
Vaughan, Stevie Ray American rock musician (1954-90)
Vaughn, Sarah American singer 1924-1990)
Vega, Suzanne American folk singer (1959-)
Velez, Lupe Mexican actress (1908-1944)
Velvet Underground, The American rock group
Verbinski, Gore American film director (1964-)
Versace, Gianni Italian designer (1946-1997)
Vikings Scandinavian Explorers and Raiders (8th to 11th Centuries AD)
Vila, Bob American TV personality (1946-)
Villard, Oswald Garrison American civil rights activist (1872-1949)
Vincent, Gene American rockabilly musician (1935-71)
Viola, Bill American Video Artist (1951- )
Viorst, Judith American journalist and author (1931-)
Virgil Roman Roman Epic Poet (70-19 B.C.)
Vlad the Impaler Romanian Prince (1431-1476)
Voight, Jon American actor (1938-)
Voltaire French philosopher & author (1694-1778)
von Braun, Wernher German-American rocket scientist (1912-1977)
Vytautas Lithuanian Duke (1392-1430)
Wachter, Edward American Basketball player (1883-1966)
Wagoner, Porter American country music singer (1927- )
Walken, Christopher American actor (1943-)
Walker, Herschel American football player (1962- )
Walker, T-Bone American blues musician (1910-75)
Walker, Madam C. J. American businesswoman (1867-1919)
Walker, Margaret American author & educator (1915-1998)
Walker, Alice American writer (1944-)
Walker, William American Soldier of Fortune (1824-60)
Walker, Doak American Heisman Trophy winner (1927-1989)
Wallace, William Scottish Knight and patriot (1272-1305)
Wallace, George C. American Governor and Presidential candidate (1919 - 1998)
Wallach, Eli American actor (1915-)
Walling, William English American civil rights activist (1877-1936)
Walpole, Robert British prime minister (1676-1745)
Walsh, Joe American rock musician (1947-)
Walters, Barbara American TV news reporter (1929-)
Walton , William American Basketball player (1952-)
Waner, Paul American Baseball Player (1903-1965)
Wanger, Walter American movie producer (1894-1968)
Wanzer, Robert American Basketball player (1921- )
Wapner, Judge Joseph American TV judge on The People's Court (1919 - )
Ward, Clara American gospel singer (1924-1973)
Warhol, Andy American Artist (1928-1987)
Warner, Jack American movie studio chief (1892-1978)
Warren, Earl American U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice (1891-1974)
Warwick, Dionne American singer (1940-)
Washington, George American 1st U. S. President (1732-1799)
Washington, Booker T. American Educator and Civil Rights leader (1856-1915)
Washington, Denzel African-American actor (1954-)
Washington, Yolanda American murder victim (1956-1977)
Washington Redskins American National Football League team
Washinton, Booker T. African-American activist & educator (1856-1915)
Waters, Muddy American blues musician (1915-83)
Waters, Ethel American actress & singer (1896-1977)
Waterston, Sam American actor (1940-)
Watson, Doctor British fictional detective
Watson, Charles American murderer & Manson Family member (1945-)
Watson, James American discoverer of DNA (1928- )
Watson, Thomas J. American (1874-1956)
Waxman, Al Canadian actor (1935-2001)
Wayans, Keenen Ivory African-American actor, director & producer (1958-)
Wayne, John American Actor (1907-79)
Wayne, Anthony American Revolutionary War General (1745-1796)
Weaver, Sigourney American actress (1949-)
Webb, Jack American actor (1920-1982)
Webb, Clifton American actor, singer, & dancer (1889-1966)
Weber, Dick American Hall of Fame Bowler (1929-2005)
Webster, Noah American dictionary publisher (1758-1843)
Webster, Daniel American politician (1782-1852)
Weissmuller, Johnny American actor (1904-1984)
Welch, Raquel American actress (1940-)
Weld, Tuesday American actress (1943 - )
Welk, Lawrence American band leader (1903-1992)
Welles, Orson American actor, producer, & director (1915-1985)
Wells, H. G. English science-fiction author (1866-1946)
Wells, Kitty American country music singer (1919- )
Wells, Ida B. American social reformer (1862-1931)
Wells, Alice American police officer
Wells, Mary American singer (1943-1992)
Wells, Orson American actor (1915-1985)
Welty, Eudora American author (1909-2001)
Welu, Billy American Hall of Fame Bowler (1932-1974)
Wesley, John English religious leader (1703-1791)
West, Mae American actress (1893-1980)
West, Cornel American educator and writer (1953-)
West, Dottie American country singer and songwriter (1932-1991)
West, Jerry American Basketball player (1938- )
West, Adam American actor (1928-)
Westinghouse, George American electric power pioneer (1846-1914)
Weymouth, Tina American Musician (1950-)
Wheeler, Joseph American Confederate General (1836-1906)
Whistler, James McNeil English Painter (1834-1903)
Whitaker, Forest American actor & director (1961-)
White, Walter American civil rights activist (1893-1955)
White, Reggie American professional football player (1961-2004)
White , Nera American National Basketball Hall of Famer (1935- )
White, John English Leader of the Roanoke Colony (1540-1606)
White, Ed American First American to make a space walk (1930-1967)
White, Stanford American architect (1853-1906)
White, Bukka African-American musician & singer (1909-1977)
Whitley, Keith American country singer (1955-1989)
Whitman, Walt American poet and author (1819-1892)
Whitmore, James American actor (1921-)
Whitney, Eli American inventor & manufacturer (1765-1825)
Whittington, Dick British fictional character
Who, The British rock band
Wickes, Mary American actress (1910-1995)
Wilde, Cornel American movie actor (1915-1989)
Wilde, Oscar Irish-British author (1854-1900)
Wilder, Billy American movie director (1906-2002)
Wilder, Gene American actor (1933-)
Wilder, Laura Ingalls American Author (1867-1957)
Wilhelm, Hoyt American Baseball Player (1922-2002)
Wilkens, Lenny American Basketball hall of famer (1937- )
Wilkins, Roy American civil rights activist (1901-1981)
Wilkins, Robert T. American Blues and gospel musician (1896-1987)
Wilkins , Dominique French Basketball legend (1960- )
William III Dutch King of England 1650-1702
William of Hastings English Lord Chamberlain of England (1199-1216)
William the Conqueror British monarch (c. 1028-1087)
Williams, Ted American Baseball Player (1918-2002)
Williams, Hank American country music singer (1923-1953)
Williams, Robin American comedian and actor (1951-)
Williams, John American composer (1932-)
Williams, Treat American actor (1951-)
Williams , Billy American Baseball Player (1938-)
Williams, Tennessee American playwright (1911-1983)
Williams, JoBeth American actress (1948-)
Williams, Anson American Actor (1949-)
Williams, Cindy American Actor (1947-)
Williams, Vanessa American actress & singer (1963-)
Williamson, Fred American professional football player & actor (1938-)
Williamson I, Sonny Boy American blues musician (1914-1948)
Williamson II, Sonny Boy American blues musician 1908-1965
Willock, Dan American actor (1909-1990)
Wilson, Woodrow American 28th U. S. President (1856-1924)
Wilson, Kemmons American founder of Holiday Inn Hotels (1913-2003)
Wilson, Jackie American soul singer (1934-1984)
Wilson, Rainn American actor (1966-)
Wilson, Elizabeth American actress (1921-)
Wilson, Owen American actor (1968-)
Winchester, James American General (1752-1826)
Winchester, Sarah American heiress (1839-1922)
Winfield, Dave American Baseball Player (1951- )
Winfield, Paul American actor (1939-2004)
Winfrey, Oprah American TV host and celebrity (1954- )
Winkler, Henry American actor (1945- )
Winter, Johnny American Blues musician (1944-)
Winter, Edgar American rock musician (1944-)
Winters, Shelley American actress (1920-2006)
Witchcraft Harmful magic
Witherspoon, Reese American actress (1976-)
Wolfe, Tom American author (1931- )
Wolfe, James British general (1727-1759)
Wolfe, Thomas American novelist (1900-1938)
Wonder, Stevie American singer/songwriter and producer (1950-)
Wong, Anna May Chinese-American actress (1905 - 1961)
Wood, Natalie American movie actress (1938-1981)
Wood, Wally American comic book artist (1927-1981)
Wooden, John American Basketball hall of famer (1910-)
Woods, Elijah American actor (1981-)
Woods, Tiger American golf professional (1975-)
Woodson, Carter G. American author & historian (1875-1950)
Woodward, C. Vann American historian (1908-1999)
Woodward, Joanne American actress (1930-)
Woolley, Monty American actor (1888-1963)
Woolson, Albert American last surviving Union Civil War soldier (1847-1956)
Woolworth, Frank Winfield American dime store magnate (1852-1919)
Wordsworth, William English poet (1770-1850)
Worthy , James American Basketball hall of famer (1961-)
Wozniak, Steve American Co-founder of Apple (1950-)
Wray, Fay American actress (1907 - 2004)
Wren, Christopher English architect (1632-1723)
Wright, Frank Lloyd American architect (1867-1959)
Wright, Richard American author (1908-1960)
Wright, Silas American New York Governor (1795-1847)
Wright, Teresa American actress (1918-2005)
Wright Brothers American Airplane inventors
Wrigley, Phillip American Chewing Gum Manufacturer (1894-1977)
Wurlitzer, Rudolph American maker of pianos, organs, & jukeboxes (1831-1914)
Wycliffe, John English theologian (c. 1320s-1384)
Wyman, Jane American actress (1917-2007)
Wynette, Tammy American country singer (1942-1998)
X, Malcolm American activist (1925-1965)
Yardbirds, The British rock band
Yardley , George American Basketball hall of famer (1928-2004)
Yastrzemski, Carl American Baseball Player (1939-)
Yeats, William Butler Irish poet and playwright (1865-1939)
Yellin, Jessica American TV news reporter (?-?)
York, Alvin C. American WWI Hero (1887-1964)
Yoruba African Ethnic Group
Young, Faron American country music singer (1932-1996)
Young, Neil Canadian singer/songwriter (1945-)
Young, John American Astronaut (1930-)
Young, Andrew American civil rights activist & politician (1932-)
Young, Robert American actor (1907-1998)
Young, Otis American actor (1932-2001)
Young, Loretta American actress (1913-2000)
Yount, Robin American Baseball Player (1955- )
Yowlachie, Chief Native American actor (1891-1966)
Zane, Billy American actor (1966-)
Zanuck, Darryl F. American movie mogul (1902-1979)
Zanuck, Richard D. American actor, producer, & director (1934-)
Zappa, Frank American rock singer (1940-1993)
Zellweger, Renée American actress (1969-)
Zevon, Warren American singer/songwriter (1947-2003)
Ziegfeld, Florenz American stage producer (1867-1932)
Zimbalist, Jr., Efrem American actor (1918-)
Zola, Émile French author (1840-1902)
Zwick, Edward American film director (1953-)
ZZ Top American rock band
"(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" American R&B song by Otis Redding (1967)
101 Dalmations American movie (1996)
1408 American movie (2007)
1984 British novel and movie (1948)
2001: A Space Odyssey British/American movie (1968)
30 Rock American television program (2006 to present)
39 Steps, The English-American movie (1935)
4 Little Girls American documentary (1997)
60 Minutes American Television investigative news show (1968 - )
8 Mile American Movie (2002)
A Fable American Novel by William Faulkner (1954)
A Prairie Home Companion American radio show (1974 - 1987: 1993- )
A Star is Born American Movie (1954)
A View to a Kill American Movie (1985)
Abbey Road Album by The Beatles (1969)
Absalom, Absalom! American Novel by William Faulkner (1936)
Academy Awards American Film Awards
"Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, The" British Sherlock Holmes story (1891-1892)
"Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, The" Sherlock Holmes short story (1908-1913)
"Adventure of the Dying Detective, The" British Sherlock Holmes short story (1908-1913)
"Adventure of the Empty House, The" British Sherlock Holmes short story (1903-1904)
"Adventure of the Illustrious Client, The" British Sherlock Holmes short story (1921-1927)
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The American radio & TV show (1944-1966)
Aeneid, The Roman National Epic (20s B.C.)
Affair to Remember American film 1957
African Queen, The British/American Movie (1951)
Age of Innocence American Movie (1993)
Air Force One American Movie (1997)
Alabama Historic Commission American Historical society
Alaska Highway Only land route from Alaska to the lower U.S.
Alcatraz Prison American prison (mid 1930s to mid 1960s)
"Alice's Restaurant" American Song and Movie (1967)
Aliens American/British movie (1986)
All Creatures Great and Small British Book, Movie, and TV series (1970-1972)
All in the Family American television series (1971-1979)
All Things Bright and Beautiful British book by James Herriot (1973-974)
"All You Need Is Love" Beatles Song (1967)
Alphie English Movie (1966)
"America the Beautiful" American Poem and Song (1895)
American Idol American television series (2002- )
American Institute of Architects professional association (1857-)
"American Pie" American rock song (1971)
American Red Cross
Amityville Horror, The American Movie (1979)
Amusement Parks
An American Haunting American Movie 2006
Andersonville National Cemetery American national military cemetery
Andersonville Prison American Civil War POW camp (1863-1864)
Angel and the Badman American Movie 1946
Angola Prison American One of the Largest Prisons in America 1901-present
Animal House American Movie (1978)
Anna Karenina Russian Literature (1873-1877)
Anna Karenina (Film) British movie (1948)
Anne of Green Gables Canadian fiction novel
Annie Hall American Woody Allen film 1977
Apollo 13 American Failed US mission to the moon (1970)
Apple Corps Ltd. British Record Label of The Beatles
Aquariums Marine animals
Archeological Museums
Ardent Studios and Ardent Records American Recording studio and record label (1964- )
Arizona Diamondbacks American Major League Baseball team (1998-)
Arlington National Cemetery American United States primary military cemetery
Army of the James American Civil War Army (1864)
Art Deco Design Movement
Art Museums Art galleries and historic exhibits
As the World Turns American Television Series (1956-present)
Athena Greek Goddess
Atlanta Braves American Major League Baseball team
atomic bomb nuclear weapon of mass destruction
Atonement British movie (2007)
Australia (movie) Australian/American Movie (2008)
Automobile Museums
Avebury Circle British Prehistoric stone circle 5000 years old
Avengers, The British Movie and TV Series (1998)
Aviation Museums
B & O Railroad American Oldest Railway in America
B-Reactor at Hanford Site American First full scale Nuclear reactor and plutonium producer (1944-1968)
Baltimore Orioles American Major League Baseball team (1954-)
Bank Job, The British Movie (2008)
Bank of England British Central Bank 1694 -
Barfly American movie (1987)
Baseball American sport
Bat Out of Hell Rock album by Meat Loaf (1977)
Batman & Robin American Batman Movie (1997)
Batman (1966) American Batman Movie (1966)
Batman (1989 movie) American movie (1989)
Batman (series) American TV Show (1966-1968)
Batman (TV series) American TV series (1966-1968)
Batman Begins American movie (2005)
Batman Forever American Batman Movie (1995)
Batman Returns American movie (1992)
Bats Flying mammals
Battle of Britain (movie) English War movie (1969)
Bayeux Tapestry English Pictorial history (1066)
"Bear Cat" Song by Rufus Thomas (1953)
Beatles (White Album), The British Album by The Beatles (1968)
Beatles/1962-1966, The Greatest hits album by The Beatles (1973)
Beatles/1967-1970, The Greatest hits album by The Beatles (1973)
Bedazzled American movie (2000)
Bell Witch Haunting American horror film 2004
Bellboy, The American movie (1960)
"Bennie and the Jets" Song by Elton John (1973)
Beverly Hillbillies, The American TV series and Movie (1962-1971, 1993)
Big Ben British Historic bell (1858- )
"Big Bird" American/French TV fictional character
Big Daddy American movie (1999)
Bill of Rights American First ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution (1788)
Bindi the Jungle Girl Austrailian TV Series
Birds, The American movie (1963)
Birmingham Black Barons American Negro League baseball team (1920-1960)
"Bitter Fingers" Song by Elton John (1975)
"Black Dahlia" American Murder victim (1947)
Black Dahlia, The American novel & movie (1987 & 2006)
Blade Runner American movie (1982)
"Blue Suede Shoes" Song by Carl Perkins (1956)
Blues Brothers (movie), The American movie (1980)
Bodyguard, The American movie (1992)
Boiler Room American movie (2000)
Bonnie & Clyde American movie (1967)
Book and Snake American Secret Society (1863-)
Born in the USA American album and song by Bruce Springsteen
Born on the Fourth of July American movie (1989)
Boston Cream Pie Popular dessert
Boston Red Sox American Major League Baseball team (1900-)
Botanical Gardens Plant collections
Bourne Ultimatum, The American Movie (2007)
Brentwood American affluent neighborhood
Bridge of Sighs Famous Venice walkway
Bridges Structures that span rivers, gorges, roads, or other obstacles
Brooklyn Dodgers American Major League Baseball team (1883-1958)
Buffalo (American Bison) American prairie animal
Buffalo Wings Popular bar food
Call of the Canyon American movie 1923
Call of the Wild, The American novel published in London, England (1903)
"Candle in the Wind" Song by Elton John (1973)
Canterbury Tales, The English Literature (1300s)
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy Album & song by Elton John (1975)
Caribou Album by Elton John (1974)
Casino Royale American/British/German/Czech movie (2006)
Castles Medieval fortified structures
Cathedrals Majestic church structures
Caves Holes in the earth
CBS American national radio and television network (1928 - )
Celtic Woman Irish Music Group (2004-)
Cemeteries Burial sites
Challenger American American Space Shuttle (1983-1986)
Chaos & Creation in the Backyard British Album by Paul McCartney (2005)
Chaplin British movie (1992)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory American movie (2005)
Chicago Cubs American Major League Baseball team (1876-)
Chicago White Sox American Major League Baseball team (1894-)
Chinatown American movie (1974)
Christ Giving the Keys to Saint Peter Italian Frescoe at Sistine Chapel (1481)
Christ the Redeemer Statue Brazillian tallest statue of Jesus Christ (1920s)
Christianity Religion (1st century A.D-)
Christine American movie (1984)
Christmas Box, The American novel by Richard Paul Evans (1995)
Christmas Story, A American movie (1983)
Chronicles of Narnia, The British book series by C.S Lewis (1950-1956)
Chronos Canadian/American Documentary (1985)
Cincinnati Reds American Major League Baseball team (1882-)
Civil War Battlefields American Historic Sites (1861-1865)
Civil War Museums American
Class Act American movie (1991)
Cleveland Indians American Major League Baseball team (1894-)
Client, The American Film (1993)
Club Passim American folk music club
CNN American Media network
Coca-Cola American Popular cola drink 1886
College Basketball American Collegiate Sport (2006-)
Colleges & Universities Post-secondary educational facilities
Colonial Delaware American Colonial era history
Colonial Georgia American Historic spots
Colonial Maryland American historic spots
Colonial New York American Historic spots
Colonial North Carolina American Historic spots
Colonial South Carolina American Historic spots
Colorado Rockies American Major League Baseball team (1993- )
Colors American Movie (1988)
Communism Political theory
Communist Art
concentration camps internment centers
Confederate States of America American Many Southern states during the Civil War (1861-1865)
Continental Congress American pre-Constitution government (1774-1789)
Convents, Abbeys and Monasteries Churches and religious communities
Corn Dog American food invention (1940's)
Cosby Show, The American television series (1984-1992)
Cotton Natural fiber
Count of Monte Cristo, The Novel by Alexandre Dumas (1844)
Crime Museums
"Crocodile Rock" Song by Elton John (1973)
Crocodiles Large reptiles
Crown Jewels of England, The British Priceless gems and symbols of power
CSS Virginia American Famous Civil War Ironclad (1862)
Cumberland Gap American Important geographical location
Da Vinci Code, The American novel (2003) & movie (2006)
Dallas American TV series (1978-1991)
"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" American Military Quote (1864)
Dance , The Painting by Henri Matisse (1909)
"Daniel" British song by Elton John (1973)
Dark Knight, The American Movie (2008)
Dark Passage American movie (1947)
Dark Shadows American soap opera (1966-1971)
Das Kapital German Communist Literature (1867)
Days of Our Lives American soap opera (1965- )
Dead Again American movie (1991)
Declaration of Independence America's declaration of independence from England (1776)
Deliverance American Motion Picture (1972)
Democratic Party (United States) American Political Party (1828-)
Deserts Dry, arid regions
Detroit Tigers American Major League Baseball team (1894-)
Devil Wears Prada, The American movie (2000)
Devil's Island French Penal Colony (1852-1952)
Dial M for Murder American movie (1954)
Diamonds Are Forever American James Bond movie (1971)
Diary of Anne Frank, The Dutch/American book (1947) play (1955) & movie (1959)
Dick James Music British music publishing firm
Dirty Harry American movie (1971)
"Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax, The" Sherlock Holmes short story by Arthur Conan Doyle
Domesday Book British Taxation book 1086
Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player Album by Elton John (1973)
Donna Reed Show, The American TV series (1958-1966)
Dr. Dolittle American movie (1998)
Dr. No British James Bond Movie (1962)
Dr. Zhivago Russian Novel and American Movie (1957, 1965)
Dracula Irish Literature (1897)
Dukes of Hazzard Popular television series (1979-1985)
East St. Louis, Illinois American community
"Eleanor Rigby" Song by The Beatles (1966)
Elizabeth: the Golden Age British movie (2007)
Ellis Island America's main immigration center (1889-1950)
Emancipation Proclamation American Document Emancipation Slaves in the Confederacy (1863)
EMI British record company
Empty Sky Album and song by Elton John (1968)
Encounters British movie (2005)
Entertainer, The British movie (1960)
Estuaries Waterways that connect inland freshwater to an ocean
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" British song by pop group Tears for Fears 1985
Evita American movie (1996)
Family Affair American TV show (1966-1971)
Family Plot American movie (1976)
Famous and Historical Photographs
Fast Times at Ridgemont High American movie (1982)
Fatal Vision American Best selling book
FedEx American Overnight Delivery Service (1971- )
"Fever" American Song by Peggy Lee (1958)
Fire Museums Museums dedicated to the history of firefighting
Firm, The American John Grisham novel (1991) and movie (1993)
First Daughter American movie (2004)
Fish Called Wanda, A American movie (1988)
Florida Marlins American Major League Baseball team (1993-)
"Folsom Prison Blues" Song by Johnny Cash (1956)
Foreign Correspondent American movie (1940)
forests large, uncultivated areas with a high density of trees
Formal Gardens
Forrest Gump American novel (1985) and movie (1994)
Forts Military Installations
Fossils Petrified remains of plants and animals
French Connection, The American movie (1971)
French Kiss British/American movie (1995)
Frenzy American movie (1972)
Frisbee American Toy
From Here to Eternity American movie (1953)
From Russia with Love British James Bond Movie (1963)
Funny Face American movie (1957)
Gangs of New York American, German, Italian, British, Dutch movie (2002)
"Gee Whiz" American R&B song by Carla Thomas (1961)
General Hospital American soap opera (1963- )
Gettysburg Address Speech by Abraham Lincoln (1863)
Ghost Town
Giant Pandas Chinese Animal
Gibson Guitar Corporation American guitar company (1902- )
Gilligan's Island American TV series (1964-1967)
God's Creation of the World Italian Painting by Michalangelo (1508-11)
God's Relationship with Mankind Italian Painting by Michalangelo (1508-11)
Godfather American movie (1972-)
Going My Way American movie (1944)
Goldfinger American movie (1964)
Gone with the Wind American Novel and Movie (1937, 1939)
Good News Productions American
Good Will Hunting American movie (1997)
Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road Music album by Elton John (1973)
Got Any Gum? American Joe Walsh Album (1985)
Graceland American Album by Paul Simon (1986)
Grand Ole Opry American radio show (1925- )
Grease (movie) American movie (1978)
Great Balls of Fire (movie) American Movie (1989)
"Great Balls of Fire (song)" American rock song (1957)
Green Acres American TV series (1965-1971)
"Green Onions" American R&B song by Booker T.& the MG'S (1962)
Grimm Alfalfa American grain
"Grimsby" Song by Elton John (1974)
Grindhouse American Film (2006)
Gulliver's Travels (2010 movie) American movie (2010)
Gunga Din (movie) British Movie (1939)
"Gunga Din (poem)" British Poem (1892)
Guns N' Roses American Rock Band 1986-
Gutenberg Bible German work that started the age of the printed book (1452)
Guys and Dolls American Musical film 1955
Halls of Fame International
Happy Days American Television Series (1974-84)
Hard hat Protective headgear
Harley-Davidson American One of America's oldest motorcycle manufacturer (1903-)
Harry and Walter Go to New York American movie (1976)
Harvard Man American film (2001)
Harvard University American university
Hats Off American Classic Laurel and Hardy Movie (1927)
Haunting, The American movie (1999)
Highlander American/British movie (1986)
"Hillside Strangler" American murderous team (1977-1978)
"His Last Bow" Sherlock Holmes short story by Arthur Conan Doyle (1914)
Historic House Museums
Historic Restaurants & Cafes
Historic Villages restored or recreated historic villages
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy British sci-fi series (1978)
Hobbit, The British novel by J.R.R. Tolkien (1937)
Hogan's Heroes American TV series (1965-1971)
"Hold On! I'm A Comin" American R&B song by Sam & Dave (1966)
Holiday Inn Hotels American hotel chain
Hollywood Walk of Fame American tribute to show business icons
Hoover Dam Hydroelectric dam in Colorado
Hospitals Healthcare facilities
Hound of the Baskervilles, The Sherlock Holmes novel by Arthur Conan Doyle (1889)
Houston Astros American Major League Baseball team (1962-)
Hula Hoop American Toy
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Novel by Victor Hugo (1831)
Hurricane Katrina American deadliest hurricane in U.S. history since 1928 (August 29, 2005)
I Confess Canadian-American movie (1953)
"I Saw Her Standing There" song by The Beatles (1963)
"I Walk the Line" song by Johnny Cash (1956)
"I Want Love" Elton John Song (2001)
"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" American Song by Hank Williams (1949)
Ice cream cone Popular confection
Iceman Cometh, The American play by Eugene O'Neill
"If Loving You Is Wrong" American R&B song by Luther Ingram 1972
"If You're Ready" American R&B song by The Staple Singers 1973
Impressionism Major art movement 19th century
In Bruges British movie (2008)
In Cold Blood American novel and movie by Truman Capote (1966) (1967)
In Person at the Whiskey a Go Go American album (1966)
In Search of the Holy Grail British documentary (2003)
Indianapolis 500 American automobile race (1909 - )
Indianapolis Motor Speedway American Famous car races 1911-
Industrial Museums
Intruder in the Dust American Novel by William Faulkner (1948)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers American movie (1978)
Iron smelting Manufacturing process
Ironbridge Gorge Museums British Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution 1700s
Islam Religion (7th century A.D.-)
Islands A land mass surrounded by water
It's a Wonderful Life American movie (1946)
Jails Local short-term prisons
James Bond Down River British documentary (2000)
Jamestown Settlement First permanent English settlement in America
JFK American Film about the Kennedy Assassination (1991)
Jiggs American Little Rascals Dog (1928 - 1938)
"Johnny B. Goode" American Song by Chuck Berry 1958
Judaism Religion (2000 B.C. -)
"Julia" Song by The Beatles (1968)
Jungle Book (book), The British Book (1894)
Jungle Book (movie), The British movie (1942, 1994)
Jurassic Park American novel 1990
Kansas City American Major Midwestern City
Kentucky Fried Chicken American fried chicken chain
Kermit the Frog Muppets puppet character (1955)
Kewpie Doll American Doll (1900s- )
King Kong film 1933, 1976, 2005
"Knock on Wood" American R&B song by Eddie Floyd (1966)
Kool-Aid® Powdered drink mix from Kraft Foods
L.A. Confidential American novel & movie (1990 & 1997)
Lady from Shanghai, The American movie (1948 & 2007)
Lady Vanishes, The English-American movie (1938)
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider British video game
and American movie (1996) and (2003)
Last of the Summer Wine British TV sitcom (1973- )
Lawrence of Arabia British movie (1962)
"Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The" American short story by Washington Irving (1820)
Legionnaire's Disease Previously undiscovered bacteria killed 29 people in 1976
Les Miserables French novel (1862)
Let It Be Song, album, and movie (1970)
"Levon" Song (1971)
Liberty Leading The People French Painting 1830
Lifeboat American movie (1944)
Light in August American Novel by William Faulkner (1932)
Live and Let Die British James Bond Movie (1973)
Liverpool & Manchester Railway World's first intercity passenger railway (1830)
Living History Museums Museums attempting to actively recreate history
Local and Regional Museums Local and Regional History
Loch Ness Monster Scottish Mythical Sea Monster (1933-)
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels English Film (1998)
log cabins Hand-built homes made of logs
Long Day's Journey Into Night American play by Eugene O'Neill (1942)
Look Homeward, Angel American novel by Thomas Wolfe (1929)
Lord of the Rings, The British novel trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (1954-55)
Los Angeles Dodgers American Major League Baseball team (1958-)
Love in the Afternoon American movie (1957)
"Love Me Do" British song (1963)
Love Story American novel and movie Novel and screenplay (late 1960s)
"Lovin' You" Song (1975)
Luncheon of the Boating Party French Impressionist painting (1880)
Magna Carta English historical document (1215)
Maid in Manhatten American movie (2002)
Malcolm X American movie (1992-)
Mamma Mia! British/American movie and broadway musical (2008)
Man in the Iron Mask, The French novel (1847-1850)
Man Who Cried, The British/French movie (2000)
Man with the Golden Gun, The British James Bond Movie (1974)
"Mandalay" British Poem (1892)
Mankind's fall from God's Grace Italian Painting by Michalangelo (1508-11)
Manson Family American cult (1960s)
Maritime Museums
Marnie American movie (1964)
Martha Stewart Show, The American Television series (1993-present)
Marx Brothers American entertainers
Mastodons Prehistoric animals
Meet Me in St. Louis American song (1904) and movie (1944)
Memorial Day American Holiday
Memphis Grizzlies American NBA basketball team (2001-)
Metalwork Museums
meteors & meteor craters Space rocks and their marks on planets
Method Acting American acting skill
Methodist Church, The Christian denomination
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer American TV series (1956-1959, 1984-1987)
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil American Novel and Film
Military Memorials
Military Museums Museums commemorating wars and the military
Milwaukee Braves American Major League Baseball team (1871-1966)
Milwaukee Brewers American Major League Baseball team (1969-)
Minnesota Twins American Major League Baseball team (1961-)
Miracle on 34th Street American movie (1947)
Miracle Worker, The American play (1957) & movie (1962)
Missouri Pacific Railroad American Railroad (1851-1982)
Mona Lisa Painting by Leonardo da Vinci (1503-1506)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail English Movie (1975)
Moon for the Misbegotten, A American play (1952)
Mosasaur Prehistoric sea creature of the Cretaceous Period (c 145 to 65 million years ago)
"Mr. Magoo" American cartoon character (1949)
Mt. St. Helen's American Active Volcano
Mummies Preserved remains of humans and animals
Munsters, The American televison sitcom (1964-1966)
Muppets, The American puppet characters
Music Box, The American Classic Laurel and Hardy Movie (1932)
Music Museums
My Fair Lady American musical play (1956) and movie (1964) by Lerner & Loewe
My Stepmother is an Alien American movie (1988)
Mystery Train Japanese film (1989)
NAACP American civil rights organization (1909-)
Natchez, Mississippi Oldest port city on the Mississippi River
National Baseball Hall of Fame American (1936-)
National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) American radio and television network (1926- )
National Cemeteries American A national system started during the Civil War for the inturnment of soldiers (1863-)
National Football League American Professional football league (1920-)
National Guard American Citizen Soldiers (1903-)
National Historic Landmarks (USA)
National Museums
National Natural Landmarks American designation of natural features (1962- )
National Park Service (USA) American Federal Agency
National Register of Historic Places (USA)
Natural History Museums
Neverwhere English Novel by Neil Gaiman (1996)
New York City Government American City government Founded 1614
New York Giants (baseball) American Major League Baseball team (1883-1958)
New York Mets American Major League Baseball team (1962-)
New York Yankees American Major League Baseball team (1901-)
Noah's Ark Ark from the Bible
North by Northwest American movie (1959)
Notting Hill British movie 1999
Oakland Athletics American Major League Baseball team (1968-)
Occidental Petroleum American oil company
Odd Structures Buildings with a difference
"Ohio (song)" American song (1970)
"Old Glory" American nickname for American flag (1831- )
"Ole Man River" Sung in
Oliver Twist British novel (1838)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service British/American James Bond Movie (1969)
"On the Road to Mandalay" British Song (1958, 1962)
"One After 909" Song by The Beatles (1970)
Open All Hours British sitcom (1976-1985)
Orlando Magic American Professional basketball team (1989-)
Our Gang American movie shorts (1930s)
P.O.W. Camps Prisoner of war detention centers
Pacific Ocean Largest ocean in the world
Panama Railroad Panamanian railroad (1855)
Particle Accelerators Device to study matter and energy
Patriot Games American action movie (1992)
Patton American movie (1970)
"Penny Lane" Song by The Beatles (1967)
Persistence of Memory, The Painting by Salvador Dalí (1931)
Philadelphia Phillies American Major League Baseball team (1883-)
Picture of Dorian Gray, The Novel (1891)
Piggly Wiggly American grocery store chain
"Pinball Wizard" British Song (1969)
Pink Panther, The American movie (2006)
Pittsburgh Pirates American Major League Baseball team (1882-)
Pizza Popular Italian dish
Places in the Heart American movie (1984)
Planetariums Astronomy Theater
Planned Communities
Please Please Me Song and album by The Beatles (1963)
Poirot British Television series (1989- )
Poltergeist American movie (1982)
Pony Express, The American Fast mail service via horseback (1860-1861)
Potawatomi Trail of Death American 1838
Prestige, The American movie (2006)
Presumed Innocent American movie (1990)
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canadian Gateway to the North
Prince Caspian British Book (1949)
Prison Museums Museums dedicated to the history of prisons
"Problem of Thor Bridge, The" Sherlock Holmes short story by Arthur Conan Doyle
Professional Basketball American Sport (1959-)
Psycho American movie (1960)
"Puff Daddy" American rapper (1969-)
Puget Sound Allows Pacific Ocean to reach 50 miles inland
Pump House Gang, The American book (1968)
Pumpkin North American squash fruit
Pygmalion Play (1912)
Queen, The British/French/Italian movie (2006)
Quiz Show American movie (1994)
Raiders of the Lost Ark American movie (1981-)
Railroad Museums
Raising Cain American movie (1992)
Rape of Europa, The American Documentary (2006)
Rattle and Hum Album by U2 (1988)
Rebel Without a Cause American movie (1955)
Red Cross International disaster aid organization
Religious Museums
Renaissance, Harlem American decade 1920's
Requiem for a Nun American Novel by William Faulkner (1951)
Research libraries Centers of academic resources
Restoration American-British movie (1995)
Rhode Island Red Hen Poultry
Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus American Circus Company (1919- )
Ripley's Believe It or Not American Comic Strip on Oddities
Riverboats American early mechanized river transportation
RMS Titanic British Tragic Passenger Ship (1912)
Rock, The American movie (1996)
Rock and Roll High School American movie (1979)
Rock Formations Natural formations created by wind, water, and erosion.
"Rocket 88" American first rock and roll song (1951)
Rocky III American motion picture 1982
Roman Roads Roads built by the Roman Empire
Roman Ruins Physical remains of Roman civilization (753 B.C. - 500 A.D.)
Roots: the Saga of an American Family American Novel and Television miniseries 1976
Rosemary's Baby American horror film (1968)
Rosetta Stone Egyptian hieroglyphics carving (196 BC)
Rugrats American animated characters
Safari Parks
San Diego Padres American Major League Baseball team (1969-)
San Francisco Giants American Major League Baseball team (1958-)
Sanctuary American Novel by William Faulkner (1931)
Santa Claus (movie) British/American Movie (1985)
Santa Fe Trail American frontier trail (1821-1880)
Saturday Night Live American Television show (1975-present)
"Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" American song by Elton John (1973)
"Scandal in Bohemia, A" British Sherlock Holmes short story by Arthur Conan Coyle
Scarface American movie (1983)
Scent Of A Woman American movie (1992)
Schools Primary and secondary educational facilities
Science Museums
Scottsdale Scorpions American Minor League Baseball team (1992-)
Scroll and Key American Secret Society (1842-)
Searchers, The American movie (1956)
Sesame Street American educational TV show (1969- )
Seven Year Itch, The American movie (1954)
Sex and the City American Television sitcom (1998-2004)
Shawshank Redemption, The American movie (1994)
Shining, The American horror novel and movie (1977 novel, 1980 movie)
Shinto Japanese Religion
Shopping Malls Indoor shopping complexes
"Shout" British song by pop group Tears for Fears 1984
Showboat American novel and musical (1926) and (1927)
Showtime at the Apollo American Music Television Broadcast (1987-)
"Sign of Four, The" British Sherlock Holmes short story by Arthur Conan Coyle
Silence of the Lambs, The American novel and movie novel (1988) & movie (1991)
"Silent Night! Holy Night!" Austrian Christmas carol (1816)
Simpsons, The American TV series (1989- )
Skull and Bones American Secret Society (1832-)
"Skyline Pigeon" English Elton John song (1969)
Skyscrapers Towering structures
Sleeping Gypsy, The American painting by Henri Rousseau (1897)
Sleepless in Seattle American film 1993
Sleepwalkers American movie (1992)
Smithsonian Institution American National Education Complex
Snow White film 1937
"Someone Saved My Life Tonight" American song by Elton John (1975)
Songs from the Big Chair British album by pop group Tears for Fears 1985
Songs From the West Coast Elton John Album (2001)
Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, The American TV series (1971-1974)
"Soul Finger" American R&B song by Bar-Kays (1967)
Soul Man American film (1986)
"Soul Man" American R&B song by Sam & Dave 1967
Sound of Music, The American play and film (1959 and 1965)
South Pacific American Movie and novel 1958
Southeastern Conference American Collegiate Sports Conference (1933-)
SPAM® American canned lunchmeat from Hormel
Sports Museums Sports history
St. Louis Cardinals American Major League Baseball team (1882-)
St. Patrick's Day Irish-American Worldwide holiday celebrating Ireland
Stagecoaches American horse-drawn transportation
Star Trek American TV series (1966-1969)
"Star-Spangled Banner, The" American national anthem (1814)
Starry Night, The American painting (1889)
State Museums
State Parks (USA) American
Statue of Liberty French-American American symbol of welcome
Stax Records American record label (1957-1975)
Steinway & Sons American piano manufacturer (1853)
Still Life with Fruit Dish American painting (1879-80)
Stonehenge British prehistoric structure
Stourbridge Lion Locomotive American First commercial locomotive 1928
"Strawberry Fields Forever" British song by The Beatles (1967)
Study in Scarlet, A British Sherlock Holmes novel by Arthur Conan Doyle (1887)
Sun Also Rises, The American novel (1926)
Sundance Film Festival American film festival (1978)
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jette French Painting
Sunset Boulevard American movie (1950)
Superman (movie) British/American Movie (1978)
Symbionese Liberation Army American Kidnapped Patty Hearst
Tailhook Association American U. S. Navy officer's association
"Take it Easy" American Song by The Eagles (1972)
Tango & Cash American movie (1989)
"Taps" American musical piece
Tarzan English fictional character
Taxi Driver American Film (1976)
TBS American Media network
telegraph American first electronic form of communication (1837)
Television (1873-)
Tender is the Night American novel (1934)
Tender Mercies American movie (1983)
Tennessee Central Railway American Tennessee Railroad (1884-1968)
Tennessee State Government American state government
Terminal American movie (2006)
Texas Rangers American Major League Baseball team (1972-)
Thanksgiving American holiday (1619)
That 70s Show American Television series (1997-2006)
"That's All Right (Mama)" American Song by Elvis Presley 1954
"The Battle Hymn of The Republic" American song
The Commodores American music group (1970s-1980s)
The Last Judgment Italian Painting by Michalangelo (1540s)
The Punishment of Korah Italian Painting by Botticelli
The River American album by Bruce Springsteen
The Spinners American R&B and soul music group (1957-)
Theatre Venues Venues for the performing arts
"Theme from Shaft" American soul/funk song by Isaac Hayes (1971)
Three Coins in the Fountain American movie and song (1954)
Three Musketeers, The French novel
Thunderball British/American James Bond Movie (1965)
"Tintern Abbey" British poem (1798)
"Tiny Dancer" 1971 song by Elton John
To The Manor Born British TV series (1979-1981)
Tomb Raider English video game and related media (1996)
Tommy (rock opera) British rock opera 1969
Tonight Show, The American Television show (1954- )
Tow Trucks Utility Vehicles
Trail of the Hellhound American blues music
Trails Historic and recreational roads
Transcontinental Railroad American First Transcontinental Railroad (1869-)
Treaty of Berlin Major European Treaty (1878)
Tredegar Iron Works American Major Civil War Foundry (1833-1952)
Trip to Bountiful, The American movie (1985)
True Grit American movie (1969)
Truman Show, The American Movie (1997)
Tucker American Television series (2000-2001)
Tucker: The Man and His Dreams American movie (1988)
Tumbleweed Connection British album (1970)
Tuskegee Airmen African-American first black U.S. military pilots (1940s)
Twilight American Best Selling Book Series and Major Motion Picture (2005-)
U.S. Constitution American founding document (1787)
UCLA Bruins American College Sports Teams (1881-)
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Unicorns Mythical single-horned horses
Untouchables, The American TV series & movie (1959-1963) & (1987)
USS Constellation (1797) American First Ship Built by the US Navy (1797-1853)
USS Constitution American oldest commissioned vessel afloat in the world (1797-)
USS Merrimack American Ironclad ship of the American Civil War (1855)
USS Monitor American Famous Civil War Ironclad (1861-1862)
USS Sultana American (1865)
V for Vendetta British Movie (2006)
Vertigo American movie (1958)
Virgin of The Rocks Painting by Leonardo da Vinci
Vitrolite Opaque glass tiles 1920s-1950s
Volcanoes Natural Occurance
Walk the Line American film (2005)
Walker American movie (1987)
Wall Street American Center of finance
Wall Street (movie) American movie (1987)
Waltons, The American TV show (1972-1981)
Washington County Historical Society American county historical society
Washington Nationals American Major League Baseball team (2005-)
Water Horse, The Monster Movie (2007)
Waterloo Bridge English Film (1940)
watermills Water-powered processing facilities
Wax Museums Wax figures
Webster's Dictionary American dictionary
West Side Story American movie (1942)
Western and Atlantic Railroad American Site of the Great Locomotive Chase (1836-)
Wham-O American Toy Company
Wheel of Fortune American game show (1975- )
When Dinosaurs Roamed America American Dinosaur special (2001)
When Harry Met Sally American film (1989)
"When Love Comes to Town" American song (1988)
"Who's Making Love" American R&B song by Johnnie Taylor (1969)
"Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" American song by Jerry Lee Lewis (1957)
Winchester Rifle American Rifle (1873)
windmills Wind-powered processing facilities
Wizard of Oz, The American Classic Movie 1939
Woman in Red, The American movie (1984)
"Woman to Woman" Ameican R&B song 1974
Wonder Years, The American TV series (1988-1993)
Wonders of the World International Great man made structures
Woolworth's American five & dime store chain
"Writing" British-American song by Elton John (1975)
Xena: Warrior Princess American TV series (1995-2001)
Yankee Doodle Dandy American movie (1942)
Yellow Submarine American animated film 1968
You Only Live Twice British/American James Bond Movie (1967)
Young Sherlock Holmes American movie (1985)
"Your Cheatin' Heart" American Song by Hank Williams (1952)
"Your Song" British song by Elton John (1970)
Zoos Public facilities with exotic animals
1936 World's Fair International exhibition (1936)
1939 World Series American Baseball Championship (1939)
1940 Summer Olympics International Canceled by World War II
1941 World Series American Baseball Championship (1941)
1942 World Series American Baseball Championship (1942)
1943 World Series American Baseball Championship (1943)
1947 World Series American Baseball Championship (1947)
1949 World Series American Baseball Championship (1949)
1950 World Series American Baseball Championship (1950)
1951 World Series American Baseball Championship (1951)
1952 Summer Olympics International Athletic Competition (1952)
1952 World Series American Baseball Championship (1952)
1953 World Series American Baseball Championship (1953)
1955 World Series American Baseball Championship (1955)
1956 World Series American Baseball Championship (1956)
1957 World Series American Baseball Championship (1957)
1958 World Series American Baseball Championship (1958)
1960 World Series American Baseball Championship (1958)
1961 World Series American Baseball Championship (1961)
1962 World Series American Baseball Championship (1962)
1963 World Series American Baseball Championship (1963)
1964 World Series American Baseball Championship (1964)
1965 World Series American Baseball Championship (1965)
1966 World Series American Baseball Championship (1966)
1974 World Series American Baseball Championship (1974)
1976 World Series American Baseball Championship (1976)
1977 World Series American Baseball Championship (1977)
1978 World Series American Baseball Championship (1978)
1981 World Series American Baseball Championship (1981)
1984 Summer Olympics International athletic competition (1984)
1988 World Series American Baseball Championship (1988)
1994 Men's World Cup International Soccer tournament (1994)
1996 Summer Olympics International sports competition (1996)
1996 World Series American Baseball Championship (1996)
1997 World Series American Baseball Championship (1997)
1998 World Series American Baseball Championship (1998)
1999 Women's World Cup International Soccer tournament (1999)
1999 World Series American Baseball Championship (1999)
2000 World Series American Baseball Championship (2000)
2001 World Series American Baseball Championship (2001)
2003 World Series American Baseball Championship (2003)
2005 World Series American Baseball Championship (2005)
2006 World Series American Baseball Championship (2006)
2008 Democratic National Convention American Political Party Convention (2008)
2008 Summer Olympics International Sports Competition (2008)
American Civil War American Civil War (1860-1865)
Antietam, Battle of American Civil War battle (1862)
Appomattox, Battle of American Civil War battle (1865)
Battle of Arkansas Post American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Battle of Ball's Bluff American Important Civil War Battle (1861)
Battle of Big Black River Bridge American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Battle of Boydton Plank Road American Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Brandy Station American Largest Cavalry Battle in North America (1863)
Battle of Brices Cross Roads American Civil War battle (1864)
Battle of Britain English and German aerial battle (1940)
Battle of Buena Vista Mexican Major Mexican American War Battle (1847)
Battle of Cedar Creek American Final Confederate Invasion of the North (1864)
Battle of Cedar Mountain American Cvil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Champion's Hill American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Battle of Chancellorsville American Major Civil War Battle American Civil War battle (1863)
Battle of Chattanooga American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Battle of Chickamauga American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Battle of Chickasaw Bayou American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Churubusco Mexican Major Mexican American War Battle (1847)
Battle of Cross Keys American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Fisher's Hill American Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Fort Blakeley American Civil War Battle (1865)
Battle of Fort Darling American Civil War Naval Battle (1862)
Battle of Fort Donelson American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Fort Pillow American Controversial Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Franklin American Major Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Fredericksburg American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Gaines' Mill American Major Civil war Battle (1862)
Battle of Glendale American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Glorieta Pass American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Grand Gulf American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Battle of Hampton Roads American Major Civil War Naval Battle (1862)
Battle of Jackson American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Battle of Johnsonville American Major Civil War Battle/Raid (1864)
Battle of Kennesaw Mountain Major Civil War Battle June 27, 1864
Battle of Malvern Hill American Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of McDowell American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Mobile Bay American Major Civil War Naval Battle (1864)
Battle of Monterrey Mexican Major Mexican American Battle (1846)
Battle of Munfordville American Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Nashville American End of the Confederate Army in the West (1864)
Battle of Natural Bridge American Major Civil War Battle (1865)
Battle of North Anna American Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Old Church American Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Parker's Crossroads American Notorious Civil War Battle of Nathan Bedford Forrest (1862)
Battle of Pea Ridge American Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Perryville American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Port Gibson American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Battle of Port Republic American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Raymond American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Battle of Richmond American Most Complete Victory in the Civil War (1862)
Battle of Saint Mary's Church American Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Snyder's Bluff American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Battle of Spanish Fort American Civil War Battle (1865)
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House American Major Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Spring Hill American Important Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Staunton River Bridge American Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Stones River American Major Civil War Battle (1862-1863)
Battle of the Cedars American Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of the Crater American Major Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Valverde American Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Vera Cruz Mexican Major Mexican American War Battle (1847)
Battle of White Oak Swamp American Major Civil War Battlefield (1862)
Battle of Williamsburg American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Battle of Yellow Tavern American Civil War Battle (1864)
Battle of Yorktown American Revolutionary War battle (1781)
Battles of Fort Fisher American Civil War Battles
Bentonville, Battle of American Civil War battle (1865)
Bermuda Hundred Campaign American Civil War Battles (1864)
Boston Massacre American Revolutionary War flashpoint (1770)
Champion Hill, Battle of American Civil War battle (1863)
Civil Rights Movement American (1955-1968)
Colbert's Raid American One of the Last Engagements of the Revolutionary War 1783
Colonial Massachusetts American Historic spots
Colonial Virginia American historic spots
Confederate Heartland Offensive American Major Civil War Campaign (1862)
Cretaceous Period Epoch in world history (c 145 to 65 million years ago)
Download Festival British Metal, Punk, and Rock Music Festival (2003-)
Dreyfus Affair French Scandal
First Battle of Bull Run American Civil War battles (1861-1862)
First Battle of Kernstown American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
First Battle of Murfreesboro American Civil War Battle (1862)
First Battle of Winchester American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Five Forks, Battle of American Civil War Battle (1865)
Gettysburg, Battle of American Civil War battle (1863)
Grand Prix Monaco auto race (1929-present)
Great Fire of London British fire (1666)
Great Locomotive Chase, The American Civil War raid (1862)
Hangings International Executions
Harpers Ferry, Battle of American Civil War battle (1862)
Holocaust, The Genocide of European Jews
Industrial Revolution Historical turning point (c. 1760-c. 1850)
Kennedy Assassination American Assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy (1963)
Leopold and Loeb American Murder Trial (1924)
Mexican American War Large territory expansion for the US 1846-1848
Mine Creek, Battle of American Civil War (1864)
MLB All-Star Game American Major League Baseball Competition
Mobile Campaign American Civil War Campaign (1865)
Moore's Ford Bridge Lynching American lynching (1946)
Nashville Campaign American Last major thrust of the Confederacy (1864)
Olympics, American International athletic competitions
Orphan Train Movement American social services (1854-1929)
Overland Campaign American Major Civil War Campaign (1864)
Peninsula Campaign American Major Invasion Campaign into the Confederacy (1862)
Revolutionary War British vs. American War of Independence (1975-1781)
Scopes Monkey Trial American trial (1925)
Second Battle of Bull Run American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Seven Days Battles American Major Civil War Offensive (1862)
Sheridan's Valley Campaign American Civil War Campaign (1864)
Shiloh, Battle of American Civil War battle (1862)
Sibley's New Mexico Campaign American Major Civil War Campaign (1862-1863)
Siege of Petersburg American Major Civil War Campaign (1864-1865)
Siege of Vicksburg American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Siege of Yorktown American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Spanish Civil War Spanish civil war (1936-1939)
Super Bowl XIV American Football championship (1980)
Super Bowl XLI American Football champtionship game (2007)
Super Bowl XXIII American Football champtionship game (1989)
Super Bowl XXIX American Football champtionship game (1995)
Super Bowl XXXIII American Football champtionship game (1999)
Tailhook Scandal American Sexual assaults by U. S. naval officers (1991)
Third Battle of Winchester American Major Civil War Battle (1864)
Tour de France French Bicycle Race
Tullahoma Campaign American Decisive Civil War Campaign (1863)
Valley Campaign American Major Civil War Campaign (1862)
Vicksburg Campaign American Major Civil War Campaign (1864)
War of 1812 Military war (1812-1815)
Watergate Scandal, The American political scandal (1972)
Wilderness, Battle of the American Civil War battle (1864)
Wildmill Murder English Violent Crime (2006)
World Series (1926) American Baseball Championship (1926)
World Series (1927) American Baseball Championship (1927)
World Series (1928) American Baseball Championship (1928)
World Series (1932) American Baseball Championship (1932)
World Series (1936) American Baseball Championship (1936)
World Series (1937) American Baseball Championship (1937)
World Series (1938) American Baseball Championship (1938)
World War I First World War (1914-1919)
World War II Global Conflict (1939-1945)
World's Fairs Worldwide International expositions (1851-)
Ypres, Battle of German WWI battles (1914-1917)

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