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Aaron, Hank American Baseball Player (1934- )
Abbott, Darrell Lance American Guitarist 1966-2004
Abdul, Paula American Pop star (1962-)
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem American pro basketball player (1947- )
Abe, Koso Japanese WWII War Criminal (1892-1947)
Abel, Thomas English Myrtar (1497-1540)
Abernathy, Ralph American civil rights activist (1926-1990)
Abershawe, Jerry English Highwayman (1773-1795)
AC/DC Australian heavy metal rock band 1973 -
Acker, Jean American actress (1893-1978)
Acuff, Roy American Country musician (1903-1992)
Adams, John American 2nd U. S. President (1735-1826)
Adams, John Quincy American 6th U. S. President (1767-1848)
Adams, Samuel American patriot (1722-1803)
Adams, Joey Lauren American actor (1968-)
Adams, Douglas English sci-fi writer (1952-2001)
Adams, Brooke American actress (1949-)
Adams, Don American actor (1923-2005)
Addison, Joseph British Author (1672-1719)
Aerosmith American rock band (1973- )
Affleck, Ben American actor and writer (1972- )
Agee, James American writer & critic (1909-1955)
Aggett, Neil South African Union Leader (1954-1982)
Aiello, Danny American actor (1933-)
Akins, Claude American actor (1926-1994)
al-Tikriti, Barzan Ibrahim Iraqi war criminal (1951-2007)
Alabama Band American Country Music Band 1972-present
Alabama State Government American State Government (1819-)
Albee, Edward American Dramatist (1928-)
Albert, Eddie American Actor (1906-2005)
Albert II Monacoan Prince of Monaco (1958-)
Alcott, Louisa May American author (1832-1888)
Alda, Robert American actor (1914-1986)
Alda, Alan American actor (1936-)
Aldrin, Edwin American Astronaut (1930- )
Alexander, Pete American Baseball Player (1887-1950)
Alexander, Grover Cleveland American Baseball Player (1887-1950)
Alger, Jr., Horatio American writer (1832-1899)
Ali, Muhammad American Boxing champion (1942-)
Ali, Tatyana American actress (1979-)
Allen, Tim American Comedian and actor (1953- )
Allen, Woody American Screenwriter/actor (1935- )
Allen, Steve American Comedian and actor (1921-2000)
Allen, Joan American actress (1956-)
Allen, Gracie American comedian (1902-1964)
Allen, Karen American actress (1951-)
Allen, Debbie American actress & dancer (1950-)
Alley, Kirstie American actress (1951-)
Allison, Bobby American race car driver (1937- )
Allman, Gregg American Rock musician (1947-)
Allman, Duane American Rock guitarist (1946-71)
Allman Brothers, The American rock group
American Indians Also referenced as Native Americans
Amos, Diane American actress (1958-)
Amsler, Joe American Kidnapped Frank Sinatra, Jr., and was Ryan O'Neal's stunt double (1941 - 2006)
Amurri, Eva American actress
Anderson, Judith Australian actress (1897 or 1898-1992)
Anderson, Marian African-American singer (1897-1993)
Anderson, Eddie American actor & radio personality (1905-1977)
Andretti, Mario American Race car driver (1961-1993)
Andrews, Julie British actress (1935-)
Andrews, Dana American actor (1909-1992)
Angelou, Maya American poet (1928-)
Animals, The British music group
Ann-Margret American actress (1941-)
Anne of Cleves British King Henry VIII's wife (c. 1515-1557)
Anne of Great Britain English Monarch (1665-1714)
Anthony, Earl American Bowler (1938-2001)
Antoinette, Marie Austrian Queen of France (1755-1793)
Aparicio, Luis American Baseball Player (1934- )
Apple Cider non-alcoholic apple beverage
Appleseed, Johnny American Frontiersman (1774-1847)
Aquinas, St. Thomas Italian Philosopher & theologian (1225-1274)
Arbuckle, Roscoe American actor (1887-1933)
Archibald, Nathaniel American Basketball player (1948- )
Arden, Elizabeth Canadian Cosmetics empire (1878-1966)
Arias, Oscar Costa RIcan President of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize Winner (1940-)
Arizin, Paul American Basketball player (!928- 2006 )
Arkin, Alan American Actor (1934- )
Armstrong, Neil American First man on the moon (1930-)
Armstrong, Louis American Jazz musician (1901-1971)
Armstrong, Lance American Cyclist (1971-)
Arnett, Will Canadian-American actor (1970-)
Arnold, Benedict American Traitor (1741-1801)
Arnold, Roseanne American Comic actress (1952- )
Arnold, Eddy American Country music singer (1918- )
Arnold, Tom American actor (1959-)
Arthur, Chester A. American 21st U. S. President (1829-1886)
Ash, Mary Kay American founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics (1918-2001)
Ashe, Arthur American Tennis player (1943-1993)
Ashford, Nick American singer & musician (1942-)
Asimov, Isaac Russian-American Science Fiction writer (1920-1992)
Askew, Ann English Poet and accused heretic (1521-46)
Asner, Ed American Actor (1930- )
Assante, Armand American actor (1949-)
Astaire, Fred American Dancer & Actor (1899-1987)
Astin, Sean American actor (1971-)
Astor, William Waldorf American Millionaire (1848-1919)
Astor, John Jacob American Millionaire (1763-1848)
Astor, Mary American actress (1906-1987)
Atkins, Chet American Country musician (1924-2001)
Atkins, Susan American Manson Family member (1948-)
Atlanta Falcons American National Football League team
Attlee, Clement British Prime Minister (1883-1967)
Audubon, John James French Naturalist and Wildlife Artist (1785 - 1851)
Austen, Jane British Author (1775-1817)
Austin, Gene American Singer (1900-1972)
Autry, Gene American Country music singer (1907-1998)
Axton, Estelle American Co-founder of Stax (1919-2004)
Aykroyd, Dan Canadian/American Comedian (1952-)
Ayres, Lew American actor (1908-1996)
Azaria, Hank American Actor (1964-)
A Fable American Novel by William Faulkner (1954)
A Prairie Home Companion American radio show (1974 - 1987: 1993- )
A Star is Born American Movie (1954)
A View to a Kill American Movie (1985)
Abbey Road Album by The Beatles (1969)
Absalom, Absalom! American Novel by William Faulkner (1936)
Academy Awards American Film Awards
"Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, The" British Sherlock Holmes story (1891-1892)
"Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, The" Sherlock Holmes short story (1908-1913)
"Adventure of the Dying Detective, The" British Sherlock Holmes short story (1908-1913)
"Adventure of the Empty House, The" British Sherlock Holmes short story (1903-1904)
"Adventure of the Illustrious Client, The" British Sherlock Holmes short story (1921-1927)
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The American radio & TV show (1944-1966)
Aeneid, The Roman National Epic (20s B.C.)
Affair to Remember American film 1957
African Queen, The British/American Movie (1951)
Age of Innocence American Movie (1993)
Air Force One American Movie (1997)
Alabama Historic Commission American Historical society
Alaska Highway Only land route from Alaska to the lower U.S.
Alcatraz Prison American prison (mid 1930s to mid 1960s)
"Alice's Restaurant" American Song and Movie (1967)
Aliens American/British movie (1986)
All Creatures Great and Small British Book, Movie, and TV series (1970-1972)
All in the Family American television series (1971-1979)
All Things Bright and Beautiful British book by James Herriot (1973-974)
"All You Need Is Love" Beatles Song (1967)
Alphie English Movie (1966)
"America the Beautiful" American Poem and Song (1895)
American Idol American television series (2002- )
American Institute of Architects professional association (1857-)
"American Pie" American rock song (1971)
American Red Cross
Amityville Horror, The American Movie (1979)
Amusement Parks
An American Haunting American Movie 2006
Andersonville National Cemetery American national military cemetery
Andersonville Prison American Civil War POW camp (1863-1864)
Angel and the Badman American Movie 1946
Angola Prison American One of the Largest Prisons in America 1901-present
Animal House American Movie (1978)
Anna Karenina Russian Literature (1873-1877)
Anna Karenina (Film) British movie (1948)
Anne of Green Gables Canadian fiction novel
Annie Hall American Woody Allen film 1977
Apollo 13 American Failed US mission to the moon (1970)
Apple Corps Ltd. British Record Label of The Beatles
Aquariums Marine animals
Archeological Museums
Ardent Studios and Ardent Records American Recording studio and record label (1964- )
Arizona Diamondbacks American Major League Baseball team (1998-)
Arlington National Cemetery American United States primary military cemetery
Army of the James American Civil War Army (1864)
Art Deco Design Movement
Art Museums Art galleries and historic exhibits
As the World Turns American Television Series (1956-present)
Athena Greek Goddess
Atlanta Braves American Major League Baseball team
atomic bomb nuclear weapon of mass destruction
Atonement British movie (2007)
Australia (movie) Australian/American Movie (2008)
Automobile Museums
Avebury Circle British Prehistoric stone circle 5000 years old
Avengers, The British Movie and TV Series (1998)
Aviation Museums
American Civil War American Civil War (1860-1865)
Antietam, Battle of American Civil War battle (1862)
Appomattox, Battle of American Civil War battle (1865)

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