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Caan, James American Movie actor (1940-)
Cabrillo, Juan Rodriguez Spanish Conquistador and explorer (c. 1499-1543)
Caesar Salad Popular salad & dressing (1924)
Cage, John American Composer (1912-1992)
Cage, Nicolas American actor (1964-)
Cagney, James American Actor (1899-1986)
Cagney, Jeanne American actress (1919-1984)
Cagney, William American actor & producer (1905-1988)
Cahn, Sammy American Songwriter (1913-1993)
Cain, Dean American actor (1966-)
Caine, Michael British Film actor (1933-)
Calhoun, Rory American actor (1922-1999)
Calloway, Cab American bandleader (1907-1994)
Campanella, Roy American Baseball Player (1921-1993)
Campbell, Glen American Pop & country singer (1936-)
Campbell, Joseph American Author (1904-1987)
Candy, John Canadian actor & comic (1950-1994)
Cannavale, Bobby American actor (1971-)
Canned Heat American Rock band (1965- )
Cannon, Dyan American actress (1937-)
Capone, Al American Mobster (1899-1947)
Capote, Truman American Author (1924-1984)
Cardini, Caesar Italian-American chef & restaurant owner (1896-1956)
Carew, Rod American Baseball Player (1945-)
Carey, Drew American Comic actor (1958-)
Carey, Harry American actor (1878-1947)
Carey, Macdonald American actor (1913-1994)
Carey, Mariah American singer (1970-)
Cariou, Len Canadian actor (1939-)
Carlton, Steve American Baseball Player (1944- )
Carnahan, Matthew American producer (1961-)
Carnegie, Andrew Scottish-American Steel magnate (1835-1919)
Carpenter, Karen American singer (1950-1983)
Carradine, Keith American Movie actor (1949-)
Carradine, David American Actor (1936-)
Carradine, Robert American Actor (1954-)
Carrey, Jim American Actor (1962-)
Carrier, Willis American Inventor (1876-1950)
Carson, Jeannie English Actor (1938-)
Carson, Johnny American TV talk show host (1925-2005)
Carson, Jack Canadian Movie actor (1910-1963)
Carson, Kit American Frontiersman (1809-1868)
Carter, Jimmy American 39th U. S. President (1924-)
Carter, Don American Hall of Fame Bowler (1926- )
Carter, Gary American Baseball Player (1954- )
Carter, Dixie American Actress (1939 - 2010)
Caruso, Enrico Italian Opera singer (1873-1921)
Carver, George Washington American Scientist & Inventor (1864-1943)
Cash, Johnny American Country singer (1932-2003)
Cash, June Carter American Country singer (1929-2003)
Cassatt, Mary American Painter (1844-1926)
Cassavetes, John American actor (1929-1989)
Cassidy, David American Singer and actor (1950-)
Cassidy, Shaun American Singer and producer (1958-)
Catherine of Aragon English First wife of Henry VIII (1485-1536)
Catto, Octavius American civil rights activist (1839-1871)
Cattrall, Kim English-Canadian actress (1956-)
Cavett, Dick American talk show host (1936-)
Cepeda, Dolly American murder victim (1964-1977)
Cerf, Vinton American Father of the Internet (1943-)
Cervi, Alfred American Basketball hall of famer (1917- )
CÚzanne, Paul French Painter (1839-1906)
Chamberlain, Neville British Prime Minister (1869-1940)
Chamberlain, Richard American Actor (1934-)
Chamberlain, Wilt American Basketball legend (1936-1999)
Chamberlain, Joshua L. American Civil War General 1828-1914
Champlain, Samuel de French Explorer (1567-1635)
Chandler, Jeff American actor (1918-1961)
Chanel, Coco French Designer (1883-1971)
Chaney, Lon American actor (1883-1930)
Chaney, James American Civil Rights activist (1943-1964)
Chaney, Jr., Lon American Actor (1906 - 1973)
Channing, Carol American Singer and actress (1921-)
Chaplin, Hannah English mother of Charlie Chaplin (1866-1928)
Chaplin, Charlie British actor (1889-1977)
Chapman, Raymond American Baseball Player (1891-1920)
Chapman, Mark David American assassin of John Lennon (1955-)
Chapman, Tracy American musician (1964-)
Charles, Ray American Soul musician (1930-2004)
Charles I English Monarch (1600-1649)
Charles II British Monarch (1630-1685)
Chase, Chevy American Actor (1943-)
Chaucer, Geoffrey British Poet (c. 1340-1400)
Cheap Trick American Rock Band (1973- )
Checker, Chubby American Singer (1941-)
Cheney, Dick American politician (1941-)
Cher American Pop singer (1946-)
Chevrolet, Louis Swiss Automotive pioneer (1878-1941)
Chic American disco group
Chicago Bears American National Football League team
Child, Julia American Cook and Author
Chisholm, Shirley American politician, educator, and author (1924-2005)
Chong, Rae Dawn Canadian-American actress (1961-)
Chopin, Frederic Polish-French Composer (1810-1849)
Chopin, Kate American writer (1851-1904)
Christian, Charlie American Jazz guitarist (1916-1942)
Christie, Walter American engineer (1865-1944)
Christie, Agatha British author (1890-1976)
Chung, Connie Chinese-American newscaster (1946-)
Churchill, Winston British Prime minister (1874-1965)
Cincinnati Bengals American National Football League team
Clapton, Eric English Singer/songwriter (1945-)
Clark, Jimmy Scottish Race car driver (1936-1968)
Clark, Dick American TV personality (1929-)
Clark, Roy American musician (1933- )
Clark, Mary Higgins American author (1927-)
Clark, Arthur C. English Science Fiction Writer (1917-2008)
Clark, William American explorer (1770-1838)
Clarkson, Kelly American Pop singer (1982-)
Clash, The English punk rock band
Clayburgh, Jill American actress (1944-)
Clayton, Lou American Vaudevillian (1890-1950)
Clayton, Elias American lynching victim (1901-1920)
Cleburne, Patrick Irish Confederate General (1828-1864)
Cleef, Lee Van American actor (1925-1989)
Cleveland, James American minister & singer (1932-1991)
Cleveland, Grover American 22nd and 24th U. S. President (1837-1908)
Cleveland Orchestra, The American Orchestra
Clift, Montgomery American actor (1920-1966)
Cline, Patsy American Country music singer (1932-1963)
Clinton, Bill American 42nd U. S. President (1946-)
Clinton, Hillary American First Lady and United States Senator (1947-)
Close, Glenn American actress (1947-)
Coasters, The American vocal group
Cobb, Ty American Baseball Player (1886-1961)
Cobb, Lee J. American actor (1911-1976)
Coburn, James American actor (1928-2002)
Cochran, Eddie American musician (1938-60)
Cochrane, Mickey American Baseball Player (1903-1962)
Cocker, Joe English Rock singer (1944-)
Codrescu, Andrei Romanian-American author (1946- )
Cody, Buffalo Bill American Old West legend (1846-1917)
Cohan, George M. American entertainer, producer, and writer (1878-1942)
Cohn, Mindy American actress (1966-)
Cole, Nat King American Singer (1917-1965)
Cole, Gary American actor (1956-)
Cole, Natalie American singer (1950-)
Coleman, Dabney American actor (1932-)
Coleman, Gary American actor (1968-)
Collins, Eddie American Baseball Player (1887-1951)
Collins, Joan English-American actress (1933-)
Colonial Connecticut American Historic spots
Colonial New Hampshire American Historic spots
Colonial New Jersey American Historic spots
Colonial Pennsylvania American Historic spots
Colonial Rhode Island American Historic spots
Colonial Vermont American Historic spots
Colt, Samuel American Inventor & industrialist (1814-1862)
Colvin, Shawn American folk singer (1956-)
Combs, Sean American Rapper (1969-)
Como, Perry American singer (1912-2001)
Congreve, William English Playwright & poet (1670-1729)
Connelly, Jennifer American actress (1970-)
Connery, Sean Scottish-American actor (1930-)
Connors, Chuck American TV actor (1921-1992)
Connors, Jimmy American Tennis player (1952-)
Conrad, Charles American U. S. astronaut (1930-1999)
Conrad, Robert American actor (1939-)
Conrad, William American actor (1920-1994)
Conte, Richard American actor (1910-1975)
Contin, Antonio Italian Architect (?-?)
Convy, Bert American Game show host (1933-1991)
Coogan, Keith American actor (1970-)
Coogan, Jackie American actor (1903-1977)
Cook, Frederick American explorer (1865-1940)
Cook, James English Explorer (1728-1799)
Cooke, Sam American Singer (1931-1964)
Coolidge, Calvin American 30th U. S. President (1872-1933)
Cooper, James Fenimore American author (1789-1851)
Cooper, Charles American Basketball hall of famer (1907-1980)
Cooper, Gary American actor (1901-1961)
Cooper, Alice American rock musician (1948-)
Coppola, Francis Ford American film director (1939-)
Cornwallis, General Charles British Commanding General (1738-1805)
Corot, Jean-Baptiste French Landscape Painter (1796-1875)
Corrigan, Kevin American actor (1969-)
Cosby, Bill American Comedian (1937-)
Cosic, Kresimir Croatian Basketball hall of famer (1948-1995)
Costello, Elvis English musician
Costner, Kevin American actor (1955-)
Cotton, Joseph American actor (1905-1994)
Country Joe and the Fish American Rock band
Couric, Katie American TV journalist (1957-)
Cousy, Robert American Basketball hall of famer (1928- )
Coward, Noel British playwright (1899-1973)
Cowens, David American Basketball hall of famer (1948- )
Cox, Courtney American actress (1964-)
Cramer, Floyd American Pianist and songwriter (1933-1997)
Crane, Bob American TV actor (1928-1978)
Crane, Cheryl American author & self proclaimed murderess (1943-)
Crawford, Joan American Basketball hall of famer (1937- )
Crawford, Cindy American Supermodel (1966-)
Crawford, Christina American author (1939-)
Crawford, Broderick American actor (1911-1986)
Cray, Robert American Blues guitarist and singer (1953- )
Cream (rock group) British rock band
Creedence Clearwater Revival American rock band
Crenna, Richard American actor (1926-2003)
Crichton, Michael American writer (1942-)
Crick, Francis British DNA discoverer (1916-2004)
Croce, Jim American musician (1943-73)
Crockett, Davy American Soldier, politician & frontiersman (1786-1836)
Crocodile Hunter, The Australian Animal expert & TV personality (1962-2006)
Cromwell, Oliver British Lord Proctector of England 1599-1658
Cronkite, Walter American Broadcast journalist (1916- )
Cronyn, Hume American actor (1911-2003)
Crosby, Bing American Singer & actor (1903-1977)
Crosby, David American rock musician (1941-)
Crosby, Stills, & Nash American/English rock band
Cross, Christopher American Singer/songwriter (1951-)
Crothers, Scatman American actor & song/dance man (1910-1986)
Crouse, Lindsay American actress (1948-)
Crowe, Russell Zealand-Australian actor (1964-)
Crowley, Jim American Football player and coach (1902-1986)
Crudup, Billy American actor (1968-)
Cruise, Tom American Actor (1962-)
Crump, E. H. American Memphis mayor and political boss (1874-1954)
Cullen, Countee American Author (1903-1946)
Cummings, E.E. American Poet (1894-1962)
Cummings, Bob American actor (1908-1990)
Cummings, Robert American actor (1908-1990)
Cunningham, William American Basketball hall of famer (1943- )
Curie, Marie French Physicist (1867-1934)
Curie, Pierre French Physicist (1839-1906)
Curry, Denise American Basketball hall of famer (1959- )
Curtin, Jane American actress (1947-)
Curtis, Tony American Actor (1925-)
Curtis, Jamie Lee American actress (1958-)
Cusack, John American actor (1966-)
Custer, George Armstrong American Soldier (1839-1876)
Cy Young American Baseball Player (1867-1955)
Call of the Canyon American movie 1923
Call of the Wild, The American novel published in London, England (1903)
"Candle in the Wind" Song by Elton John (1973)
Canterbury Tales, The English Literature (1300s)
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy Album & song by Elton John (1975)
Caribou Album by Elton John (1974)
Casino Royale American/British/German/Czech movie (2006)
Castles Medieval fortified structures
Cathedrals Majestic church structures
Caves Holes in the earth
CBS American national radio and television network (1928 - )
Celtic Woman Irish Music Group (2004-)
Cemeteries Burial sites
Challenger American American Space Shuttle (1983-1986)
Chaos & Creation in the Backyard British Album by Paul McCartney (2005)
Chaplin British movie (1992)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory American movie (2005)
Chicago Cubs American Major League Baseball team (1876-)
Chicago White Sox American Major League Baseball team (1894-)
Chinatown American movie (1974)
Christ Giving the Keys to Saint Peter Italian Frescoe at Sistine Chapel (1481)
Christ the Redeemer Statue Brazillian tallest statue of Jesus Christ (1920s)
Christianity Religion (1st century A.D-)
Christine American movie (1984)
Christmas Box, The American novel by Richard Paul Evans (1995)
Christmas Story, A American movie (1983)
Chronicles of Narnia, The British book series by C.S Lewis (1950-1956)
Chronos Canadian/American Documentary (1985)
Cincinnati Reds American Major League Baseball team (1882-)
Civil War Battlefields American Historic Sites (1861-1865)
Civil War Museums American
Class Act American movie (1991)
Cleveland Indians American Major League Baseball team (1894-)
Client, The American Film (1993)
Club Passim American folk music club
CNN American Media network
Coca-Cola American Popular cola drink 1886
College Basketball American Collegiate Sport (2006-)
Colleges & Universities Post-secondary educational facilities
Colonial Delaware American Colonial era history
Colonial Georgia American Historic spots
Colonial Maryland American historic spots
Colonial New York American Historic spots
Colonial North Carolina American Historic spots
Colonial South Carolina American Historic spots
Colorado Rockies American Major League Baseball team (1993- )
Colors American Movie (1988)
Communism Political theory
Communist Art
concentration camps internment centers
Confederate States of America American Many Southern states during the Civil War (1861-1865)
Continental Congress American pre-Constitution government (1774-1789)
Convents, Abbeys and Monasteries Churches and religious communities
Corn Dog American food invention (1940's)
Cosby Show, The American television series (1984-1992)
Cotton Natural fiber
Count of Monte Cristo, The Novel by Alexandre Dumas (1844)
Crime Museums
"Crocodile Rock" Song by Elton John (1973)
Crocodiles Large reptiles
Crown Jewels of England, The British Priceless gems and symbols of power
CSS Virginia American Famous Civil War Ironclad (1862)
Cumberland Gap American Important geographical location
Champion Hill, Battle of American Civil War battle (1863)
Civil Rights Movement American (1955-1968)
Colbert's Raid American One of the Last Engagements of the Revolutionary War 1783
Colonial Massachusetts American Historic spots
Colonial Virginia American historic spots
Confederate Heartland Offensive American Major Civil War Campaign (1862)
Cretaceous Period Epoch in world history (c 145 to 65 million years ago)

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