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da Gama, Vasco Portuguese explorer (1469-1523)
da Vinci, Leonardo Italian artist & inventor (1452-1519)
Dakota Indians American aboriginals
Dalí, Salvador Spanish painter (1904-1989)
Dalipagic, Drazen Yugoslavian Basketball hall of famer (1953- )
Daly, Tim American actor (1956-)
Damon, Matt American actor and writer (1970-)
Dandridge, Dorothy American actress & singer (1922-1965)
Danes, Claire American actress (1979-)
Dangerfield, Rodney American comedian (1921-2004)
Daniel, Jack American American Whiskey Distiller (1850-1911)
Daniels, William American actor (1927-)
Danner, Blythe American actress (1943-)
Danson, Ted American actor (1947-)
Dante Italian author (1265-1321)
Danza, Tony American actor (1951-)
Darby, Abraham English manufacturing pioneer (iron smelting) (1678–1717)
Darby, Kim American movie actress (1948- )
Dare, Virginia British-American First English child born in America (1587-unknown)
Darin, Bobby American singer (1936-73)
Darrow, Clarence American attorney (1857-1938)
Darwin, Charles English naturalist (1809-1882)
David, Jacques-Louis French painter (1748-1825)
Davidson, Lolita actress (1975 -)
Davies, Robert American Basketball hall of famer (1920-1990)
Davis, Jim American movie & TV actor (1909-1981)
Davis, Jefferson American President of the Confederate States of America (1808-1889)
Davis, Mac American singer and songwriter (1942- )
Davis, Miles American jazz musician (1926-1991)
Davis, Dave American Hall of Fame Bowler (1942- )
Davis, Bette American actress (1908-1989)
Davis, Jonathan American Lead singer of Korn (1971-)
Davis, Sam American Confederate boy hero (1842-1863)
Davis, Jr., Sammy American entertainer (1925-1990)
Day, Clarence American writer (1874-1935)
DC United American Major League Soccer team
de Beauvoir, Simone French philosopher (1908-1986)
de Braose, William English Nobility, Executed (1197-1230)
de Gama, Vasco Portugese Explorer (1460s-1524)
De La Beckwith, Byron American assassin of Medgar Evers (1920-2001)
De Niro, Robert American actor (1943-)
de Niro, Sr., Robert American artist (1922-1993)
de Palma, Brian American film director (1940-)
De Priest, Oscar American politician (1871-1951)
Dean, James American movie actor (1931-1955)
Dean, Dizzy American Baseball Player (1910-1974)
Dean, Paul American Baseball Player (1913-1981)
DeBernardi, Forrest American Basketball hall of famer (1899-1970)
DeBusschere , Dave American Basketball hall of famer (1940- )
Dee, Ruby African-American actress (1924-)
Dee, Sandra American actress (1942-2005)
Deere, John American inventor and industrialist (1804-1886)
Dees, Rick American Radio personality & singer (1950-)
Defoe, Daniel British author (1659 or 60-1731)
Degas, Edgar French Artist 1834-1917
Degas, Edgar French Painter (1834-1917)
Dehnert, Henry American Basketball hall of famer (1898-1979)
Delacroix, Eugene French Painter 1798-1863
Delany, Dana American actress (1956-)
Dells, The American music group
DeMille, Cecil B. American director (1881-1959)
DeMornay, Rebecca French-American actress (1959-)
Dench, Judi British actress (1934- )
Dennehy, Brian American actor (1938-)
Denny, Reginald American Beaten during Rodney King Riots April 29, 1992
Denver, John American singer/songwriter and actor (1943-1997)
Denver Broncos American NFL
Depp, Johnny American actor (1963-)
Dern, Laura American actress (1967-)
Dern, Bruce American actor (1936-)
DeSalvo, Albert American Serial Killer known as the Boston Strangler (1931 - 1973)
Desoto, Hernando Spanish Explorer (1497-1542)
Devane, William American actor (1937-)
DeVito, Danny American actor (1944-)
Diamond, Neil American singer and songwriter (1941- )
DiCaprio, Leonardo American actor (1974-)
Dickel, George A. American Founder of Dickel Distillery (1818-1894)
Dickens, Charles British author (1812-1870)
American country music singer (1925- )
Dickenson, Emily American poet (1830-1886)
Dickey, Bill American Baseball Player (1907-1993)
Diddley, Bo American rock musician (1928-)
Diesel, Vin American actor (1967-)
Dietrich, Marlene German-American actor (1901-1992)
Diggs, Taye American actor (1971-)
Diller, Phyllis American comedian (1917- )
Dillinger, John American Gangster (1903-1934)
Dillon, Matt American actor (1964-)
DiMaggio, Joe American Baseball Player (1914-1999)
DiMucci, Dion American singer/songwriter (1939-)
Dior, Christian French fashion designer (1905-1957)
Dirac, Paul British Physicist 1902-84
Disney, Walt American producer, animator, and director (1901-1966)
Disraeli, Benjamin British Statesmen 1804-81
Divine American Actor (1945-88)
Dixon, Willie American Blues Musician (1915-92)
Dogon People, The African Tribe in Southern Mali
Dolby, Ray American Inventor (1933- )
Dole, Bob American U.S. Senator & presidential candidate (1923- )
Dole, Elizabeth American U.S. Senator and Cabinet Member (1936- )
Dolenz, Micky American actor & singer (1945-)
Domino, Fats American singer/songwriter (1928-)
Donitz, Karl German World War II U-boat admiral (1891-1980)
Donner Party American pioneers who resorted to cannibalism (1846-1847)
Donovan, Anne American Basketball player (1961- )
Doobie Brothers, The American rock band
Doohan, James American actor (1920-2005)
Doors, The American rock band
Dorion, Marie American Indian expedition member (1786-1850)
Dorsey, Thomas American composer (1899-1993)
Dorsey, George American lynching victim (1918-1946)
Dorsey, Mae Murray American lynching victim (1923-1946)
Dorsey , Tommy American musician and bandleader (1905-1956)
Douglas, Mike American talk show host (1925-2006)
Douglas, Aaron American artist (1898-1979)
Douglas, Kirk American actor (1916- )
Douglas, Illeana American actress (1965-)
Douglas, Michael American actor (1944-)
Douglas, Stephen A. American Famous American Politician (1813-1861)
Douglass, Frederick American civil rights activist (1818-1895)
Downey, Jr., Robert American actor (1965- )
Doyle, Arthur Conan British author (1859-1930)
Drake, Sir Francis English World explorer and seafarer (1540-1596)
Drake, Edwin American 1st oil well (1819-1880)
Dreiser, Theodore American author (1871-1945)
Drexler , Clyde American Basketball player (1962- )
Dreyfus, Alfred French Falsely Accused Traitor (1853-1935)
Dreyfuss, Richard American actor (1947- )
Drifters, The American R&B band
Driver, William American Named American Flag 'Old Glory' (1803-1886)
Dryden, John British Poet laureate (1631-1700)
Drysdale, Don American Baseball Player (1936-1993)
DuBois, W. E. B. American civil rights activist (1898-1976)
Duffy, Julia American actress (1951-)
Duke, Doris American heiress (1912-1993)
Dumars , Joe American Basketball player (1963- )
Dumas, Alexandre French author (1802-1870)
Dunaway, Faye American actress (1941-)
Duncan, Isadora American dancer (1877-1921)
Dunham, Katherine American dancer (1906-2006)
Dunne, Griffin American actor (1955-)
Dunne, Irene American actress (1898-1990)
Durante, Jimmy American actor & singer (1893-1980)
Duryea, Dan American actor (1907-1968)
Dutton, Charles American actor (1951-)
Duvall, Robert American actor and director (1931-)
Dylan, Bob American singer/songwriter (1941-)
Da Vinci Code, The American novel (2003) & movie (2006)
Dallas American TV series (1978-1991)
"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" American Military Quote (1864)
Dance , The Painting by Henri Matisse (1909)
"Daniel" British song by Elton John (1973)
Dark Knight, The American Movie (2008)
Dark Passage American movie (1947)
Dark Shadows American soap opera (1966-1971)
Das Kapital German Communist Literature (1867)
Days of Our Lives American soap opera (1965- )
Dead Again American movie (1991)
Declaration of Independence America's declaration of independence from England (1776)
Deliverance American Motion Picture (1972)
Democratic Party (United States) American Political Party (1828-)
Deserts Dry, arid regions
Detroit Tigers American Major League Baseball team (1894-)
Devil Wears Prada, The American movie (2000)
Devil's Island French Penal Colony (1852-1952)
Dial M for Murder American movie (1954)
Diamonds Are Forever American James Bond movie (1971)
Diary of Anne Frank, The Dutch/American book (1947) play (1955) & movie (1959)
Dick James Music British music publishing firm
Dirty Harry American movie (1971)
"Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax, The" Sherlock Holmes short story by Arthur Conan Doyle
Domesday Book British Taxation book 1086
Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player Album by Elton John (1973)
Donna Reed Show, The American TV series (1958-1966)
Dr. Dolittle American movie (1998)
Dr. No British James Bond Movie (1962)
Dr. Zhivago Russian Novel and American Movie (1957, 1965)
Dracula Irish Literature (1897)
Dukes of Hazzard Popular television series (1979-1985)
Download Festival British Metal, Punk, and Rock Music Festival (2003-)
Dreyfus Affair French Scandal

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