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Eagles, The American rock band
Earhart, Amelia American aviator (1897-1937)
Early, Jubal American Confederate General (1816-1894)
Earnhardt, Dale American Race car driver (1951-2001)
Earp, Wyatt American Wild West legend (1848-1929)
Earth, Wind & Fire American music group
Eastman, George American Inventor & Philanthropist (1854-1932)
Eastwood, Clint American actor, director, & producer (1930-)
Ebert, Roger American film critic (1942-)
Ebsen, Buddy American actor (1908-2003)
Eckersley, Dennis American Baseball Player (1954- )
Eddy, Duane American rock guitarist (1938-)
Eden, Barbara American TV actress (1934- )
Edison, Thomas American inventor (1847-1931)
Edward I British Monarch (1239-1307)
Edward II British Monarch (1284-1327)
Edward the Confessor Anglo-Saxon King of England 1004-1066
Edward V English King of England (1470-83)
Edward VI English Monarch 1537-53
Edward VII British monarch (1841-1910)
Edwards, Ralph American Radio and Television Host (1913-2005)
Edwards, Sherman American songwriter (1919-1981)
Egan, Richard American actor (1921-1987)
Eiffel, Gustave French designer of the Eiffel Tower (1832-1923)
Eikenberry, Jill American actress (1947-)
Eisenhower, Dwight D. American 34th U. S. President (1890-1969)
Eisenman, Peter American postmodern architect (1932-)
Eliot, T. S. American-British poet & playwright (1888-1965)
Elizabeth I British monarch (1533-1603)
Elizabeth II British monarch (1926- )
Ellington, Duke American musician (1899-1974)
Ellison, Ralph African-American author (1913-1994)
Ellroy, James American author (1948-)
Elwes, Cary American actor (1962-)
Emerson, Ralph Waldo American writer (1803-1882)
Emerson, Bill American Politician (1938-1996)
Eminem American Rapper (1972-)
Endacott, Paul American Basketball player (1902-1997)
Engel, Georgia American actress (1948-)
English , Alex American Basketball player (1954- )
English Royal Family English Royal Family
Englund, Robert American actor (1949-)
Enya Irish (1961- )
Epstein, Brian English Band Manager (1934-1967)
Erbe, Kathryn American actress (1966-)
Erving, Julius American Basketball legend (1950)
Estevez, Emilio American actor (1962-)
Evans, Richard Paul American author (1962- )
Evans, Linda American actress (1942 - )
Evans, Faith American singer & actress (1973-)
Evelyn, Judith American actress (1913-1967)
Everly Brothers, The American pop duo
Evers, Medgar American civil rights activist (1925-1963)
Evinrude, Ole Norwegian-American Evinrude motors (1877-1934)
Ewell, Richard S. American Confederate General (1817-1872)
East St. Louis, Illinois American community
"Eleanor Rigby" Song by The Beatles (1966)
Elizabeth: the Golden Age British movie (2007)
Ellis Island America's main immigration center (1889-1950)
Emancipation Proclamation American Document Emancipation Slaves in the Confederacy (1863)
EMI British record company
Empty Sky Album and song by Elton John (1968)
Encounters British movie (2005)
Entertainer, The British movie (1960)
Estuaries Waterways that connect inland freshwater to an ocean
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" British song by pop group Tears for Fears 1985
Evita American movie (1996)

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