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Fabray, Nanette American actress (1920-)
Fairbanks, Jr., Douglas American actor (1909-2000)
Fairbanks, Sr., Douglas American actor (1883-1939)
Falk, Peter American actor (1927-)
Fantastic Sams American hair salon franchise company (1974- )
Fargo, William American founder of American Express Company (1818-1881)
Farley, Chris American comic actor (1964-1997)
Farley, Walter American Author of Black Stallion books (1915-1989)
Farmer, Jr., James American civil rights activist (1920-1999)
Farnsworth, Philo T. American inventor (1906-71)
Farragut, David American Union Civil War Admiral (1801-1870)
Farrar, Geraldine American opera singer and actress (1882-1967)
Farrell, Mike American actor (1939 - )
Farrell, Charles American silent fim & early talkie star (1901-1990)
Farrell, Colin Irish actor (1976- )
Farrow, Mia American actress (1945-)
Farrow, John American actor (1904-1963)
Faulkner, William American Author (1897-1962)
Fawcett, Farrah American actress (1947- )
Fawkes, Guy English Gunpowder plot mastermind (1570-1605)
Faye, Alice American actress & singer (1915-1998)
Fazio, Buzz American Hall of Fame Bowler (1908-1993)
Feinstein, Harold E. American inventor of the bumper sticker (1900-1966)
Felts, Narvel American Rockabilly/Country singer (1938- )
Fenn, Sherilyn American actress (1965-)
Ferber, Edna American author (1885-1965)
Fergusson, Elizabeth Graeme American Writer and Poet (1737-1801)
Ferragamo, Salvatore Italian footwear designer (1898-1960)
Ferrer, Jose American actor (1909-1992)
Fetchit, Stepin American actor (1902-1985)
Fey, Tina American Television Actress and Writer (1970-)
Field, Sally American actress (1946- )
Field, Ayda American actress (1979-)
Fields, W.C. American comedian and actor (1880-1946)
Fiennes, Ralph British actor (1962-)
Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts American First All African-American Civil War Unit (March 13, 1863 to August 20, 1865)
Fillmore, Millard American 13th U. S. President (1800-1874)
Filmore, Abigail American First Lady (1798-1853)
Fingers, Rollie American Baseball Player (1946- )
Firestone, Harvey American Inventor (1868-1938)
Fischer, Bobby American Chess champion (1943-)
Fishburne, Laurence American actor (1961 - )
Fisher, Carrie American actress (1956- )
Fisk, Carlton American Baseball Player (1947- )
Fisk Jubilee Singers American Gospel group (1871- )
Fitzgerald, F. Scott American author (1896-1940)
Fitzgerald, Geraldine American actress (1913-2005)
Fitzgerald, Ella American singer (1917-1996)
Flack, Roberta American singer (1937-)
Flamingos, The American do wop group
Flanigan, Joe American actor (1967-)
Flatt, Lester American country music singer (1914-1979)
Fleetwood Mac rock band
Fleiss, Heidi American Hollywood celebrity & convict (1965-)
Fleming, Ian British James Bond author (1908-1964)
Fletcher, Louise American actor (1934-)
Flint, Charles Ranlett American businessman (1850-1934
Floyd, Eddie American singer (1937-)
Floyd American bank robber (1904-1934)
Flynn, Joe American actor (1924-1974)
Flynn, Errol Australian Actor (1909-59)
Fogerty, John American rock musician (1945-)
Foghat American rock group
Foley, Red American country singer & musician (1910-1968)
Folger, Abigail American heiress& murder victim (1943-1969)
Fonda, Peter American actor (1940-)
Fonda, Henry American actor (1905-1982)
Fonda, Bridget American actress (1964-)
Fonda, Jane American actress (1937-)
Foote, Shelby American Civil War historian and author (1916-2005)
Ford, Gerald American 38th U. S. President (1913-2006)
Ford, Henry American Automobile manufacturer (1863-1947)
Ford, Harrison American film actor (1942- )
Ford, Tennessee Ernie American country music artist (1919-1991)
Ford , Whitey American Baseball Player (1928- )
Ford, Richard American Pulitzer prize winner (1944- )
Ford, Betty American Former first lady of the U.S. (1918-)
Ford, Glen American actor (1916-2006)
Ford, John American film director (1894-1973)
Foreman, George American heavyweight boxing champion (1949- )
Forman, James American civil rights activist (1928-2005)
Forrest, Nathan Bedford American Confederate Civil War general (1821-1877)
Forsythe, John American actor (1918-)
Forsythe, William American actor (1955-)
Fossett, Steve American Aviator (1944-2008)
Foster, Jodie American actress (1962-)
Foster, Stephen American songwriter (1826-1864)
Foster, Harold American Basketball player (1906-1996)
Four Seasons, The American pop music group
Four Tops, The American musical quartet
Fourth Federal Reserve District American Branch of the U.S. Federal Reserve
Fox, Matthew American actor (1966-)
Foxx, Redd American comedian & TV actor (1922-1991)
Foxx, Jamie American actor (1967-)
Foxx, Jimmie American Baseball Player (1907-1967)
Foyt, A.J. American Race car driver (1935- )
Foyt, Jr., A.J. American auto race driver (1935- )
Franciscus, James American actor (1934-1991)
Franco, James American actor (1978-)
Frank, Anne Dutch Holocaust victim (1929-1945)
Frank, Hans German Nazi Govenor of Poland (1900-1946)
Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers American doo wop group
Franklin, Aretha American soul musician (1942-)
Franklin, Bonnie American actress (1944- )
Franklin, Barbara American singer (1917-1952)
Franklin, Melvin American singer (1942-1995)
Franklin, Benjamin American Founding Father (1706-90)
Frann, Mary American actress (1943-1998)
Frantz, Chris American Musician (1951-)
Fraser, Brendan American actor (1968-)
Frazier, Walter American Basketball player (1945- )
Frazier, Joe American boxer (1944-)
Freeman, Morgan American film actor (1937- )
Fremont, John C. American American Presidential Canidate and Civil War General
Freud, Sigmund Austrian psychiatrist (1856-1937)
Frick, Wilhelm German Nazi Interior Minister (1877-1946)
Friedman, Max American Basketball player (1889-1986)
Friedman, Milton American Economist (1912-2006)
Friendly, Fred American former president of CBS news (1915-1998)
Fritzsche, Hans German Nazi Radio Propagandist (1900-1953)
Frost, Robert American poet (1874-1963)
Fry, Glen American rock musician (1948-)
Frykowski, Wojclech Polish actor, writer, & Manson Family murder victim (1936-1969)
Fulks, Joseph American Basketball player (1921-1976)
Fuller, Buckminster American architect and author (1895-1983)
Fulton, Robert American inventor (1765-1815)
Funk, Walther German Nazi Economic Minister (1890-1960)
Family Affair American TV show (1966-1971)
Family Plot American movie (1976)
Famous and Historical Photographs
Fast Times at Ridgemont High American movie (1982)
Fatal Vision American Best selling book
FedEx American Overnight Delivery Service (1971- )
"Fever" American Song by Peggy Lee (1958)
Fire Museums Museums dedicated to the history of firefighting
Firm, The American John Grisham novel (1991) and movie (1993)
First Daughter American movie (2004)
Fish Called Wanda, A American movie (1988)
Florida Marlins American Major League Baseball team (1993-)
"Folsom Prison Blues" Song by Johnny Cash (1956)
Foreign Correspondent American movie (1940)
forests large, uncultivated areas with a high density of trees
Formal Gardens
Forrest Gump American novel (1985) and movie (1994)
Forts Military Installations
Fossils Petrified remains of plants and animals
French Connection, The American movie (1971)
French Kiss British/American movie (1995)
Frenzy American movie (1972)
Frisbee American Toy
From Here to Eternity American movie (1953)
From Russia with Love British James Bond Movie (1963)
Funny Face American movie (1957)
First Battle of Bull Run American Civil War battles (1861-1862)
First Battle of Kernstown American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
First Battle of Murfreesboro American Civil War Battle (1862)
First Battle of Winchester American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Five Forks, Battle of American Civil War Battle (1865)

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