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Gable, Clark American actor (1901-1960)
Gabor, Eva Hungarian TV actress (1919-1995)
Gabor, Zsa Zsa Hungarian actress (1917-)
Gacy, John Wayne American Serial Killer (1942-94)
Gaiman, Neil English science fiction author (1960-)
Gaines, General Edmund P. American general (1777-1849)
Gainesville Ripper, The American serial killer (1954-2006)
Gainsborough, Thomas English artist (1927-1788)
Gale, Lauren American Basketball player (1917-1996)
Galilei, Galileo Italian scientist, physicist, and astronomer (1564-1642)
Gallagher, Peter American actor (1955-)
Gallatin, Albert American United States Secretary of the Treasury (1761-1849)
Gallatin, Harry American Basketball player (1927- )
Gallup, George American Pollster (1901-84)
Gandhi, Mahatma Indian Father of non-violent civil disobedience in India (1869-1948)
Gandolfini, James American actor (1961-)
Garcia, Jerry American musician (1942-95)
Garcia, Andy Cuban-American actor (1956-)
Garden of Eden Biblical creation world
Gardner, Erle Stanley American Detective story writer (1889-1970)
Garfield, James American 20th U. S. President (1831-1881)
Garfield, John American actor (1913-1952)
Garfield, Lucretia American First lady of the U.S.
Garfunkel, Art American singer/songwriter (1941-)
Garland, Judy American actress (1922 - 1969)
Garlits, Big Daddy Don American drag racer (1932 - )
Garner, James American actor (1928- )
Garr, Teri American actress (1944-)
Garson, Greer English-American actress (1904-1996)
Gates, Bill American businessman (1955-)
Gates, Horatio American Revolutionary War general (1727-1806)
Gates, William American Basketball hall of famer (1917-1999)
Gates, Jr., Henry Louis American scholar (1950-)
Gavin, John American actor (1931-)
Gay, Marvin Pentz American Father of Marvin Gaye (1914-98)
Gaye, Marvin American soul singer (1939-1984)
Gayheart, Rebecca American actress (1971-)
Gaynor, Janet American actress (1906-1984)
Gehrig, Lou American Baseball Player (1903-1941)
Gein, Ed American Serial Killer 1906-1984)
Gellar, Sarah Michelle American actor (1977-)
George, Lowell American Musician (1845-79)
George II German King of England (1683-1760)
George III British monarch (1783-1820)
George IV British monarch (1762-1830)
George V British monarch (1865-1936)
George VI British monarch (1895-1952)
Gere, Richard American Actor (1949-)
Geronimo Native American leader (1829-1909)
Geronimo, Chappo Native-American son of Geronimo (?-?)
Gershwin, George American composer (1898-1937)
Gershwin, Ira American musician & songwriter December 6, 1896 - August 17, 1983
Gertz, Jamie American actress (1965- )
Gervin, George American Basketball hall of famer (1952- )
Gets, Malcolm American actor (1964-)
Giancana, Sam American Mob boss (1908-75)
Gibb, Andy Australian-American singer (1958-1988)
Gibson, Josh American Baseball Player (19111947)
Gibson, Bob American Baseball Player (1935-)
Gifford, Frank American professional football player (1930-)
Gilbert, Sara American actress (1975-)
Gilbert, Melissa American actress (1964-)
Gilbert, John American silent film star (1899-1936)
Ginsberg, Allen American poet (1926-1997)
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1933- )
Ginty, Robert American actor (1948-)
Gish, Lillian American actress (1893-1993)
Givens, Robin American actress (1964-)
Gladstone, William British Prime Minister (1809-98)
Gladys Knight and the Pips American R&B group
Glaser, Paul Michael American actor (1943-)
Glenn, John American Astronaut (1921-1963)
Globetrotters, Harlem American exhibition basketball team
Gloucester Historic Society American Historical society
Glover, Lilie Mae American Blues singer (1906-1985)
Glover, Danny American actor (1946-)
Glynn, Carlin American actor (1940-)
Gobel, George American comedian (1919-1991)
Goddard, Robert American Inventor (1882-1945)
Godfrey, Arthur American Radio and television broadcaster (1903-1983)
Goering, Hermann German Leading Nazi Official (1893-1946)
Gola, Thomas American Basketball hall of famer (1933- )
Goldberg, Whoopi American comedian (1955-)
Goldblum, Jeff American actor (1952-)
Goldman, Ron American murder victim (1968-1994)
Goldwyn, Samuel Polish-American movie producer and studio head (1882-1974)
Gonzalez, Nicholas American actor (1976-)
Goodman, Benny American musician (1809-1986)
Goodman, John American actor (1952-)
Goodman, Steve American singer-songwriter (1948-1984)
Goodrich, Gail American Basketball player (1943- )
Goodyear, Charles American inventor of vulcanized rubber (1800-1860)
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company American Automotive parts company
Gorbachev, Mikhail Russian Final Head of the Soviet Union (1931-)
Gordon, Ruth American actress (1896-1985)
Gordon, Adam Lindsay Austrailian Poet, jockey, and politician (1833-70)
Gordy, Berry American record producer (1929-)
Gore, Al American Vice-President (1948-)
Goya, Francisco Spanish Painter (1746-1828)
Grace, Topher American actress (1978-)
Gracie, Archibald American author (1859-1912)
Graeme, Dr. Thomas Scottish/American Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice (1688-1772)
Graham, Billy American evangelist (1918- )
Grahame, Gloria American actress (1921-1981)
Grammer, Kelsey American actor (1955- )
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five American hip-hop group
Grange, Harold (Red) American professional football player (1903-91)
Grant, Ulysses S. American 18th U. S. President (1822-1885)
Grant, Lee American actress (1927-)
Grant, Cary English actor (1904-1986)
Grant, Hugh British actor (1960- )
Grateful Dead, The American music group
Gray, Linda American actress (1940-)
Green, Al American soul singer (1946-)
Greenberg, Hank American Baseball Player (1911-1986)
Greene, Lorne Canadian-American actor (1915-1987)
Greenspan, Alan American Economist (1926-)
Greenstreet, Sydney Bristish actor (1979-1954)
Greer, Harold American Basketball player (1936- )
Gregory, Dick American actor, writer, & activist (1932-)
Gregory VII, Pope Italian Pope during the Investiture Crisis (1020/25-1085)
Grenier, Adrian American actor (1976-)
Grenville, Sir Richard English Explorer and seafarer (1542-1591)
Grey, Jennifer American actress (1960-)
Grey, Lita American actress (1908-1995)
Grey, Jane English Wife of Henry the 8th (1537-54)
Grey, Zane American Western author (1872 - 1939)
Grier, David Alan American actor (1955-)
Griffin, Merv American talk show host & game show producer (1925- )
Griffith, Andy American TV actor (1926- )
Grisham, John American novelist (1955- )
Grissom, Gus American Astronaut (1926-1967)
Groen, Lou American Invented fish sandwich (1918- )
Gruenig, Robert American Basketball player (1913-1958)
Guevara, Che Argentine Revolutionary (1928-1967)
Guillaume, Robert American actor (1927-)
Gutenberg, Johannes German Printer (1398 -1468)
Guthrie, Woody American folk musician (1912-57)
Guthrie, Arlo American singer/songwriter (1947-)
Guy, Buddy American blues guitarist (1936-)
Guzman, Luis Puerto Rican actor (1956-)
Gwenn, Edmund American actor (1877-1906)
Gwynne, Fred American actor (1926-1993)
Gyllenhaal, Maggie American actress (1977-)
Gyllenhaal, Jake American actor (1980-)
Gangs of New York American, German, Italian, British, Dutch movie (2002)
"Gee Whiz" American R&B song by Carla Thomas (1961)
General Hospital American soap opera (1963- )
Gettysburg Address Speech by Abraham Lincoln (1863)
Ghost Town
Giant Pandas Chinese Animal
Gibson Guitar Corporation American guitar company (1902- )
Gilligan's Island American TV series (1964-1967)
God's Creation of the World Italian Painting by Michalangelo (1508-11)
God's Relationship with Mankind Italian Painting by Michalangelo (1508-11)
Godfather American movie (1972-)
Going My Way American movie (1944)
Goldfinger American movie (1964)
Gone with the Wind American Novel and Movie (1937, 1939)
Good News Productions American
Good Will Hunting American movie (1997)
Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road Music album by Elton John (1973)
Got Any Gum? American Joe Walsh Album (1985)
Graceland American Album by Paul Simon (1986)
Grand Ole Opry American radio show (1925- )
Grease (movie) American movie (1978)
Great Balls of Fire (movie) American Movie (1989)
"Great Balls of Fire (song)" American rock song (1957)
Green Acres American TV series (1965-1971)
"Green Onions" American R&B song by Booker T.& the MG'S (1962)
Grimm Alfalfa American grain
"Grimsby" Song by Elton John (1974)
Grindhouse American Film (2006)
Gulliver's Travels (2010 movie) American movie (2010)
Gunga Din (movie) British Movie (1939)
"Gunga Din (poem)" British Poem (1892)
Guns N' Roses American Rock Band 1986-
Gutenberg Bible German work that started the age of the printed book (1452)
Guys and Dolls American Musical film 1955
Gettysburg, Battle of American Civil War battle (1863)
Grand Prix Monaco auto race (1929-present)
Great Fire of London British fire (1666)
Great Locomotive Chase, The American Civil War raid (1862)

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