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Hackett, Buddy American comedian and actor (1924-2003)
Hackman, Gene American actor (1930-)
Hagan, Clifford American Basketball player (1931- )
Haggard, Merle American country music singer (1937- )
Hagman, Larry American actor (1931-)
Hahn, Jessica American Caused the downfall of evangelist Jim Bakker (1959 - )
Hale, Jr., Alan American actor (1921-1990)
Haley, Bill American rock musician (1925-1981)
Haley, Jack American actor (1898-1979)
Haley, Alex American author (1921-1992)
Hall, Arsenio American talk show host (1955- )
Hall, Monty American game show host (1921-)
Hall, Charles Martin American Inventor of modern aluminum processing (1863-1914)
Hamer, Fannie Lou American civil rights activist (1917-1977)
Hamilton, Alexander American Founding Father (1755 or 1757-1804)
Hamlin, Harry American actor (1951-)
Hammer, Armand American oil tycoon (1898-1990)
Hammerstein I, Oscar American theatre impresario (1847-1919)
Hammerstein II, Oscar American composer (1895-1960)
Hamner, Earl American author (1923- )
Hampton, Henry American director and producer (1940-1998)
Hancock, John American Founding Fathers (1737-1793)
Handel, George Frideric German baroque composer (1685-1759)
Handler, Ruth American Inventor (1916-2002)
Handy, W. C. American blues musician (1873-1958)
Hanks, Tom American actor (1956-)
Hannah, Daryl American actress (1960-)
Hansberry, Lorraine American author (1930-1965)
Hanson, Victor American Basketball player (1903-1982)
Hardee, William American Confederate General (1815-1873)
Hardin, Tim American Folk Singer (1941-80)
Harding, Warren G. American 29th U. S. President (1865-1923)
Hardwick, Billy American Hall of Fame Bowler (1941- )
Hardy, Oliver American actor (1892-1957)
Hargitay, Mariska American actress (1964-)
Harlow, Jean American actress (1911-1937)
Harmon, Mark American actor (1951-)
Harper, Hill American actor (1966-)
Harper, Tess American actress (1950-)
Harrington, Al Samoan-American actor (1935-)
Harris, Julie American actress (1925-)
Harris, Ed American actor (1950-)
Harris, Rosemary American actress (1930-)
Harris, Jonathan American actor (1914-2002)
Harris-Steward, Lusia American Basketball player (1955- )
Harrison, Rex English stage and film actor (1908-1990)
Harrison, George English singer/songwriter (1943-2001)
Harrison, John British inventor 1693-1776
Harrison, William Henry American 9th U. S. President (1773-1841)
Harrison, Benjamin American 23rd U. S. President (1833-1901)
Hart, Gary American Presidential contender in 1984 (1936 - )
Hartnett, Gabby American Baseball Player (1900-1972)
Hartnett, Josh American actor (1978-)
Harvey, Steve American comic (1957-)
Hasselhoff, David American actor (1952- )
Hathaway, Anne American actress (1982-)
Haussmann, Georges French Architect 1809-1891
Havens, Richie American Folk Singer (1941-)
Haver, June American actress (1926-2005)
Havlicek, John American Basketball player (1940- )
Hawke, Ethan American actor (1970-)
Hawking, Stephen British mathematician & physicist (1942- )
Hawkins, Cornelius American Basketball player (1942- )
Hawley, Steven American Astronaut (1951- )
Hawn, Goldie American actress (1945-)
Hawthorne, Nathaniel American author (1804-1864)
Hayek, Friedrich Austrian-British Economist May 8, 1899 March 23, 1992
Hayes, Rutherford B. American 19th U. S. President (1822-1893)
Hayes, Isaac American actor/singer (1942-2008)
Hayes, Elvin American Basketball player (1945- )
Hayes, Reggie American actor (1970-)
Hayes, Sean American actor (1970-)
Hayes, Helen American actress of stage and screen (1900-1993)
Hayes, Gabby American actor (1885-1969)
Haynes , Marques American Basketball player (1926- )
Haysbert, Dennis African-American actor (1954-)
Hayward, Susan American actress (1917-1975)
Hayworth, Rita American actress (1918-1987)
Headly, Glenne American actress (1955-)
Heard, John American actor (1946-)
Hearst, William Randolph American newspaper publisher (1863-1951)
Hearst, Patty American Newspaper heiress, kidnap victim and bank robber (1954 - )
Heche, Anne American actor (1969-)
Hedaya, Dan American actor (1940-)
Hedren, Tippi American actress (1930-)
Heflin, Van American actor (1910-1971)
Hefner, Hugh American founder of Playboy magazine (1926- )
Heilmann, Harry American Baseball Player (1894-1951)
Heimlich, Henry American Heimlich Maneuver (1920- )
Heinsohn, Thomas American Basketball player (1934- )
Helgenberger, Marg American actress (1958-)
Helm, Levon American Drummer (1940-)
Hemingway, Ernest American author (1899-1961)
Hemingway, Margaux American actress (1954-1996)
Hemingway, Mariel American actress (1961-)
Hemingway, Jack American author (1923-2000)
Henderson, Florence American actress (1934-)
Hendrix, Jimi American rock legend (1942-1970)
Henley, Don American rock musician (1947-)
Henry, Patrick American Founding Father;
First governor of Virginia (1736-1799)
Henry I English Monarch (1069-1135)
Henry III English monarch 1207-72
Henry IV, Emperor German Holy Roman Emperor (1050-1106)
Henry V English Monarch 1387-1422
Henry VI British Monarch (1421-1471)
Henry VII English Monarch (1457-1509)
Henry VIII British Monarch (1491-1547)
Henson, Jim American Creator of the Muppets (1936-1990)
Hepburn, Katharine American Actress (1907-2003)
Herman, Pee-Wee American Comedian (1952-)
Herriot, James British Author and veterinarian (1916-1995)
Hershey, Milton American Chocolate magnate (1857-1945)
Hershey, Barbara American Actress (1948-)
Hess, Rudolph German Deputy to Hitler (1894-1987)
Hess, Rudolph German Deputy to Hitler (1894-1987)
Heston, Charlton American Actor (1924-2008)
Hewitt, Jennifer Love American actress (1979-)
Hewlett, Bill American co-founder of Silicon Valley and Hewlett-Packard (1913-2001)
Highwaymen, The American Country Supergroup (1985-1995)
Hill, Lauryn American singer and actress (1975-)
Hillerman, John American actor (1932-)
Hilton, Paris American personality (1981-)
Hilton, Jr., Conrad American businessman (1926-1969)
Himmler, Heinrich German head of the Nazi SS (1900-1945)
Hinckley, Jr., John American attempted assassin of Ronald Reagan (1955-)
Hines, Gregory American Dancer & actor (1946-2003)
Hirsch, Judd American actor (1935-)
Hitchcock, Alfred English-American director (1899-1980)
Hitchcock, Patricia American actress (1928-)
Hitler, Adolf German Dictator (1889-1945)
Hodiak, John American actor (1914-1955)
Hoffman, Dustin American Actor (1937-)
Hoffman, Jeffrey American Astronaut (1944- )
Hoffman, Abbie American Activist (1936-89)
Hofmann, Albert Swiss inventor of LSD (1906-2008)
Hohokam People, The American prehistoric people (c. AD 1-1450)
Holden, William American Movie actor (1918-1981)
Holiday, Billie American Singer/songwriter (1915-1959)
Holliday, Judy American actress (1921-1965)
Holly, Buddy American Singer/songwriter (1936-1959)
Holly, Lauren American actress 1963-)
Holm, Celeste American actress (1919-)
Holman, Nat American Basketball hall of famer (1896-1995)
Holmes, Sherlock English Fictional detective (1887-1930)
Holmes, Katie American actress (1978-)
Holmes, Sr., Oliver Wendell American poet (1809-1894)
Homer, Winslow American Landscape painter and printmaker (1836 - 1910)
Homer & Jethro American country comedy act
Hood, John Bell American Confederate Commander (1831-1879)
Hooker, John Lee American Blues musician (1917-2001)
Hooks, Benjamin American NAACP president (1925-)
Hoover, Herbert American 31st U. S. President (1874-1964)
Hoover, J. Edgar American Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1895-1972)
Hoover, Lou Henry American First Lady (1874-1944)
Hope, Bob American Entertainer (1903-2003)
Hope, John American activist, author, & professor (1868-1936)
Hopkins, Miriam American actress (1902-1972)
Hopkins, Anthony Welsh (1937-)
Hopper, Dennis American actor (1936-)
Horne, Lena American singer, actress, & activist (1917-)
Hornsby, Rogers American Baseball Player (1896-1963)
Horowitz, Vladimir American pianist (1903-1989)
Horton, Johnny American Singer (1925 - 1960)
Houbregs, Robert American Basketball hall of famer (1932- )
Houdini, Harry Hungarian-born American magician & escapologist (1874-1926)
Houghton, Katharine American actress (1945-)
House, Son American blues musician (1902-1988)
Houston, Whitney American singer & actress (1963-)
Howard, Curly American Comic actor (1930-1952)
Howard, Shemp American Comic actor (1895-1955)
Howard, Moe American Comic actor (1897-1975)
Howard, Ken American actor (1944-)
Howard, Ron American actor & director (1954-)
Howard, Catherine English Wife of Henry the 8th (1520-1542)
Howe, Julia Ward American composer & abolitionist (1819-1910)
Howell, C. Thomas American actor (1966-)
Howell , Baily American Basketball hall of famer (1937- )
Howlin' Wolf American Blues singer (1910-1976)
Hudson, Rock American Actor (1925-1985)
Hudson, Kate American actress (1979-)
Hudson, Oliver American actor (1976-)
Hudspeth, Cindy Lee American murder victim of the (1957-1978)
Huffman, Felicity American actress (1962-)
Hughes, Langston American Author (1902-1967)
Hughes, Howard American director, producer, & personality (1905-1976)
Hugo, Victor French Author of Les Miserables (1802-1805)
Hulman, Tony American Owner of Indianapolis Motor Speedway (1946-1988)
Humperdinck, Engelbert Anglo-Indian/American singer (1936-)
Humphrey, Hubert American Vice-President (1911-1978)
Hunt, H.L. American oil tycoon (1889-1974)
Hunt, Jr., E. Howard American Watergate burglar (1918-2007)
Hunter, Catfish American Baseball Player (1946-1999)
Hunter, Jeffrey American actor (1926-1969)
Hurley, Elizabeth British actress (1965-)
Hurst, Fannie American novelist (1889-1968)
Hurst, Ryan American actor (1976-)
Hurston, Zora Neale African-American author (1891-1960)
Hurt, William American actor (1950-)
Hurt, Mary Beth American actress (1946-)
Huston, John American Film director (1906 - 1987)
Huston, Walter American Actor (1884 - 1950)
Huston, Anjelica American Actress (1951 -)
Hutton, Betty American Film actress & singer 1921-2007
Hutton, Lauren American actress & model (1943-)
Hyatt, Charles American Basketball hall of famer (1908-1978)
Halls of Fame International
Happy Days American Television Series (1974-84)
Hard hat Protective headgear
Harley-Davidson American One of America's oldest motorcycle manufacturer (1903-)
Harry and Walter Go to New York American movie (1976)
Harvard Man American film (2001)
Harvard University American university
Hats Off American Classic Laurel and Hardy Movie (1927)
Haunting, The American movie (1999)
Highlander American/British movie (1986)
"Hillside Strangler" American murderous team (1977-1978)
"His Last Bow" Sherlock Holmes short story by Arthur Conan Doyle (1914)
Historic House Museums
Historic Restaurants & Cafes
Historic Villages restored or recreated historic villages
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy British sci-fi series (1978)
Hobbit, The British novel by J.R.R. Tolkien (1937)
Hogan's Heroes American TV series (1965-1971)
"Hold On! I'm A Comin" American R&B song by Sam & Dave (1966)
Holiday Inn Hotels American hotel chain
Hollywood Walk of Fame American tribute to show business icons
Hoover Dam Hydroelectric dam in Colorado
Hospitals Healthcare facilities
Hound of the Baskervilles, The Sherlock Holmes novel by Arthur Conan Doyle (1889)
Houston Astros American Major League Baseball team (1962-)
Hula Hoop American Toy
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Novel by Victor Hugo (1831)
Hurricane Katrina American deadliest hurricane in U.S. history since 1928 (August 29, 2005)
Hangings International Executions
Harpers Ferry, Battle of American Civil War battle (1862)
Holocaust, The Genocide of European Jews

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