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IBM American corporation
Il-sung, Kim North Korean Founder and "Great Leader" (1912-1994)
IMAX Theaters Largest movie screens
Imperioli, Michael Italian-American actor (1966-)
Impressions, The American music group
Incas, The Mesoamerican Ancient Civilization (1200-1572)
Indianapolis Colts American National Football League team
Inge, William American playwright (1913-1973)
Ingram, Luther American singer (1937-2007)
Ingram, Rex American actor (1895-1969)
Inklings, The British Literary group (1930s-1949)
Inkspots, The American vocal group
Ionesco, Eugene Romanian-French playwright (1909-1994)
Ireland, Jill English-American actress (1936-1990)
Iron Butterfly American rock band 1960s
Irving, Washington American author (1783-1859)
Irving, Julius American Businessman and Basketball Hall of Famer (1950-)
Irwin, Steve Australian TV's Crocodile Hunter (1962-2006)
Irwin, Bindi Austrailian Daughter of Steve Irwin (1998-)
Isley Brothers, The American music group
Issel, Daniel American Basketball Hall of Famer (1948- )
Ito, Lance Japanese-American O. J. Simpson's trial judge (1950-)
Ivan IV Russian Czar of Russia (1530-1584)
Ivey, Judith American actress (1951-)
I Confess Canadian-American movie (1953)
"I Saw Her Standing There" song by The Beatles (1963)
"I Walk the Line" song by Johnny Cash (1956)
"I Want Love" Elton John Song (2001)
"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" American Song by Hank Williams (1949)
Ice cream cone Popular confection
Iceman Cometh, The American play by Eugene O'Neill
"If Loving You Is Wrong" American R&B song by Luther Ingram 1972
"If You're Ready" American R&B song by The Staple Singers 1973
Impressionism Major art movement 19th century
In Bruges British movie (2008)
In Cold Blood American novel and movie by Truman Capote (1966) (1967)
In Person at the Whiskey a Go Go American album (1966)
In Search of the Holy Grail British documentary (2003)
Indianapolis 500 American automobile race (1909 - )
Indianapolis Motor Speedway American Famous car races 1911-
Industrial Museums
Intruder in the Dust American Novel by William Faulkner (1948)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers American movie (1978)
Iron smelting Manufacturing process
Ironbridge Gorge Museums British Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution 1700s
Islam Religion (7th century A.D.-)
Islands A land mass surrounded by water
It's a Wonderful Life American movie (1946)
Industrial Revolution Historical turning point (c. 1760-c. 1850)

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