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Jack the Ripper English serial killer (1888)
Jackman, Hugh Australian-American actor (1968-)
Jackson, Andrew 7th U. S. President (1767-1845)
Jackson, Michael American pop singer (1958- )
Jackson, Stonewall American Civil War general (1824-1863)
Jackson, Mahalia American singer (1911-1972)
Jackson, Shoeless Joe American Baseball Player (1888-1951)
Jackson, Samuel L. American actor (1948-)
Jackson, Reggie American Baseball Player (1946- )
Jackson, Elmer American lynching victim (1898-1920)
Jackson, Anne American actress (1926-)
Jackson, Kate American actress (1948-)
Jackson Five, The American pop group
Jackson, Jr., Jesse American politician (1965-)
Jackson, Sr., Jesse American minister & civil rights activist (1941-)
Jagger, Mick British rock singer (1943- )
James, Sonny American country music singer (1929- )
James, Etta American singer (1938-)
James, Henry American novelist (1843-1916)
James, Rick American singer & musician (1948-2004)
James, Jesse American outlaw (1847-1882)
James I Scottish King of England (1566-1625)
James II British Monarch (1633-1701)
James V Scottish Monarch (1512-1542)
Jamison, Jimi American popular singer
Janney, Allison American actress (1959-)
Janssen, Famke American actress (1965-)
Jarreau, Al American singer (1940-)
Jay, John American Founding Father (1745-1829)
Jeannette , Buddy American Basketball Hall of Famer (1917-1998)
Jefferson, Thomas American 3rd U. S. President (1743-1826)
Jefferson Airplane American rock band
Jenkins, Fergie American Baseball Player (1943- )
Jennings, Waylon American country music singer (1937-2002)
Jimi Hendrix Experience, The American rock band
Joan of Arc French National Icon (1412-1441)
Jobs, Steve American Founder of Apple (1955-)
Jodl, Alfred German Military Commander (1890-1946)
Joel, Billy American musician (1949-)
Johansson, Scarlett American actress (1984-)
John, Elton English Pop Singer (1947-)
John I English King of England (1167-1216)
Johnson, Lyndon B. American 36th U. S. President (1908-1973)
Johnson, Andrew American 17th U. S. President (1808-1875)
Johnson, Howard American hotel & ice cream magnate (1897-1972)
Johnson, Robert American blues musician (1911-1938)
Johnson, James Weldon American author (1871-1938)
Johnson, Don American Hall of Fame Bowler (1941-2003)
Johnson, Samuel British Writer and philosopher 1709-1784
Johnson, William American Basketball Hall of Famer (1911-1980)
American Basketball legend (1959- )
Johnson, Lady Bird American First Lady (1912-2007)
Johnson, Anne-Marie African-American actress (1960-)
Johnson, Van American actor, singer, & dancer (1916-)
Johnson, Philip C. American Architect (1906-2005)
Johnson, Sonja American murder victim (1963-1977)
Johnston, Donald Neil American Basketball Hall of Famer (1928-1970)
Johnston, Joseph E. American Confederate General (1807-1891)
Johnston, Joseph American Confederate General, Confederate Army Commander 02/03/1807 - 04/21/1891
Johnston, Albert Sidney American Confederate General (1803-1862)
Jolie, Angelina American movie actress (1975- )
Jolson, Al American singer (1886-1950)
Jones, Casey American railroad hero (1863-1900)
Jones, Grandpa Amercian country comedian (1914-1998)
Jones, Tommy Lee American actor (1946-)
Jones, George American country music singer (1931- )
Jones, James Earl American actor (1931-)
Jones, Sam American Basketball Hall of Famer (1933- )
Jones, K. C. American Basketball hall of famer (1917-1999)
Jones, Jennifer American actress (1919-)
Jones, Star African-American TV personality, author, and attorney (1962-)
Jones, Grace Jamaican-American singer, model, &actress (1948-)
Jones, Robert Trent English golf course architect (1906-2000)
Jones, Daniel Webster American pioneer and missionary (1830-1915)
Jones, Arthur American Inventor of the Nautilus (1926-2007)
Jones, Jim American Religious Cult Leader (1931 - 1978)
Jones, Nora American Singer/songwriter (1979- )
Jonson, Ben British Poet and playwright 1572-1637
Joplin, Scott American composer (1867 or 1868 - 1917)
Joplin, Janis American blues singer (1943-1970)
Jordan, Louis American jazz musician (1908-1975)
Jordan, Michael American Chicago Bulls basketball team member (1963-)
Jordan, Vernon American civil rights activist & attorney (1935-)
Jordanaires, The American gospel quartet
Joyce, James Irish writer (1882-1941)
Joyner, Tom American Radio personality (1949-)
Joyner, Al American athletic (1960)
Joyner-Kersee, Jackie American athletic (1962-)
Judas Priest British heavy metal band
Judge Judy American judge & TV personality (1942-)
Juilliard, Augustus American businessman (1836-1919)
Julia, Raul Puerto Rican-American actor (1940-1994)
Julius II Italian Pope (1443-1513)
Jails Local short-term prisons
James Bond Down River British documentary (2000)
Jamestown Settlement First permanent English settlement in America
JFK American Film about the Kennedy Assassination (1991)
Jiggs American Little Rascals Dog (1928 - 1938)
"Johnny B. Goode" American Song by Chuck Berry 1958
Judaism Religion (2000 B.C. -)
"Julia" Song by The Beatles (1968)
Jungle Book (book), The British Book (1894)
Jungle Book (movie), The British movie (1942, 1994)
Jurassic Park American novel 1990

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