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Kalashnikov, Mikhail Russian Inventor of the AK-47 (1919-)
Kaline , Al American Baseball Player (1934- )
Kaltenbrunner, Ernst German Nazi SS leader (1903-1946)
Karloff, Boris American actor (1887-1969)
Kaye, Danny American comic actor (1913-1987)
Keach, Stacy American TV actor (1941- )
Keaton, Diane American film actor (1946- )
Keaton, Michael American actor (1951-)
Keaton, Buster American actor (1895-1966)
Keats, John British poet (1795-1821)
Keeler, Willie American Baseball Player (1872-1923)
Keenan, Barry American Kidnapped Frank Sinatra, Jr. (1939 - )
Keillor, Garrison American author and radio host (1942- )
Keitel, Harvey American actor (1939-)
Keitel, Wilhelm German Field Marshall (1882-1946)
Keith, Brian American TV actor (1921-1997)
Keith, Sir William Scottish/American Colonial Governor (1669-1749)
Keller, Helen American advocate for the sight- and hearing impaired (1880-1968)
Kellerman, Sally American actress (1936- )
Kelley, Grace American actress & European royalty (1929-1982)
Kellogg, Amy English-American tv news reporter (?-?)
Kellogg, John American Inventor (1852-1943)
Kellum, Nathaniel American Owner of historic house
American gangster (1897-1954)
Kelly, Grace American & Monegasque Movie actress 1929-1982
Kelly, Gene American Actor, singer, and dancer (1912-96)
Kelvin, Lord British Scientist (1824-1907)
Kendrick, Eddie American Musician (1939-1992)
Kenly, John R. American Civil War General (1818-1891)
Kennedy, John F. American 35th U. S. President (1917-1963)
Kennedy, Edward American politician (1932- )
Kennedy, Joseph P. American businessman (1888-1969)
Kennedy, Robert F. American Attorney General and Senator (1925-1968)
Kennedy, George American actor (1925-)
Kennedy, Jacqueline American First Lady (1929-1994)
Kennedy, Jr., John F. American publisher (1960-1999)
Kern, Jerome American composer (1885-1945)
Key, Francis Scott Lyricist of the American national anthem (1779-1843)
Keys, Alicia American singer (1980-)
Kid 'n' Play American rap duo
Kidder, Margot Canadian Actress (1948)
Kidman, Nicole Australian Actress (1967-)
Kildall, Gary American software engineer (1942-94)
Killebrew, Harmon American Baseball Player (1934- )
Kilmer, Val American actor (1959- )
Kiner, Ralph American Baseball Player (1922- )
King, B. B. American blues singer (1925- )
King, Stephen American horror novelist (1947- )
King, Larry American broadcaster (1933- )
King, Perry American actor (1948-)
King, Albert American blues musician (1923-1992)
King, Carole American Singer/songwriter (1942-)
King Arthur Legendary ruler of ancient Britain
King Edward III British monarch (1312-1377)
King Edward IV British monarch (1442-1483)
King Henry II British Monarch British monarch (1133-1189)
King James IV Scottish Monarch (1473-1513)
King John English Monarch (1167-1216)
King Philip's War American armed conflict (1675-1676)
King William IV British monarch (1765-1837)
King, Jr., Martin Luther American civil rights leader (1929-1968)
Kinks, The British rock group
Kinney, Terry American actor (1954-)
Kinsey, Alfred American founder of Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction (1894-1956)
Kipling, Rudyard English author (1865-1940)
KISS American Rock Band (1972-)
Kissinger, Henry American politician and educator (1923-)
Kit-Kat Club, The London secret society (17th and 18th centuries)
Kittikachorn, Thanom Thai Military Dictator (1912-2004)
Klein, Calvin American Fashion Designer (1942 - )
Kline, Kevin American actor (1947-)
Kline, Richard American actor (1944-)
Knerr, Richard American Toy inventor (1925-2008)
Knight, Gladys American R&B and Soul singer (1944-)
Knight, Ted American actor (1913-1964)
Knights of the Round Table King Arthur's legendary band of knights
Knotts, Don American actor (1924-2006)
Kolbe, St. Maximillian Polish Catholic Saint 1894-1941
Kool and the Gang American music group
Koppel, Ted American news reporter (1940-)
Korn American rock band
Koufax, Sandy American Baseball Player (1935- )
Krause, Edward American Basketball player (1913-1992)
Kray Twins British Gang Leaders (1933-1995) (1933-1995)
Krenwinkel, Patricia American murderess & member of the Manson Family (1947-)
Kristofferson, Kris American singer and songwriter (1936- )
Kroc, Ray American First McDonalds Restaurant (1902-1984)
Ku Klux Klan American White Supremacy Group
Kuhn, Thomas Samuel American historian and philosopher (1922-1996)
Kurland, Robert American Basketball player (1924- )
Kurtz, Swoosie American actress (1944 - )
Kutcher, Ashton American actor (1978-)
Kansas City American Major Midwestern City
Kentucky Fried Chicken American fried chicken chain
Kermit the Frog Muppets puppet character (1955)
Kewpie Doll American Doll (1900s- )
King Kong film 1933, 1976, 2005
"Knock on Wood" American R&B song by Eddie Floyd (1966)
Kool-AidŽ Powdered drink mix from Kraft Foods
Kennedy Assassination American Assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy (1963)

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