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Mabley, Moms American comic (1894-1975)
MacArthur, Douglas American general (1880-1964)
MacArthur, James American actor (1937-)
MacArthur, Charles American actor (1895-1956)
Macauley, Edward American Basketball players (1928- )
MacDonald, Jeanette American actress (1903-1965)
MacGraw, Ali American actress (1938-)
MacLaine, Shirley American actress (1935-)
MacMurray, Fred American actor (1908-1991)
Madame Sul-Te-Wan American actress (1873-1959)
Madigan, Amy American actress (1958-)
Madison, James American 4th U. S. President (1751-1836)
Madonna American Entertainer (1958-)
Maguire, Toby American actor (1975-)
Mailer, Norman American author (1923-)
Maiman, Theodore H. American Creator of the first working laser (1927-2007)
Makah Indians American Native American Tribe
Malcolm, Roger American lynching victim (1922-1946)
Malcolm, Dorothy American lynching victim (1918-1946)
Malden, Karl American actor (1912-)
Malkovich, John American actor (1958-)
Malone , Moses American Basketball player (1955- )
Mamas and the Papas, The American vocal group
Mandela, Nelson South African Politician 1994-1999
Manet, Edouard French Painter 1832-83
Manilow, Barry American musician (1946-)
Mansfield, Jayne American actress (1933-1967)
Mansfield, Joseph American Union Civil War General 1803-1862
Manson, Charles American cult leader & mass murderer (1934- )
Mantle, Mickey American Baseball Player (1931-1995)
Maranville, Rabbit American Baseball Player (1891-1954)
Maravich, Peter American Basketball player (1947-1988)
March, Stephanie American actress (1974-)
March, Frederic American Actor (1897-1975)
Marconi, Guglielmo Italian Inventor (1873-1937)
Margret, Ann Swedish Actress and singer (1941-)
Margulies, David American actor (1937-)
Marichal, Juan American Baseball Player (1937-)
Marin, Cheech American actor (1946-)
Marion, Shawn American Basketball player (1978-)
Maris, Roger American Baseball Player (1934-1985)
Markov, Georgi Bulgarian Political dissident (1929-1978)
Marley, Bob Jamaican musician and activist (1945-81)
Marley, John American actor (1907-1984)
Marshall, Thurgood American U. S. Supreme Court Justice (1908-1993)
Marshall, Penny American actress, producer and director (1942-)
Marshall, Garry American actor & director (1943-)
Martha and the Vandellas American soul group
Martin, Dean American pop singer (1917-1995)
Martin, Kellie American actor (1975-)
Martin, Slater American Basketball player (1925-)
Martin, Billy American Baseball Player and Team Manager (1928 -1989)
Martindale, Wink American Radio & TV Personality (1933- )
Marx, Groucho American entertainer (1890-1977)
Marx, Chico American entertainer (1891-1961)
Marx, Harpo American entertainer (1893-1961)
Marx, Karl Prussian Father of Communism (1818-1883)
Mary I English Monarch (1516-58)
Mary II English Monarch (1662-94)
Masefield, John British Poet laureate (1878-1967)
Mason, James English-American actor (1909-1984)
Massey, Raymond American actor (1896-1983)
Masterson, Bat American frontierman & lawman (1853-1921)
Masterson, Mary Stuart American actress 1966-)
Mastrantonio, Mary Elizabeth American actress (1958-)
Mathews, Eddie American Baseball Player (1931-2001)
Mathis, Johnny American singer (1935-)
Matisse, Henri French painter (1869-1954)
Matthau, Walter American movie actor (1920-2000)
Matthews, Chris American TV personality and political advisor (1945-)
Mature, Victor American actor (1913-1999)
Maxwell House Coffee American coffee company
Maxwell Reid, Daphne American actress (1948-)
Mayans, The Central American aboriginals
Mayer, Oscar American lunch meat manufacturer (1859-1955)
Mayer, Louis B. American movie studio chief (1882-1957)
Mayfield, Curtis American funk musician (1942-99)
Mayo, Virginia American actress (1920-2005)
Mays, Willie American Baseball Player (1931-)
McAdoo , Robert American Basketball player (1951-)
McAuliffe, Christa American astronaut teacher (1948-1986)
McCartney, Paul English pop musician (1942- )
McClellan, George American Civil War Commander (1826-1885)
McClure, Doug American actor (1935-1995)
McConaughey, Matthew American actor (1969-)
McCormick, Cyrus American Inventor (1809-1884)
McCovey, Willie American Baseball Player (1938-)
McCracken, Branch American Basketball player (1908-1970)
McCracken, Jack American Basketball player (1911-1958)
McCrea, Joel American actor (1905 - 1990)
McDaniel, Hattie American actress (1895-1952)
McDaniel, Sam American actor (1886-1962)
McDaniel, Etta American actress (1890-1985)
McDermott, Robert American Basketball player (1914-1963)
McDermott, Dylan American actor (1961-)
McDonald, Joe American rock musician (1942-)
McEnroe, John American tennis player (1959-)
McGavin, Darren American actor (1922-2006)
McGhie, Isaac American lynching victim (1900-1920)
McGillis, Kelly American actress (1957-)
McGovern, Elizabeth American actress (1961-)
McGuire, Richard American Basketball player (1926-)
McHale , Kevin American Basketball player (1957- )
McHenry, James American Founding Father (1753-1816)
McIntire, John American actor (1907-1991)
McKay, Claude African-American author (1889-1948)
McKellar, Danica American actress (1975-)
McKellen, Sir Ian English actor (1939-)
McKinley, William American 25th U. S. President (1843-1901)
McKinley, Ida Saxton American First Lady (1847-1907)
McLean, Don American rock musician (1945-)
McMahon, Ed American TV personality (1923- )
McNally, Terrence American actor (1939-)
McPhatter, Clyde American R&B musician (1932-1972)
McQueen, Steve American movie actor (1930-1980)
McRae, Meredith American actress (1944-2000)
Mead, Margaret American anthropologist (1901-1978)
Meade, George American Civil War Commander (1815-1872)
Meadows, Audrey American actress (1922-1996)
Mears, Rick American race car driver (1951- )
Meat Loaf American rock singer (1947-)
Medwick, Joe American Baseball Player (1911-1975)
Mellon, Andrew W. American banker and former Secretary of the Treasury (18551937)
Melville, Herman American author (1819-1891)
Meneghin, Dino Italian Basketball player (1950- )
Menendez, Lyle American murderer (1968-)
Menendez, Eric American murderer (1971-)
Menendez, Jose Cuban-American murder victim (1944-)
Menendez, Kitty American murder victim (1941-)
Mercury, Freddy British singer/songwriter (1946-91)
Meredith, James American civil rights activist (1933-)
Meriwether, Lee American Miss America & actress (1935-)
Merlin the Magician English Legendary Wizard
Merman, Ethel American actress (1908-1984)
Merrill, Robert American opera singer (1919-2004)
Mesa Verde Indians Native-American cliff dwellers
Metallica American Rock band
Metcalf, Laurie American actress (1955-)
Meyers, Ann American Basketball player (1955-)
Miami Dolphins American National Football League team
Michelangelo Italian Renaissance artist (1475-1564)
Midler, Bette American actress & singer (1945-)
Mikan, George American Basketball player (1924-2005)
Mikkelsen , Vern American Basketball player (1928-)
Milano, Alyssa American actress (1972-)
Miles, Vera American actress (1929-)
Milland, Ray American actor (1907-1984)
Miller, Norm American Baseball Player (1946-)
Miller, Roger American Singer/songwriter (1936-1992)
Miller, Steve American Rock musician (1943-)
Miller, Don American Football player and coach (1902-1979)
Miller, Chris American Writer (1942-)
Miller, Glenn American Band leader (1904-1944)
Mills, Donna American actress (1940-)
Mills, Robert American architect (1781-1855)
Mimieux, Yvette American Actress (1942-)
Mineo, Sal American Actor (1939-79)
Minh, Ho Chi Vietnamese Communist leader and revolutionary (1890-1969)
Minnelli, Liza American actress (1946-)
Minnelli, Vincente American director (1903-1986)
Minogue, Kylie Australian Singer/ songwriter (1968- )
Miranda, Ernesto American Supreme Court defendant that led to establishment of Miranda Rights (1941 - 1976)
Mitchell, Joni Canadian singer/songwriter (1943-)
Mitchell, Millard American actor (1903-1953)
Mitchell, Margaret American author (1900-1949)
Mitchell, Joan American Painter (1925-1992)
Mitchum, Robert American actor (1917-1997)
Mix, Tom American silent film star & actor (1880-1940)
Moberg, Vilhelm Swedish author (1898-1973)
Mohoney, John English actor (1940-)
Mohr, Joseph Austrian Composer (1792-1848)
Molitor, Paul American Baseball Player (1956- )
Monet, Claude French Painter 1840-1926
Monroe, Marilyn American movie actress (1926-1962)
Monroe, Bill American Father of Bluegrass (1911-96)
Monroe , Vernon American Basketball player (1944-)
Monroe, James American 5th U. S. President (1758-1831)
Montalban, Ricardo Mexican Actor (1920-)
Montana, Joe American professional football player (1956- )
Montgomery, Elizabeth American actress (1933-1995)
Montgomery, Lucy Maud Canadian Author (1874-1942)
Moon, Keith English Drummer (1946-1978)
Moonglows, The American R&B group
Moore, Mary Tyler American actress (1937- )
Moore, Tim American actor (1887-1958)
Moore, Roger English actor (1927-)
Moorehead, Agnes American actress (1900-1974)
More, Thomas English Saint (1478-1535)
Morgan, J. P. American financier (1837-1913)
Morgan, Joe American Baseball Player (1943-)
Morgan, Brittany American actor (1951-)
Morgan, Daniel American Revolutionary War Hero (1735-1802)
Morgan, John Hunt American Famous Cavalry Commander (1825-1864)
Mormon Battalion American military unit (1846-1847)
Morris, Gouverneur American Founding Father (1752-1816)
Morris, Greg American actor (1933-1996)
Morrison, Jim American singer/songwriter (1943-1971)
Morrison, Van Irish singer/songwriter (1945-)
Morrissey British singer (1959- )
Morrow, Vic American actor (1929-1982)
Morrow, Rob American actor (1962-)
Morse, Samuel American Inventor of Morse code (1791-1872)
Morse, David American actor (1953-)
Morton, Jelly Roll American jazz musician (1890-1941)
Mosby, John Singleton American Civil War Cavalry Raider (1833-1916)
Moscowitz, Henry American civil rights activist (1875-1936)
Moses, Grandma American folk artist (1860-1961)
Motown American Music genre
Mount Rushmore American National Memorial (1927-)
Mountain (rock group) American Rock band
Mudd, Samuel A. Accused assassination conspirator (1833-1883)
Mulroney, Dermot American actor (1963-)
Murphy, Audie American World War II hero and movie actor (1924-1971)
Murphy, Charles American Basketball player (1907-1992)
Murphy, Calvin American Basketball player (1948-)
Murphy, Eddie African-American actor & comic (1961-)
Murray, Eddie American Baseball Player (1956-)
Murrow, Edward R. American radio correspondent and television news reporter (1908 - 1965)
Musial, Stan American Baseball Player (1920-)
Muskie, Edmund American Senator and presidential candidate (1914 - 1996)
Magna Carta English historical document (1215)
Maid in Manhatten American movie (2002)
Malcolm X American movie (1992-)
Mamma Mia! British/American movie and broadway musical (2008)
Man in the Iron Mask, The French novel (1847-1850)
Man Who Cried, The British/French movie (2000)
Man with the Golden Gun, The British James Bond Movie (1974)
"Mandalay" British Poem (1892)
Mankind's fall from God's Grace Italian Painting by Michalangelo (1508-11)
Manson Family American cult (1960s)
Maritime Museums
Marnie American movie (1964)
Martha Stewart Show, The American Television series (1993-present)
Marx Brothers American entertainers
Mastodons Prehistoric animals
Meet Me in St. Louis American song (1904) and movie (1944)
Memorial Day American Holiday
Memphis Grizzlies American NBA basketball team (2001-)
Metalwork Museums
meteors & meteor craters Space rocks and their marks on planets
Method Acting American acting skill
Methodist Church, The Christian denomination
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer American TV series (1956-1959, 1984-1987)
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil American Novel and Film
Military Memorials
Military Museums Museums commemorating wars and the military
Milwaukee Braves American Major League Baseball team (1871-1966)
Milwaukee Brewers American Major League Baseball team (1969-)
Minnesota Twins American Major League Baseball team (1961-)
Miracle on 34th Street American movie (1947)
Miracle Worker, The American play (1957) & movie (1962)
Missouri Pacific Railroad American Railroad (1851-1982)
Mona Lisa Painting by Leonardo da Vinci (1503-1506)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail English Movie (1975)
Moon for the Misbegotten, A American play (1952)
Mosasaur Prehistoric sea creature of the Cretaceous Period (c 145 to 65 million years ago)
"Mr. Magoo" American cartoon character (1949)
Mt. St. Helen's American Active Volcano
Mummies Preserved remains of humans and animals
Munsters, The American televison sitcom (1964-1966)
Muppets, The American puppet characters
Music Box, The American Classic Laurel and Hardy Movie (1932)
Music Museums
My Fair Lady American musical play (1956) and movie (1964) by Lerner & Loewe
My Stepmother is an Alien American movie (1988)
Mystery Train Japanese film (1989)
Mexican American War Large territory expansion for the US 1846-1848
Mine Creek, Battle of American Civil War (1864)
MLB All-Star Game American Major League Baseball Competition
Mobile Campaign American Civil War Campaign (1865)
Moore's Ford Bridge Lynching American lynching (1946)

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