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Nagin, Ray African-American Mayor of New Orleans (1956-)
Naismith, James American Inventor of Basketball (1861-1939)
Namath, Joe American professional football player (1943-)
Napoleon I French Military and Political leader (1769-1821)
Napoleon III French Emperor of France (1808-1873)
NASA American Space agency (1958- )
Nash, Ogden American poet (1902-1971)
Nash, Sr., J. Edward African American leader (1868-1957)
Natick Indians American Native American Indians
National Multiple Sclerosis Society American Charity (1946-)
Naylor, Gloria American author (1950-)
Neal, Patricia American actress (1926-)
Nelson, Ozzie American radio & TV actor (1906-1975)
Nelson, Willie American country music singer (1933- )
Nelson, Ricky American pop musician (1940-85)
Nelson, Gunnar American actor (1967-)
Nelson, Matthew American musician (1967-)
Nelson, Tracy American actress (1963-)
Nelson, Harriett American actress (1909-1994)
Nelson, Rick American Singer (1940 - 1985)
Nesbit, Evelyn American actress (1884-1967)
Ness, Eliot American law enforcement agent (1903-1957)
Neurath, Konstantin von German Nazi German Official (1873-1956)
New York Giants American Professional football team (1925)
New York Jets American Football Team (1960-)
Newhart, Bob American comedian & TV actor (1929- )
Newman, Paul American actor and director (1925-)
Newman, Randy American Singer/songwriter (1943-)
Newmar, Julie American actress (1933-)
Newton, Wayne American singer (1942- )
Newton, Sir Isaac English Mathmatician 1642-1727
Nicholas Brothers American tap dancing team
Nicholas II, Czar Russian The last Czar (1868-1918)
Nichols, Harold American tap dancer (1921-2000)
Nicholson, Jack American actor (1937-)
Nicks, Stevie American singer/songwriter (1948-)
Niekro, Phil American Baseball Player (1939- )
Nielson, Leslie American actor (1926-)
Nighthawk, Robert American blues musician (1909-1967)
Nightingale, Florence British Nurse (1820-1910)
Nimoy, Leonard American actor (1931-)
Nirvana American grunge rock group
Nixon, Richard American 37th U. S. President (1913-1994)
Nixon, Norm American basketball player (1955-)
Nobel, Alfred Swedish Inventor (1833-1896)
Noble County Historical Society American Historical society
Noble Govan, Christine American Author (1898-1985)
Normand, Mabel American actress (1895-1930)
Norton, Edward American actor (1969-)
Norton, Ken American Boxer (1943-)
Novak, Kim American actress (1933-)
Nureyev, Rudolf Russian ballet dancer (1938-1993)
NAACP American civil rights organization (1909-)
Natchez, Mississippi Oldest port city on the Mississippi River
National Baseball Hall of Fame American (1936-)
National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) American radio and television network (1926- )
National Cemeteries American A national system started during the Civil War for the inturnment of soldiers (1863-)
National Football League American Professional football league (1920-)
National Guard American Citizen Soldiers (1903-)
National Historic Landmarks (USA)
National Museums
National Natural Landmarks American designation of natural features (1962- )
National Park Service (USA) American Federal Agency
National Register of Historic Places (USA)
Natural History Museums
Neverwhere English Novel by Neil Gaiman (1996)
New York City Government American City government Founded 1614
New York Giants (baseball) American Major League Baseball team (1883-1958)
New York Mets American Major League Baseball team (1962-)
New York Yankees American Major League Baseball team (1901-)
Noah's Ark Ark from the Bible
North by Northwest American movie (1959)
Notting Hill British movie 1999
Nashville Campaign American Last major thrust of the Confederacy (1864)

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