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O'Brien, Conan American talk show host (1963-)
O'Brien, Pat American actor (1899-1983)
O'Brien, Edmund American actor (1915-1985)
O'Connor, Carroll American TV actor (1924-2001)
O'Connor, Flannery American author (1925-1964)
O'Donnell, Chris American actor (1970-)
O'Donnell, Rosie American actress & TV personality (1962-)
O'Jays, The American Soul group
O'Keeffe, Georgia American artist (1887-1986)
O'Neal, Ryan American actor (1941-)
O'Neal, Shaquille American basketball player (1972-)
O'Neill, Eugene American playwright (1888-1953)
O'Neill, Rose American Inventor of Kewpie doll (1874-1944)
O'Quinn, Terry American actor (1952-)
O'Reilly, Bill American journalist and commentator (1949-)
O'Rourke, Heather American child movie actress (1975-1988)
O'Sullivan, Gilbert English pop singer (1946- )
O'Sullivan, Maureen Irish-American actress (1911-1998)
O'Sullivan, John L. American Founding Father (1740-1795)
Obama, Barack American 44th U. S. President (1961-)
Oberson, Merle American actress (1911-1979)
Oka, Masi Japanese-American actor (1974-)
Oldman, Gary American film actor (1958- )
Olin, Ken American actor (1954-)
Olivier, Lawrence British Actor, director, and producer (1907-89)
Olmsted, Frederick Law American architect (1822-1903)
Olsen, Mary-Kate and Ashley American twin actresses (1986-)
Ono, Yoko Japanese singer (1933-)
Orbach, Jerry American actor (1935-2004)
Orbison, Roy American pop singer (1936-1988)
Orlando, Tony American pop singer (1944- )
Orman, Suzie American TV personality (1951-)
Orton, Joe English playwright (1933-1967)
Orwell, George British author (1903-1950)
Oswald, Lee Harvey American assassin of John F. Kennedy (1939-63)
Ott, Mel American Baseball Player (1909-1958)
Overton, John American Cofounder of Memphis (1766-1833)
Ovington, Mary White American civil rights activist (1865-1951)
Owens, Jesse American Olympic champion (1913-80)
Owens, Buck American country music singer (1929-2006)
Oakland Athletics American Major League Baseball team (1968-)
Occidental Petroleum American oil company
Odd Structures Buildings with a difference
"Ohio (song)" American song (1970)
"Old Glory" American nickname for American flag (1831- )
"Ole Man River" Sung in
Oliver Twist British novel (1838)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service British/American James Bond Movie (1969)
"On the Road to Mandalay" British Song (1958, 1962)
"One After 909" Song by The Beatles (1970)
Open All Hours British sitcom (1976-1985)
Orlando Magic American Professional basketball team (1989-)
Our Gang American movie shorts (1930s)
Olympics, American International athletic competitions
Orphan Train Movement American social services (1854-1929)
Overland Campaign American Major Civil War Campaign (1864)

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