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Pacino, Al American actor (1940-)
Packard, David American Company founder (1912-1996)
Packard Motor Car Company American car company (1899-1958)
Packer, Alfred American Convicted of cannibalism (1842-1907)
Page, Harlan American Basketball player (1887-1965)
Page, Geraldine American actress (1924-1987)
Page, Larry American Software developer (1973-)
Page, John American Govenor of Virginia (1744-1808)
Page, Jimmy English rock musician (1944-)
Paige, Satchel American Baseball Player (1906-1982)
Paine, Thomas English-American philosopher (1737-1809)
Palance, Jack American actor (1919-2006)
Palmer, Jim American Baseball Player (1945-)
Paltrow, Gwyneth American actress (1972-)
Paltrow, Bruce American director (1943-2002)
Panettiere, Hayden American actress (1989-)
Papen, Franz von German Chancellor (1879-1969)
Paquin, Anna Canadian actress (1982-)
Pardue, Kip American actor (1976-)
Parent, Steven American Manson Family victim (1951-1969)
Parish , Robert American Basketball player (1953- )
Parker, Fess American actor (1924-)
Parker, Bonnie American gang member (1910-1934)
Parker, Quanah Native American Commanche warrior (late 1840s-1911)
Parker, Cynthia Ann American abducted by a Commache tribe (1826-1870)
Parker, Sarah Jessica American Actress (1965-)
Parker, Ely Samuel Native American Civil War translator & author (1828-1895)
Parks, Rosa American Civil Rights activist (1913-2005)
Parks, Larry American actor (1914-1975)
Parliament-Funkadelic American funk band
Parsons, Estelle American actress (1927-)
Parton, Dolly American country music singer (1946-)
Pasteur, Louis French Inventor (1922-1895)
Patinkin, Mandy American actor (1952-)
Patton, Will American actor (1954-)
Paul, Les American jazz musician and inventor (1912-)
Paul Butterfield Blues Band American blues group
Paul II, Pope John Polish Pope (1920-2005)
Pavarotti, Luciano Italian Opera Singer (1935-2007)
Pavlova, Anna Russian ballerina (1881-1931)
Paycheck, Johnny American Country Music Singer (1938-2003)
Payton, Walter American football player (1954-1999)
Peabody, George American-English philanthropist (1795 - 1869)
Pearl, Minnie American country comedienne (1912-96)
Peary, Robert American Explorer (1856-1920)
Peck, Gregory American Actor (1916-2003)
Pemberton, John C. American Confederate Commander at Vicksburg (1814 – 1881)
Pendergrass, Teddy American soul singer (1950-)
Penn, Chris American actor (1965-2006)
Penn, Sean American actor (1960-)
Penn, Leo American actor (1921-1988)
Penn, William American Founder of Pennsylvania (1644 - 1718)
Penney, J. C. American merchandiser and retail company (1875-1971)
Pennock, Herb American Baseball Player (1894-1948)
Penny, James Cash American businessman & entrepreneur (1875-1971)
Peppard, George American actor (1928-1994)
Pepys, Samuel English Diarist and Politician (1633-1703)
Percy, Walker American Author (1916-1990)
Perez, Tony American Baseball Player (1942- )
Perkins, Carl American rockabilly singer (1932-1998)
Perkins, Edwin American inventor of Kool-Aid® (1889-1961)
Perkins, Anthony American Actor (1932-1992)
Perlman, Rhea American actress (1948-)
Perry, Gaylord American Baseball Player (1938- )
Perry, Jeff American actor (1955-)
Perry, Matthew Canadian actor (1969-)
Pershing, John American General (1860-1948)
Peruguino, Pietro Italian Artist (1446-1524)
Peter, Paul, and Mary American rock band
Peters, Jean Peters actress (1926-2000)
Peters, Brock American actor (1927-2005)
Peterson, Pat American actress (1934-1978)
Petrovic , Drazen Croatian Basketball player 1964-1993
Pettit, Robert American Basketball player (1932- )
Petty, Tom American singer (1950-)
Pfeiffer, Michelle American actress (1958-)
Phelps, Michael American Olympic Swimmer (1985-)
Philbin, Regis American television personality (1931- )
Phillip, Andy American Basketball player (1922-2001)
Phillips, Sam American record producer (1923-2003)
Phillips, Stone American journalist (1954-)
Phillips, Lou Diamond American actor (1962-)
Phillips, Michelle American singer & actress (1944-)
Phillips, Utah American Singer, Songwriter, and Anarchist (1935-2008)
Phoenix, River American actor (1970-1993)
Phoenix, Joaquin American Actor (1974- )
Picasso, Pablo Spanish Painter (1881-1973)
Pickett, Wilson American soul musician (1941-2006)
Pickford, Mary Canadian-American actress (1892-1979)
Pidgeon, Walter Canadian-American actor (1897-1984)
Pierce, David Hyde American actor (1959-)
Pierce, Franklin American 14th U. S. President (1804-1869)
Pimp C American rapper (1973-2007)
Pink Floyd British rock band 1960s-1990s
Pioneer Maennerchor German-American singing society
Pitney, Gene American singer/songwriter (1940-2006)
Pitt the Elder, William British Prime Minister (1708-78)
Pitt the Younger, William British Prime Minister (1759-1806)
Pittsburgh Steelers American Football Team (1933-)
Pius XI, Pope Italian Pope (1857-1939)
Plantations Historic Estates
Plath, Sylvia American poet (1932-1963)
Platt, Oliver Canadian actor (1960-)
Platters, The American vocal group
Pleasonton, Alfred American Civil War general (1824-1897)
Pleshette, Suzanne American actress (1937-)
Plimpton, Martha American actress (1970-)
Plummer, Christopher Canadian actor (1929-)
Poe, Edgar Allan American writer (1809-1849)
Poison American Rock band
Poitier, Sidney Bahamian-American actor (1927-)
Polanski, Roman French film director (1933-)
Police, The English rock band
Polk, James K. American 11th U. S. President (1795-1849)
Polk, Leonidas American Confederate General (1806-1864)
Pollack, Sydney American film director (1934-2007)
Pollack, Kevin American Actor (1957-)
Pollan, Tracy American actress (1960-)
Pollard, James American Basketball player (1922-1993)
Porter, Cole American composer (1891-1964)
Porter, Katherine Anne American Author (1890-1980)
Portman, Natalie American actress (1981-)
Poston, Tom American actor (1921-2007)
Potente, Franka German actress (1974-)
Potter, Harry English fictional character
Povich, Maury American talk show host (1939-)
Powell, William American Actor (1892-1984)
Powell, Colin American U.S. cabinet member (1937-)
Powell, Dick American actor (1904-1963)
Powell, Eleanor American actress (1912-1982)
Powell, John W. American Civil War Soldier and Explorer (1834-1902)
Power, Tyrone American actor (1914-1958)
Powers, Stephanie American actress (1942 - )
Powers, Francis Gary American U-2 pilot (1929-1977)
Preminger, Otto Austrian actor & film director (1906-1986)
Presley, Elvis American rock singer (1935-1977)
Presley, Priscilla American Wife of Elvis Presley (1945-)
Pressman, Gloria American actress (1923-1991)
Preston, Robert American actor (1918-1987)
Pretenders, The English rock group
Price, Vincent American actor (1911-1993)
Price, Lloyd American rock musician (1933-)
Price, Leontyne American opera singer (1927-)
Price, Sterling American Civil War general (1809-1867)
Pride, Charlie American country music singer (1938-)
Prince (musician) American musician (1958- )
Prince Albert English husband of Queen Victoria (1819-1861)
Prine, John American singer-songwriter (1946-)
Prinze, Freddie American Actor (1954-77)
Professor X American X-Clan founder (1957-2006)
Proust, Marcel French Novelist 1871-1922
Pryor, Richard American comedian (1940-2005)
Puckett, Kirby American Baseball Player (1960-2006)
Pulitzer, Joseph Hungarian-American publisher (1847-1911)
Pullman, George American Pullman train cars (1831-1897)
Pushkin, Alexander Russian author and poet (1799-1837)
Pusser, Buford American Famous American Sheriff (1937-1974)
Puzo, Mario American author (1920-1999)
P.O.W. Camps Prisoner of war detention centers
Pacific Ocean Largest ocean in the world
Panama Railroad Panamanian railroad (1855)
Particle Accelerators Device to study matter and energy
Patriot Games American action movie (1992)
Patton American movie (1970)
"Penny Lane" Song by The Beatles (1967)
Persistence of Memory, The Painting by Salvador Dalí (1931)
Philadelphia Phillies American Major League Baseball team (1883-)
Picture of Dorian Gray, The Novel (1891)
Piggly Wiggly American grocery store chain
"Pinball Wizard" British Song (1969)
Pink Panther, The American movie (2006)
Pittsburgh Pirates American Major League Baseball team (1882-)
Pizza Popular Italian dish
Places in the Heart American movie (1984)
Planetariums Astronomy Theater
Planned Communities
Please Please Me Song and album by The Beatles (1963)
Poirot British Television series (1989- )
Poltergeist American movie (1982)
Pony Express, The American Fast mail service via horseback (1860-1861)
Potawatomi Trail of Death American 1838
Prestige, The American movie (2006)
Presumed Innocent American movie (1990)
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canadian Gateway to the North
Prince Caspian British Book (1949)
Prison Museums Museums dedicated to the history of prisons
"Problem of Thor Bridge, The" Sherlock Holmes short story by Arthur Conan Doyle
Professional Basketball American Sport (1959-)
Psycho American movie (1960)
"Puff Daddy" American rapper (1969-)
Puget Sound Allows Pacific Ocean to reach 50 miles inland
Pump House Gang, The American book (1968)
Pumpkin North American squash fruit
Pygmalion Play (1912)
Peninsula Campaign American Major Invasion Campaign into the Confederacy (1862)

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