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R.E.M. American Rock Band (1980- )
Rachmaninoff, Sergei Russian composer (1973-1943)
Radcliffe, Daniel English actor (1989- )
Radner, Gilda American comedienne (1946-1989)
Rae, Charlotte American actress (1926-)
Raft, George American actor (1895-1930)
Rahal, Bobby American Race car driver (1953-)
Rainey, Ma American blues singer (1882-1939)
Raitt, Bonnie American singer/songwriter (1949-)
Raleigh, Sir Walter English Explorer (1552-1618)
Ramis, Harold American actor (1944-)
Ramones, The American punk rock band
Ramsey, Jr., Frank American Basketball player (1931-)
Rand, Ayn American writer and philosopher (1905-1982)
Randall, Tony American actor (1920-2004)
Randolph, A. Philip American civil rights activist (1889-1979)
Ranier, Prince Monegasque Prince of Monaco 1923-2005
Raphael, Sally Jesse American TV talk show host (1935-)
Raphael Italian Artist (1483-1520)
Rappe, Virginia American actress & murder victim (1896-1921)
Rascals, The Young American soul and rock band
Rather, Dan American CBS News anchor and reporter (1931 - )
Ravel, Maurice French composer (1875-1937)
Ravene-Symone American actress (1985-)
Rawlings, Marjorie American author (1896-1953)
Rawls, Lou American Jazz singer (1933-2006)
Ray, Man French surrealist artist (1890-1976)
RCA American Media network
Reagan, Ronald American 40th U. S. President (1911-2004)
Red Jacket Native American Seneca chief of the Wolf clan (1750-1830)
Redding, Otis American soul singer (1941-1967)
Redford, Robert American movie actor (1936- )
Redgrave, Michael English-American actor (1908-1985)
Reed, Donna American movie & TV actress (1921-1986)
Reed, Jimmy American blues musician (1925-76)
Reed, Lou American singer/songwriter (1942-)
Reed, Robert American actor (1932-1992)
Reed, Jr., Willis American Basketball player (1942-)
Reeve, Christopher American actor (1952-2004)
Reeves, Jim American singer (1923-1964)
Reeves, George American actor (1914-1959)
Reiner, Rob American director and actor (1947-)
Reiser, Paul American actor (1957-)
Rembrandt Dutch Painter (1606-1699)
Remington, Frederic American Artist (1861-1909)
Remsen, Bert American actor (1925-1999)
Reno, Janet American United States Attorney General (1938-)
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste French Impressionist painter (1841-1919)
Reuter , Paul Julius German-English founder of Reuters News Agency (1815-1899)
Revere, Paul American patriot (1734-1818)
Ribbentrop, Joachim von German Foreign Minister for Nazi Germany (1893-1946)
Ribisi, Giovanni Italian-American actor (1974-)
Rice, Condoleezza American U.S. Secretary of State (1954- )
Rich, Buddy American jazz drummer (1917-1987)
Rich, Charlie American country singer (1932-1995)
Richard I English King of England (1157-99)
Richard II English Monarch 1367-1400
Richard III English King of England (1452-1485)
Richardson, Natasha British actress (1963-2009)
Richie, Nicole American personality (1981-)
Richie, Lionel African-American musician & singer (1949-)
Rickenbacker, Eddie American Aviator and race car driver (1890-1973)
Rickles, Don American actor (1926-)
Ride, Sally American Astronaut (1951-)
Righteous Brothers American music duo
Riperton, Minnie American pop and soul singer (1947-1979)
Risen , Arnold American Basketball player (1924-)
Ritchie, Guy English Screewriter and director (1968-)
Ritger, Dick American Bowler (1978- )
Ritter, Tex American country music singer (1905-1974)
Ritter, John American actor (1948 - 2003)
Rivers, Joan American actor (1933- )
Rivers, Johnny American rock musician (1942-)
Robards, Jason American actor (1922-2000)
Robards, Sam American actor (1961-)
Robards, Jr. , Jason American actor (1922 - 2000)
Robbins, Tim American film actor (1958- )
Robbins, Marty American country singer/songwriter (1925-1982)
Robbins, Harold American author (1916-1997)
Roberts, Robin American Baseball Player (1926- )
Roberts, Julia American actress (1967-)
Roberts, Emma American actress (1991-)
Roberts, Eric American actor (1956-)
Robertson, Oscar American Basketball player (1938- )
Robeson, Paul American entertainer, athlete, and civil rights activist (1898-1976)
Robicheaux, Dave American Fictional detective
Robinson, Jackie American Baseball Player (1919-1972)
Robinson, Smokey American soul musician (1940-)
Robinson, Brooks American Baseball Player (1937- )
Robinson, Edward G. American actor (1893-1973)
Rockefeller, John D. American financier & oil magnate (1839-1937)
Rockefeller, David American banker and philanthropist (1916-)
Rockefeller, Nelson American Vice President of the US (1908-79)
Rockefeller, Jr., John D. American philanthropist (1874-1960)
Rockne, Knute Norwegian-American Football Coach (1888-1931)
Rockwell, Norman American artist & illustrator (1894-1978)
Roddenberry, Gene American Screenwriter (1921-1991)
Rodgers, Jimmie American country music singer (1897-1933)
Rodriguez, Robert American Director (1968-)
Rogers, Fred American television host (1928-2003)
Rogers, Will American humorist (1879-1935)
Rogers, Roy American country music singer (1911-1998)
Rogers, Ginger American actress & dancer (1911-1995)
Rolling Stones, The British rock group
Roman, Lulu American comedian and singer (1947- )
Romano, Ray American actor (1957-)
Romero, Cesar Cuban-American film actor (1907-1994)
Romero, Oscar Salvadoran Bishop 1917-80
Ronettes, The American vocal group
Ronstadt, Linda American Country music singer (1946-)
Rooney, Mickey American actor (1920 - )
Roosevelt, Franklin D. American 32nd U. S. President (1882-1945)
Roosevelt, Theodore American 26th U. S. President (1858-1919)
Roosevelt, Eleanor American First Lady (1884-1962)
Roosma, John American Basketball player (1900-1983)
Rorke, Hayden American actor (1910-1987)
Rose, Fred American country music songwriter (1897-1952)
Rose, Pete American Baseball Player (1941-)
Rose, Axl American Rock and Roll Musician (1962)
Rosecrans, William S. American Civil War General (1819-1898)
Ross, Diana American Singer (1944-)
Ross, Tracee Ellis American actress (1972-)
Ross, Betsy American National Icon (1752-1836)
Rothko, Mark American Painter (1903-1970)
Rourke, Mickey American actor (1953-)
Rousseau, Henri French painter (1844-1910)
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques French philosopher (1712-1778)
Routh, Brandon American actor (1979-)
Rowlands, Gena American actress (1930-)
Rowling, J. K. English author (1965- )
Rozelle, Pete American professional football player (1926-1996)
Rubens, Peter Paul Flemish Baroque painter (1577-1640)
Ruby, Jack American Lee Harvey Oswald's killer (1911-1967)
Rudd, Paul American actor (1969-)
Rudolph, Maya American TV comic (1972- )
Ruffing, Red American Baseball Player (1905-1986)
Run DMC American rap group
Rush, Tom American folk singer (1941-)
Rush, Dr. Benjamin American Founding Father (1745-1813)
Russell, Jane American movie actress (1921- )
Russell, Kurt American movie actor (1951- )
Russell, Rosalind American film and stage actress (1907-1976)
Russell, Lillian American actress and singer (18611922)
Russell, John American Basketball player (1902-1973)
Russell, William American Basketball player (1934- )
Russell, Gail American actress (1924-1961)
Rustin, Bayard American civil rights activist (1912-1987)
Ruth, Babe American Baseball Player (1895-1948)
Rutherford, Ernest British Father of Nuclear physics (1871-1937)
Ryan, Irene American TV actor (1902-1973)
Ryan, Nolan American Baseball Player (1947- )
Ryder, Winona American actress (1971-)
Raiders of the Lost Ark American movie (1981-)
Railroad Museums
Raising Cain American movie (1992)
Rape of Europa, The American Documentary (2006)
Rattle and Hum Album by U2 (1988)
Rebel Without a Cause American movie (1955)
Red Cross International disaster aid organization
Religious Museums
Renaissance, Harlem American decade 1920's
Requiem for a Nun American Novel by William Faulkner (1951)
Research libraries Centers of academic resources
Restoration American-British movie (1995)
Rhode Island Red Hen Poultry
Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus American Circus Company (1919- )
Ripley's Believe It or Not American Comic Strip on Oddities
Riverboats American early mechanized river transportation
RMS Titanic British Tragic Passenger Ship (1912)
Rock, The American movie (1996)
Rock and Roll High School American movie (1979)
Rock Formations Natural formations created by wind, water, and erosion.
"Rocket 88" American first rock and roll song (1951)
Rocky III American motion picture 1982
Roman Roads Roads built by the Roman Empire
Roman Ruins Physical remains of Roman civilization (753 B.C. - 500 A.D.)
Roots: the Saga of an American Family American Novel and Television miniseries 1976
Rosemary's Baby American horror film (1968)
Rosetta Stone Egyptian hieroglyphics carving (196 BC)
Rugrats American animated characters
Revolutionary War British vs. American War of Independence (1975-1781)

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