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Sadat , Anwar Egyptian President (1918-1981)
Saint, Eva Marie American actress (1924-)
Saint Patrick Irish Patron Saint (387-461)
Sajak, Pat American game show host (1946- )
Salinger, J. D. American author (1919-)
Salk, Jonas American developer of polio vaccine (1914-1995)
Salvino, Carmen American Hall of Fame Bowler (1934- )
Sam & Dave American soul music duo
San Diego Chargers American National Football League team
San Francisco 49ers American National Football League team
Sandberg, Ryne American Baseball Player (1959- )
Sandburg, Carl American author (1878-1967)
Sanders, Colonel American founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (1890-1980)
Sanders, George English-American actor (1906-1972)
Sanford, Isabel American actress (1917-2004)
Santana Latin-American rock band
Santana, Carlos Mexican rock musician (1947-)
Sarandon, Susan American actress (1946-)
Sarandon, Chris American actor (1942-)
Sardi, Jr., Vincent American owner of Sardi's Restuarant (1915-2007)
Sargent, John Singer American Painter (1856-1925)
Sarnoff, David American former president of RCA (1891-1971)
Saroyan, William American actor (1908-1981)
Sartre, Jean-Paul French philosopher (1905-1980)
Satanta Native American Kiowa chief & warrior (1820-1878)
Sauer, Carl American Geographer (1889-1975)
Saunders, Clarence American grocery retailer (1881-1953)
Savage, Fred American TV actor (1976- )
Savage, Augusta American artist (1892-1962)
Savage, Ben American actor (1980-)
Savalas, Telly American actor (1922-1994)
Savitch, Jessica American Television News Anchor (1947 - 1983)
Saxon, John American Actor (1935-)
Scacchi, Greta Italian-American actress (1960-)
Schayes, Adolph American Basketball player (1928- )
Scheider, Roy American actor (1932-)
Schirra Jr., Walter American Astronaut (1923-2007)
Schmidt, Mike American Baseball Player (1949- )
Schmidt, Ernest American Basketball player (1911-1986)
Schoenberg, Arnold Austrian composer 1874-1951
Schofield, John American Civil War General and Secretary of State (1831-1906)
Schommer, John American Basketball player (1884-1960)
Schreiber, Liev American actor (1967-)
Schulz, Charles American cartoonist (1922-2000)
Scott, George C. American actor (1927-1999)
Scott, Dred American slave and early civil rights activist (1795-1858)
Scott, Harriett American slave and early civil rights activist (1815-1876)
Scott, Gordon American actor (1926-2007)
Scott, Randolph American actor (1898-1987)
Scott, Willard American TV personality (1934-)
Scruggs, Earl American bluegrass musician (1924- )
Seaver, Tom American Baseball Player (1944-)
Sebastian, John American rock musician (1944-)
Seberg, Jean American actress (1938-1979)
Sebring, Jay American hair stylist & Manson Family murder victim (1933-1969)
Sedaka, Neil American Singer (1939-)
Sedran, Barney American Basketball player (1891-1964)
Seeger, Pete American folk musician (1919-)
Segal, Erich American writer (1937-)
Segal, George American actor (1934-)
Segal, Jason American actor (1980-)
Seger, Bob American rock musician (1945-)
Segovia, Andrés Spanish classical guitarist (1893-1987)
Seiberling, Frank American Businessman (1859-1955)
Selleck, Tom American television actor (1945-)
Sellers, Peter English comic actor (1925-1980)
Selznick, David O. American director & producer (1902-1965)
Semjonova , Uliana Latvian Basketball player (1952- )
Serling, Rod American actor (1924-1975)
Seurat, Georges French Painter 1859-91
Sex Pistols, The British punk rock band
Seymour, Jane British actress (1951-)
Sha-Na-Na American Rock band
Shahn, Ben American artist (1898-1969)
Shakespeare, William English playwright and poet (1564-1616)
Shalhoub, Tony American actor (1953-)
Shankar, Ravi Indian Composer and instrumentalist (1920-)
Shannon, Del American rock musician (1934-1999)
Shapiro, Robert American attorney (1942-)
Sharman, Bill American Basketball player (1926- )
Shatner, William American actor (1931-)
Shaw, George Bernard British author and playwright (1858-1950)
Shaw, Robert Gould American Commander of the 54th Massachusetts (1837-1863)
Shaw, Artie American musician & big band leader (1910-2004)
Shearer, Norma American actress (1902-1983)
Sheedy, Ally American actress (1962-)
Sheen, Charlie American actor (1965-)
Sheen, Martin American actor (1940-)
Sheik, Duncan American Musician (1969-)
Shelley, Percy British poet (1792-1822)
Shepard, Alan American First American in Space (1923-1998)
Shepherd, Cybill American actress (1950- )
Sheridan, Nicollette American actress (1963-)
Sheridan, Ann American actress (1915-1967)
Sheridan, Philip American Major Civil War General (1831-1888)
Sheridan's Valley Campaign American Civil War Campaign (1864)
Sherman, William Tecumseh American Civil War General (1820-1891)
Sherman, Bobby American Singer (1943-)
Shirelles, The American pop group
Shore, Dinah American Singer and Actress (1916-94)
Short, Elizabeth American murder victim (1924-1947)
Shue, Elisabeth American actress (1963-)
Shue, Elizabeth American actress (1963-)
Shue, Andrew American actor (1967-)
Shultz, Dutch American gangster (1902-1935)
Siegel, Bugsy Jewish-American gangster & murder victim (1906-1947
Sills, Beverly American Opera singer (1929-)
Silly String American Toy
Silver, Ron American actor (1946-)
Simmons, Gene American rock musician (1949-)
Simmons, Al American Baseball Player (1902-1956)
Simon, Paul American singer/songwriter (1941-)
Simon, Carly American Singer/Songwriter and actress (1945-)
Simon, Robert E. American founder of Reston, Virginia (1914- )
Simon and Garfunkel American pop music duo
Simonyi, Charles Hugarian-American inventor (1948-)
Simpson, O. J. American professional football player (1947- )
Simpson, Nicole Brown American murder victim (1959-1994)
Simpson, Valerie American singer (1946-)
Sinatra, Frank American singer & actor (1915-1998)
Sinatra, Nancy American singer (1940-)
Sinise, Gary American actor (1955-)
Sirhan, Sirhan Jordanian-American assassin of Robert F. Kennedy (1944- )
Siskel, Gene American critic (1946-1999)
Sisler, George American Baseball Player (1893-1973)
Sisto, Jeremy American actor (1974-)
Sitting Bull Hunkpapa Sioux Leader (1831 - 1890)
Sixtus IV Italian Pope (1414-84)
Skelton, Red American actor & comic (1908-1997)
Skeritt, Tom American actor (1933-)
Skid Row American heavy metal band
Slater, Christian American actor (1969-)
Sledge, Percy American soul performer (1940-)
Slip 'N Slide American Toy
Sloane, Everett American actor (1909-1965)
Sly and the Family Stone American rock band
Smith, Adam Scottish economist (1723-1790)
Smith, Anna Nicole American model (1967-2007)
Smith, Carl American country music singer (1927- )
Smith, Bessie American blues singer (1892-1937)
Smith, Patti American singer and poet (1946-)
Smith, Harry American Hall of Fame Bowler (1930- )
Smith, Ozzie American Baseball Player (1954- )
Smith, Jedediah American frontiersman (1799-1831)
Smith, Captain John British Founder of Jamestown (1580-1631)
Smith, Joseph American Mormon Religion Founder (1805-1844)
Smith, Kiki American feminist artist (1954-)
Smith, Edmund Kirby American Confederate General (1824-1893)
Smothers, Dick American TV personality (1939-)
Smothers, Tom American TV personality (1937-)
Snider, Duke American Baseball Player (1926-)
Snipes, Wesley American actor (1962-)
Snyder, Ruth American murderess (1895-1928)
Sobieski, Leelee American actress (1983-)
Somers, Suzanne American TV actress (1946- )
Sommer, Bert American Folks Singer (1949-90)
Sommers, Elke German actress (1940-)
Sorvino, Mira American actress (1967-)
Sothern, Ann American actress (1909-2001)
Soul Stirrers, The American gospel group
Sousa, John Philip American Band conductor (1854-1932)
Southwick, Alfred P. American inventor of the electric chair (1826-1898)
Spacek, Sissy American actress (1949-)
Spacey, Kevin American actor (1959-)
Spader, James American actor (1960-)
Spahn, Warren American Baseball Player (1921-2003)
Sparks, Jordin American singer (1989-)
Spears, Britney American Pop singer (1981-)
Speck, Richard American Mass murderer (1941-91)
Spector, Phil American record producer (1939-)
Spelling, Aaron American TV producer (1923-2006)
Spelling, Tori American actress (1973-)
Spencer, Danielle Australian singer (1970-)
Spenser, Edmund British Poet laureate 1552-99
Spielberg, Steven American director and producer (1946-)
Spillane, Mickey American writer (1918-2006)
Spitzer, Eliot American Governor of New York (1959-)
Spock, Benjamin American pediatrician, educator, & writer (1903-1998)
Springer, Jerry American TV talk show host (1944-)
Springfield, Dusty English pop singer (1939-1999)
Springsteen, Bruce American singer & songwriter (1949-)
St. John , Jill American actress (1940-)
St. Louis Rams American Professional football team (1994-)
Stack, Robert American TV actor (1919-2003)
Stalin, Joseph Russian Dictator (1879-1953)
Stallone, Sylvester American movie actor and writer (1946- )
Stanford, Leland American railroad magnate (1824-1893)
Stanley, Freeland Oscar American Inventor (1849-1940)
Stanley, Kim American actress (1925-2001)
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady American woman's suffrage movement (1815-1902)
Stanwyck, Barbara American Actress (1907-1990)
Staple Singers, The American Singing Group (1948-1994)
Stapleton, Maureen American actress (1925-2006)
Stapleton, Jean American actor (1923-)
Starr, Ringo British musician (1940-)
Starr, Kenneth American political advisor (1946-)
Staubach, Roger American professional football player (1942-)
Steely Dan American rock band
Steiger, Rod American actor (1925-2002)
Steinbeck, John American author (1902-1968)
Steinmetz, Christian American Basketball player (1882-1963)
Stengel, Casey American Baseball Player and Team Nature (1890-1975)
Stephanopoulos, George American political advisor (1961-)
Stephens, Alexander H. American Confederate Vice President, Governor of Georgia (1812-1883)
Stevens, Wallace American poet (1879-1955)
Stevens, Charles Native-American actor & Geronimo's grandson (1893-1964)
Stevenson, Robert Louis Scottish author (1850-1894)
Stewart, Rod British singer (1945-)
Stewart, Jim American record company owner (1930-)
Stewart, James American Actor (1908-97)
Stiers, David Ogden American actor (1942-)
Stiles, Julia American actress (1981-)
Stiller, Ben American actor (1965-)
Stiller, Jerry American actor (1927-)
Stoker, Bram Irish author of Dracula (1847-1912)
Stokes , Maurice American Basketball player (1933-1970)
Stoltz, Eric American actor (1961-)
Stompanato, Johnny American ganster & murder victim (1925-1958)
Stone, Sharon American film actress (1958-)
Stone, Sly American musician and record producer (1943-)
Stone, Oliver American film director (1946-)
Stoudemire, Amare American Basketball Player (1982-)
Stowe, Harriet Beecher American author & abolitionist (1811-1896)
Strait, George American country music singer (1952-)
Strang, James American Mormon leader (1813-1856)
Strasberg, Lee American acting coach (1901-1982)
Stratten, Dorothy Canadian-American Playboy playmate and murder victim (1960-1980)
Strauss, Levi American clothier (1829-1902)
Strauss, Isidor American businessman (1845-1912)
Strauss, Ida American RMS Titantic passenger (1849-1912)
Strauss, Peter American actor (1947-)
Strauss, Sr., Johann Austrian composer (1804-1840)
Stravinsky, Igor Russian composer 1882-1971
Streep, Meryl American movie actress (1949- )
Streisand, Barbra American actress & singer (1942- )
Strong, George Templeton American abolitionist, lawyer (1820-1875)
Strong, Rider American actor (1979-)
Stroud, Robert American Birdman of Alcatraz (1890-1963)
Struthers, Sally American actress (1948-)
Stuart, J.E.B. American Civil War Cavalry Commander (1833-1864)
Stuart, Gilbert American Portraitist (1755-1828)
Stuhldreher, Harry American Football player and coach (1901-1965)
Sudano, Brooklyn American actress (1981-)
Sullivan, Ed American TV personality (1901-1974)
Sumner, Charles American abolitionist and politician (1811-1874)
SuperBall American Toy
Superman American Comic book character (1938)
Supremes, The American music group
Sutherland, Donald Canadian actor (1935-)
Sutter, Bruce American Baseball Player (1953- )
Sutton, Don American Baseball Player (1945- )
Swan, Billy American (1942-)
Swank, Hilary American actress (1974-)
Swanson, Gloria American actress (1899-1983)
Swayze, Patrick American actor & dancer (1952-)
Sweat, Keith American singer (1961-)
Sweetwater American rock band
Swit, Loretta American actress (1937-)
Safari Parks
San Diego Padres American Major League Baseball team (1969-)
San Francisco Giants American Major League Baseball team (1958-)
Sanctuary American Novel by William Faulkner (1931)
Santa Claus (movie) British/American Movie (1985)
Santa Fe Trail American frontier trail (1821-1880)
Saturday Night Live American Television show (1975-present)
"Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" American song by Elton John (1973)
"Scandal in Bohemia, A" British Sherlock Holmes short story by Arthur Conan Coyle
Scarface American movie (1983)
Scent Of A Woman American movie (1992)
Schools Primary and secondary educational facilities
Science Museums
Scottsdale Scorpions American Minor League Baseball team (1992-)
Scroll and Key American Secret Society (1842-)
Searchers, The American movie (1956)
Sesame Street American educational TV show (1969- )
Seven Year Itch, The American movie (1954)
Sex and the City American Television sitcom (1998-2004)
Shawshank Redemption, The American movie (1994)
Shining, The American horror novel and movie (1977 novel, 1980 movie)
Shinto Japanese Religion
Shopping Malls Indoor shopping complexes
"Shout" British song by pop group Tears for Fears 1984
Showboat American novel and musical (1926) and (1927)
Showtime at the Apollo American Music Television Broadcast (1987-)
"Sign of Four, The" British Sherlock Holmes short story by Arthur Conan Coyle
Silence of the Lambs, The American novel and movie novel (1988) & movie (1991)
"Silent Night! Holy Night!" Austrian Christmas carol (1816)
Simpsons, The American TV series (1989- )
Skull and Bones American Secret Society (1832-)
"Skyline Pigeon" English Elton John song (1969)
Skyscrapers Towering structures
Sleeping Gypsy, The American painting by Henri Rousseau (1897)
Sleepless in Seattle American film 1993
Sleepwalkers American movie (1992)
Smithsonian Institution American National Education Complex
Snow White film 1937
"Someone Saved My Life Tonight" American song by Elton John (1975)
Songs from the Big Chair British album by pop group Tears for Fears 1985
Songs From the West Coast Elton John Album (2001)
Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, The American TV series (1971-1974)
"Soul Finger" American R&B song by Bar-Kays (1967)
Soul Man American film (1986)
"Soul Man" American R&B song by Sam & Dave 1967
Sound of Music, The American play and film (1959 and 1965)
South Pacific American Movie and novel 1958
Southeastern Conference American Collegiate Sports Conference (1933-)
SPAM® American canned lunchmeat from Hormel
Sports Museums Sports history
St. Louis Cardinals American Major League Baseball team (1882-)
St. Patrick's Day Irish-American Worldwide holiday celebrating Ireland
Stagecoaches American horse-drawn transportation
Star Trek American TV series (1966-1969)
"Star-Spangled Banner, The" American national anthem (1814)
Starry Night, The American painting (1889)
State Museums
State Parks (USA) American
Statue of Liberty French-American American symbol of welcome
Stax Records American record label (1957-1975)
Steinway & Sons American piano manufacturer (1853)
Still Life with Fruit Dish American painting (1879-80)
Stonehenge British prehistoric structure
Stourbridge Lion Locomotive American First commercial locomotive 1928
"Strawberry Fields Forever" British song by The Beatles (1967)
Study in Scarlet, A British Sherlock Holmes novel by Arthur Conan Doyle (1887)
Sun Also Rises, The American novel (1926)
Sundance Film Festival American film festival (1978)
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jette French Painting
Sunset Boulevard American movie (1950)
Superman (movie) British/American Movie (1978)
Symbionese Liberation Army American Kidnapped Patty Hearst
Scopes Monkey Trial American trial (1925)
Second Battle of Bull Run American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Seven Days Battles American Major Civil War Offensive (1862)
Sheridan's Valley Campaign American Civil War Campaign (1864)
Shiloh, Battle of American Civil War battle (1862)
Sibley's New Mexico Campaign American Major Civil War Campaign (1862-1863)
Siege of Petersburg American Major Civil War Campaign (1864-1865)
Siege of Vicksburg American Major Civil War Battle (1863)
Siege of Yorktown American Major Civil War Battle (1862)
Spanish Civil War Spanish civil war (1936-1939)
Super Bowl XIV American Football championship (1980)
Super Bowl XLI American Football champtionship game (2007)
Super Bowl XXIII American Football champtionship game (1989)
Super Bowl XXIX American Football champtionship game (1995)
Super Bowl XXXIII American Football champtionship game (1999)

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