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Taft, William Howard American 27th U. S. President (1857-1930)
Tagore, Rabindranath Indian Poet and painter (1861-1941)
Talbert, Mary Burnett American Civil Rights leader (1866-1923)
Talking Heads American rock group
Tandy, Jessica American actress (1909-1994)
Tarantino, Quentin American Director (1963-)
Tate, Sharon American actress (1943-1969)
Taupin, Bernie English Pop music lyricist (1950- )
Tautou, Audrey French actress (1976-)
Taylor, Elizabeth American actress (1932-)
Taylor, James American Singer/songwriter (1948-)
Taylor, Johnnie American singer (1937-2000)
Taylor, Koko American Blues Musician (1935-)
Taylor, Rod Australian actor (1930-)
Taylor, Robert American Actor (1911-1969)
Taylor, William Desmond American murdered Hollywood director (1872-1922)
Taylor, Zachary American 12th U. S. President (1784-1850)
Tears for Fears British pop group
Temple, Shirley American Actress and diplomat (1928-)
Temples Religious structures
Templeton, Fay American stage actress (1865-1939)
Temptations, The American soul group (1960-)
Ten Years After English Rock band
Tennyson, Alfred Lord British poet (1809-1892)
Teresa, Mother Macedonian Humanitarian (1910-1997)
Terry, Bill American Baseball Player (1898-1989)
Tesh, John American actor & musician (1952-)
Texas State Government American state government
Thapa, Bhimsen Nepalese National Hero (1775-1839)
Thatcher, Margaret British Prime Minister (1925-)
The Box Tops American Rock and Soul Band (1967-1970, 1996-2010)
The Incredible String Band British rock band
The Jackson 5 American musical group
The Little Rock Nine African-American civil rights activists (1957)
The Pips American musical group
The Smiths (rock group) British alt rock band (1982-1987)
Thomas, Rufus American R & B singer (1917-2001)
Thomas, Dylan Welsh poet and writer (1914-1953)
Thomas, Dave American founder of Wendy's Hamburgers (1932-2002)
Thomas, Carla American singer (1942-)
Thomas , Isiah American Basketball player (1961- )
Thomas, Jay American actor (1948-)
Thomas, Marlo American actress (1937-)
Thomas, George H. American General (1816-70)
Thomas, George American Civil War General; the Rock of Chickamauga (1816-1870)
Thomas, B. J. American Singer (1942- )
Thompson, John American Basketball player (1906-1990)
Thompson , David American Basketball player (1953-)
Thompson, Fred American Actor & U.S. Senator (1942 - )
Thomson, J.J. British Scientist (1856-1940)
Thoreau, Henry David American journalist, philosopher, and writer (1817-1862)
Thornton, Big Mama American blues singer (1926-1984)
Thumb, General Tom American circus performer (1838-1883)
Thurman, Uma American actress (1970-)
Thurmond, Nate American Basketball player (1941- )
Tierney, Gene American actress (1920-1991)
Till, Emmett American Murder victim (1941-1955)
Todd, Thelma American actress (1905-1935)
Tokley, Sr., James E. American Poet
Tolkien, J. R. R. British author (1892-1973)
Tolstoy, Leo Russian Wrtier (1828-1910)
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers American rock band
Toole, John Kennedy American Pulitzer prize winning author (1937-1969)
Torme, Mel American crooner (1925-1999)
Torn, Rip American actor (1931-)
Townshend, Pete British Singer/songwriter (1945-)
Tracy, Spencer American film actor (1900-1967)
Traffic English rock group
Travanti, Daniel J. American actor (1940-)
Travolta, John American actor (1954-)
Traynor, Pie American Baseball Player (1899-1972)
Trebek, Alex American Game show host (1940-)
Tritt, Travis American Country Singer (1963- )
Troy, Cowboy American country music singer (1970-)
Truman, Harry S. American 33rd U. S. President (1945-1953)
Trump, Ivanka American model & businesswoman (1981-)
Trump, Donald American businessman (1946-)
Truth, Sojourner American civil rights activist (1797-1883)
Tubb, Ernest American country singer (1914-1984)
Tubman, Harriet American civil rights activist (1822-1913)
Tucker, Tanya American Country music singer (1958-)
Tucker, Forrest American actor (1919-1986)
Turnbull, Walter American musician & educator (!944-2007)
Turner, Ike American R & B singer (1931-)
Turner, Ted American media mogul (1938-)
Turner, Big Joe American blues performer (1911-1985)
Turner, Tina American pop musician (1939-)
Turner, Lana American actress (1920-1995)
Turner, Nat American Leader of slave revolt (1800-1831)
Turner, Kathleen American actress (1954-)
Turturro, John American actor (1957-)
Twain, Mark American author (1835-1910)
Twentieth Maine Regiment American Famous Civil War Regiment
Twitty, Conway American Country music singer (1933-1993)
Twyman, Jack American Basketball player (1943- )
Tyler, Erastus American Civil War General (1822-1891)
Tyler, John American 10th U. S. President (1790-1862)
Tailhook Association American U. S. Navy officer's association
"Take it Easy" American Song by The Eagles (1972)
Tango & Cash American movie (1989)
"Taps" American musical piece
Tarzan English fictional character
Taxi Driver American Film (1976)
TBS American Media network
telegraph American first electronic form of communication (1837)
Television (1873-)
Tender is the Night American novel (1934)
Tender Mercies American movie (1983)
Tennessee Central Railway American Tennessee Railroad (1884-1968)
Tennessee State Government American state government
Terminal American movie (2006)
Texas Rangers American Major League Baseball team (1972-)
Thanksgiving American holiday (1619)
That 70s Show American Television series (1997-2006)
"That's All Right (Mama)" American Song by Elvis Presley 1954
"The Battle Hymn of The Republic" American song
The Commodores American music group (1970s-1980s)
The Last Judgment Italian Painting by Michalangelo (1540s)
The Punishment of Korah Italian Painting by Botticelli
The River American album by Bruce Springsteen
The Spinners American R&B and soul music group (1957-)
Theatre Venues Venues for the performing arts
"Theme from Shaft" American soul/funk song by Isaac Hayes (1971)
Three Coins in the Fountain American movie and song (1954)
Three Musketeers, The French novel
Thunderball British/American James Bond Movie (1965)
"Tintern Abbey" British poem (1798)
"Tiny Dancer" 1971 song by Elton John
To The Manor Born British TV series (1979-1981)
Tomb Raider English video game and related media (1996)
Tommy (rock opera) British rock opera 1969
Tonight Show, The American Television show (1954- )
Tow Trucks Utility Vehicles
Trail of the Hellhound American blues music
Trails Historic and recreational roads
Transcontinental Railroad American First Transcontinental Railroad (1869-)
Treaty of Berlin Major European Treaty (1878)
Tredegar Iron Works American Major Civil War Foundry (1833-1952)
Trip to Bountiful, The American movie (1985)
True Grit American movie (1969)
Truman Show, The American Movie (1997)
Tucker American Television series (2000-2001)
Tucker: The Man and His Dreams American movie (1988)
Tumbleweed Connection British album (1970)
Tuskegee Airmen African-American first black U.S. military pilots (1940s)
Twilight American Best Selling Book Series and Major Motion Picture (2005-)
Tailhook Scandal American Sexual assaults by U. S. naval officers (1991)
Third Battle of Winchester American Major Civil War Battle (1864)
Tour de France French Bicycle Race
Tullahoma Campaign American Decisive Civil War Campaign (1863)

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