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Valens, Ritchie American rock singer (1941-1959)
Valentino, Rudolph Italian actor (1895-1926)
Vallee, Rudy American actor, bandleader, & singer (1901-1986)
Valli, Frankie American pop musician (1934-)
Van Ark, Joan American actress (1943-)
Van Buren, Martin American 8th U. S. President (1782-1862)
Van Dyke, Dick American actor (1925- )
van Gogh, Vincent Dutch painter (1853-1890)
Van Halen American rock band
Van Zant, Ronnie American Musician (1948-77)
Vance, Courtney B. American actor (1960-)
Vanderbilt, George American Heir to the Vanderbilt fortune (1862-1914)
Vandivier, Robert American Basketball player (1903-1983)
Vandross, Luther American singer (1951-2005)
Vassilieva, Sofia Russian actress (1992-)
Vaughan, Stevie Ray American rock musician (1954-90)
Vaughn, Sarah American singer 1924-1990)
Vega, Suzanne American folk singer (1959-)
Velez, Lupe Mexican actress (1908-1944)
Velvet Underground, The American rock group
Verbinski, Gore American film director (1964-)
Versace, Gianni Italian designer (1946-1997)
Vikings Scandinavian Explorers and Raiders (8th to 11th Centuries AD)
Vila, Bob American TV personality (1946-)
Villard, Oswald Garrison American civil rights activist (1872-1949)
Vincent, Gene American rockabilly musician (1935-71)
Viola, Bill American Video Artist (1951- )
Viorst, Judith American journalist and author (1931-)
Virgil Roman Roman Epic Poet (70-19 B.C.)
Vlad the Impaler Romanian Prince (1431-1476)
Voight, Jon American actor (1938-)
Voltaire French philosopher & author (1694-1778)
von Braun, Wernher German-American rocket scientist (1912-1977)
Vytautas Lithuanian Duke (1392-1430)
V for Vendetta British Movie (2006)
Vertigo American movie (1958)
Virgin of The Rocks Painting by Leonardo da Vinci
Vitrolite Opaque glass tiles 1920s-1950s
Volcanoes Natural Occurance
Valley Campaign American Major Civil War Campaign (1862)
Vicksburg Campaign American Major Civil War Campaign (1864)

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