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Wachter, Edward American Basketball player (1883-1966)
Wagoner, Porter American country music singer (1927- )
Walken, Christopher American actor (1943-)
Walker, Herschel American football player (1962- )
Walker, T-Bone American blues musician (1910-75)
Walker, Madam C. J. American businesswoman (1867-1919)
Walker, Margaret American author & educator (1915-1998)
Walker, Alice American writer (1944-)
Walker, William American Soldier of Fortune (1824-60)
Walker, Doak American Heisman Trophy winner (1927-1989)
Wallace, William Scottish Knight and patriot (1272-1305)
Wallace, George C. American Governor and Presidential candidate (1919 - 1998)
Wallach, Eli American actor (1915-)
Walling, William English American civil rights activist (1877-1936)
Walpole, Robert British prime minister (1676-1745)
Walsh, Joe American rock musician (1947-)
Walters, Barbara American TV news reporter (1929-)
Walton , William American Basketball player (1952-)
Waner, Paul American Baseball Player (1903-1965)
Wanger, Walter American movie producer (1894-1968)
Wanzer, Robert American Basketball player (1921- )
Wapner, Judge Joseph American TV judge on The People's Court (1919 - )
Ward, Clara American gospel singer (1924-1973)
Warhol, Andy American Artist (1928-1987)
Warner, Jack American movie studio chief (1892-1978)
Warren, Earl American U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice (1891-1974)
Warwick, Dionne American singer (1940-)
Washington, George American 1st U. S. President (1732-1799)
Washington, Booker T. American Educator and Civil Rights leader (1856-1915)
Washington, Denzel African-American actor (1954-)
Washington, Yolanda American murder victim (1956-1977)
Washington Redskins American National Football League team
Washinton, Booker T. African-American activist & educator (1856-1915)
Waters, Muddy American blues musician (1915-83)
Waters, Ethel American actress & singer (1896-1977)
Waterston, Sam American actor (1940-)
Watson, Doctor British fictional detective
Watson, Charles American murderer & Manson Family member (1945-)
Watson, James American discoverer of DNA (1928- )
Watson, Thomas J. American (1874-1956)
Waxman, Al Canadian actor (1935-2001)
Wayans, Keenen Ivory African-American actor, director & producer (1958-)
Wayne, John American Actor (1907-79)
Wayne, Anthony American Revolutionary War General (1745-1796)
Weaver, Sigourney American actress (1949-)
Webb, Jack American actor (1920-1982)
Webb, Clifton American actor, singer, & dancer (1889-1966)
Weber, Dick American Hall of Fame Bowler (1929-2005)
Webster, Noah American dictionary publisher (1758-1843)
Webster, Daniel American politician (1782-1852)
Weissmuller, Johnny American actor (1904-1984)
Welch, Raquel American actress (1940-)
Weld, Tuesday American actress (1943 - )
Welk, Lawrence American band leader (1903-1992)
Welles, Orson American actor, producer, & director (1915-1985)
Wells, H. G. English science-fiction author (1866-1946)
Wells, Kitty American country music singer (1919- )
Wells, Ida B. American social reformer (1862-1931)
Wells, Alice American police officer
Wells, Mary American singer (1943-1992)
Wells, Orson American actor (1915-1985)
Welty, Eudora American author (1909-2001)
Welu, Billy American Hall of Fame Bowler (1932-1974)
Wesley, John English religious leader (1703-1791)
West, Mae American actress (1893-1980)
West, Cornel American educator and writer (1953-)
West, Dottie American country singer and songwriter (1932-1991)
West, Jerry American Basketball player (1938- )
West, Adam American actor (1928-)
Westinghouse, George American electric power pioneer (1846-1914)
Weymouth, Tina American Musician (1950-)
Wheeler, Joseph American Confederate General (1836-1906)
Whistler, James McNeil English Painter (1834-1903)
Whitaker, Forest American actor & director (1961-)
White, Walter American civil rights activist (1893-1955)
White, Reggie American professional football player (1961-2004)
White , Nera American National Basketball Hall of Famer (1935- )
White, John English Leader of the Roanoke Colony (1540-1606)
White, Ed American First American to make a space walk (1930-1967)
White, Stanford American architect (1853-1906)
White, Bukka African-American musician & singer (1909-1977)
Whitley, Keith American country singer (1955-1989)
Whitman, Walt American poet and author (1819-1892)
Whitmore, James American actor (1921-)
Whitney, Eli American inventor & manufacturer (1765-1825)
Whittington, Dick British fictional character
Who, The British rock band
Wickes, Mary American actress (1910-1995)
Wilde, Cornel American movie actor (1915-1989)
Wilde, Oscar Irish-British author (1854-1900)
Wilder, Billy American movie director (1906-2002)
Wilder, Gene American actor (1933-)
Wilder, Laura Ingalls American Author (1867-1957)
Wilhelm, Hoyt American Baseball Player (1922-2002)
Wilkens, Lenny American Basketball hall of famer (1937- )
Wilkins, Roy American civil rights activist (1901-1981)
Wilkins, Robert T. American Blues and gospel musician (1896-1987)
Wilkins , Dominique French Basketball legend (1960- )
William III Dutch King of England 1650-1702
William of Hastings English Lord Chamberlain of England (1199-1216)
William the Conqueror British monarch (c. 1028-1087)
Williams, Ted American Baseball Player (1918-2002)
Williams, Hank American country music singer (1923-1953)
Williams, Robin American comedian and actor (1951-)
Williams, John American composer (1932-)
Williams, Treat American actor (1951-)
Williams , Billy American Baseball Player (1938-)
Williams, Tennessee American playwright (1911-1983)
Williams, JoBeth American actress (1948-)
Williams, Anson American Actor (1949-)
Williams, Cindy American Actor (1947-)
Williams, Vanessa American actress & singer (1963-)
Williamson, Fred American professional football player & actor (1938-)
Williamson I, Sonny Boy American blues musician (1914-1948)
Williamson II, Sonny Boy American blues musician 1908-1965
Willock, Dan American actor (1909-1990)
Wilson, Woodrow American 28th U. S. President (1856-1924)
Wilson, Kemmons American founder of Holiday Inn Hotels (1913-2003)
Wilson, Jackie American soul singer (1934-1984)
Wilson, Rainn American actor (1966-)
Wilson, Elizabeth American actress (1921-)
Wilson, Owen American actor (1968-)
Winchester, James American General (1752-1826)
Winchester, Sarah American heiress (1839-1922)
Winfield, Dave American Baseball Player (1951- )
Winfield, Paul American actor (1939-2004)
Winfrey, Oprah American TV host and celebrity (1954- )
Winkler, Henry American actor (1945- )
Winter, Johnny American Blues musician (1944-)
Winter, Edgar American rock musician (1944-)
Winters, Shelley American actress (1920-2006)
Witchcraft Harmful magic
Witherspoon, Reese American actress (1976-)
Wolfe, Tom American author (1931- )
Wolfe, James British general (1727-1759)
Wolfe, Thomas American novelist (1900-1938)
Wonder, Stevie American singer/songwriter and producer (1950-)
Wong, Anna May Chinese-American actress (1905 - 1961)
Wood, Natalie American movie actress (1938-1981)
Wood, Wally American comic book artist (1927-1981)
Wooden, John American Basketball hall of famer (1910-)
Woods, Elijah American actor (1981-)
Woods, Tiger American golf professional (1975-)
Woodson, Carter G. American author & historian (1875-1950)
Woodward, C. Vann American historian (1908-1999)
Woodward, Joanne American actress (1930-)
Woolley, Monty American actor (1888-1963)
Woolson, Albert American last surviving Union Civil War soldier (1847-1956)
Woolworth, Frank Winfield American dime store magnate (1852-1919)
Wordsworth, William English poet (1770-1850)
Worthy , James American Basketball hall of famer (1961-)
Wozniak, Steve American Co-founder of Apple (1950-)
Wray, Fay American actress (1907 - 2004)
Wren, Christopher English architect (1632-1723)
Wright, Frank Lloyd American architect (1867-1959)
Wright, Richard American author (1908-1960)
Wright, Silas American New York Governor (1795-1847)
Wright, Teresa American actress (1918-2005)
Wright Brothers American Airplane inventors
Wrigley, Phillip American Chewing Gum Manufacturer (1894-1977)
Wurlitzer, Rudolph American maker of pianos, organs, & jukeboxes (1831-1914)
Wycliffe, John English theologian (c. 1320s-1384)
Wyman, Jane American actress (1917-2007)
Wynette, Tammy American country singer (1942-1998)
Walk the Line American film (2005)
Walker American movie (1987)
Wall Street American Center of finance
Wall Street (movie) American movie (1987)
Waltons, The American TV show (1972-1981)
Washington County Historical Society American county historical society
Washington Nationals American Major League Baseball team (2005-)
Water Horse, The Monster Movie (2007)
Waterloo Bridge English Film (1940)
watermills Water-powered processing facilities
Wax Museums Wax figures
Webster's Dictionary American dictionary
West Side Story American movie (1942)
Western and Atlantic Railroad American Site of the Great Locomotive Chase (1836-)
Wham-O American Toy Company
Wheel of Fortune American game show (1975- )
When Dinosaurs Roamed America American Dinosaur special (2001)
When Harry Met Sally American film (1989)
"When Love Comes to Town" American song (1988)
"Who's Making Love" American R&B song by Johnnie Taylor (1969)
"Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" American song by Jerry Lee Lewis (1957)
Winchester Rifle American Rifle (1873)
windmills Wind-powered processing facilities
Wizard of Oz, The American Classic Movie 1939
Woman in Red, The American movie (1984)
"Woman to Woman" Ameican R&B song 1974
Wonder Years, The American TV series (1988-1993)
Wonders of the World International Great man made structures
Woolworth's American five & dime store chain
"Writing" British-American song by Elton John (1975)
War of 1812 Military war (1812-1815)
Watergate Scandal, The American political scandal (1972)
Wilderness, Battle of the American Civil War battle (1864)
Wildmill Murder English Violent Crime (2006)
World Series (1926) American Baseball Championship (1926)
World Series (1927) American Baseball Championship (1927)
World Series (1928) American Baseball Championship (1928)
World Series (1932) American Baseball Championship (1932)
World Series (1936) American Baseball Championship (1936)
World Series (1937) American Baseball Championship (1937)
World Series (1938) American Baseball Championship (1938)
World War I First World War (1914-1919)
World War II Global Conflict (1939-1945)
World's Fairs Worldwide International expositions (1851-)

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