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District of Columbia

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Amos, Diane American actress (1958-)
Angelou, Maya American poet (1928-)
Baldwin, Alec American actor (1958-)
Booth, John Wilkes American Assassin of Abraham Lincoln (1838-1865)
Clinton, Bill American 42nd U. S. President (1946-)
Cox, Courtney American actress (1964-)
Dole, Bob American U.S. Senator & presidential candidate (1923- )
Dole, Elizabeth American U.S. Senator and Cabinet Member (1936- )
Douglass, Frederick American civil rights activist (1818-1895)
Ford, Gerald American 38th U. S. President (1913-2006)
George, Lowell American Musician (1845-79)
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1933- )
Gladys Knight and the Pips American R&B group
Glover, Danny American actor (1946-)
Hawn, Goldie American actress (1945-)
Hinckley, Jr., John American attempted assassin of Ronald Reagan (1955-)
Hoover, Herbert American 31st U. S. President (1874-1964)
Hoover, J. Edgar American Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1895-1972)
Hunt, Jr., E. Howard American Watergate burglar (1918-2007)
Jefferson, Thomas American 3rd U. S. President (1743-1826)
Jones, Star African-American TV personality, author, and attorney (1962-)
Keller, Helen American advocate for the sight- and hearing impaired (1880-1968)
Kennedy, Jacqueline American First Lady (1929-1994)
Lewinsky, Monica Mistress to U.S. President Bill Clinton (1973- )
Lincoln, Abraham American 16th U. S. President (1809-1865)
Little Feat American Musc group
Logan, John A. American Civil War General and U. S. Senator (1826-1886)
Mathis, Johnny American singer (1935-)
Meriwether, Lee American Miss America & actress (1935-)
Nixon, Richard American 37th U. S. President (1913-1994)
Powell, Colin American U.S. cabinet member (1937-)
Reagan, Ronald American 40th U. S. President (1911-2004)
Rice, Condoleezza American U.S. Secretary of State (1954- )
Sarandon, Susan American actress (1946-)
Sarandon, Chris American actor (1942-)
Scott, Willard American TV personality (1934-)
Starr, Kenneth American political advisor (1946-)
Voight, Jon American actor (1938-)
Washington, George American 1st U. S. President (1732-1799)
Wilson, Woodrow American 28th U. S. President (1856-1924)
Bill of Rights American First ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution (1788)
Declaration of Independence America's declaration of independence from England (1776)
Forrest Gump American novel (1985) and movie (1994)
Historic House Museums
National Museums
U.S. Constitution American founding document (1787)
Zoos Public facilities with exotic animals
Watergate Scandal, The American political scandal (1972)

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