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Arnold, Tom American actor (1959-)
Big Bopper, The American Rock singer (1930-1959)
Carey, Mariah American singer (1970-)
Holly, Buddy American Singer/songwriter (1936-1959)
Hoover, Herbert American 31st U. S. President (1874-1964)
Hurt, Mary Beth American actress (1946-)
Jarreau, Al American singer (1940-)
Kutcher, Ashton American actor (1978-)
Morris, Greg American actor (1933-1996)
O'Connor, Flannery American author (1925-1964)
Quinn, Anthony Mexican-American actor (1915-2001)
Routh, Brandon American actor (1979-)
Seberg, Jean American actress (1938-1979)
Valens, Ritchie American rock singer (1941-1959)
Walker, Margaret American author & educator (1915-1998)
Wilder, Laura Ingalls American Author (1867-1957)
Williams, Tennessee American playwright (1911-1983)
Zoos Public facilities with exotic animals

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