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Travel Spots For: "Paul McCartney"

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Travel Spots Location
Abbey Road Studios
Where most Beatles songs were recorded; Cover photo of the Abbey Road album
London, England
Apple Corps Ltd. (former site)
The Beatle's rooftop concert, their last live performance
London, England
EMI House (former site)
Stairwell cover photos for The Beatles' Please Please Me and greatest hits albums
London, England
John Lennon's childhood home
Liverpool, England
20 Forthlin Road
Paul McCartney's childhood home; Where many early Beatles songs were written
Liverpool, England
25 Upton Green
George Harrison's second childhood home
Liverpool, England
St. Peter's Church & Church Hall
Where Lennon & McCartney met; Site of Eleanor Rigby gravestone
Liverpool, England
Penny Lane
Inspiration for the song "Penny Lane"
Liverpool, England
Cavern Club
Birthplace of The Beatles
Liverpool, England
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Phillips Sound Recording Service (former site)

First demo recorded by The Beatles

Liverpool, England
Decca Records (former site)

First record company audition by The Beatles

London, England
Sarasota Classic Car Museum
More than 100 years of automobiles on display
Sarasota, Florida, United States

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