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Bell Witch Home and Cave

Bell Witch Legend

Bell Home
Bell Home

430 Keysburg Road
Adams, Tennessee
United States
(615) 696-3055

On This Very Spot in 1804, John Bell and his family, after moving from North Carolina, settled and built a 320-acre farm.

On This Very Spot in 1817, the family claimed to be plagued by paranormal activity, including the sound of dragging of chains, invisible strangers in the house, and strange animals out of control. It would take a whole year before they told anybody, then a committee was formed and an investigation began. The alleged events began drawing crowds from far distances. After a time, this "ghost" was alleged to have possessed a voice, and when asked its name, "Kate" was the response. "Kate" also became known as "the Bell's Witch."

On This Very Spot in 1819, Andrew Jackson and his entourage were said to have visited the Bells and to have witnessed paranormal activity.

On This Very Spot on December 20, 1820, after three years of torment, John Bell died. Most believed the Bell Witch had poisoned him, and "Kate" was alleged to have taken full credit for his demise.

On This Very Spot events occurred that inspired the 2004 movie Bell Witch Haunting, the 2006 movie An American Haunting, starring Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek, and the 2007 Bell Witch: The Movie.

Submitted by: Katie Stringer

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Nearest Major Airport: Nashville

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